Thursday, June 16, 2011


As a result of preparing for my vacation, as well as the fact of a self-imposed semi-media blackout (Semi as a result of everywhere I turned while away, Casey Anthony was the topic of conversation) I missed the breaking of this story.

Nearly three weeks ago, news broke that Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) tweeted a pic of his "package" (as stated by Gloria Allred) to a woman he never met, that wasn't his wife. After a vehement denial, it all went downhill for him with some further digging by Andrew Breitbart, the release of the full frontal pic, news breaking of sexually explicit texting with minors and women across the country (not his wife), and Gloria Allred's representation of a porn star whom he sexted, Weiner was cooked. Today, after three weeks of holding on with dear life to his seat, he resigned!

Anthony Weiner is career politician, who is not only hard left, but a ham for the camera/media, just as his mentor is, set a very bad example for grown men (still cheating in my book...sorry) and showed himself to be a major hypocrite. As an educator, I have taught my students to never do what the former Congressman did, and he is 46 years old! Apparently, he did not think before he posted.

Apparently his arrogance, belief in his own power/importance and feelings of being untouchable caught up to him and it's very likely he won't be the next Mayor of New York City, as he planned.

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