Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back at 2011

Last year, I posted "Uncle Jay" Gilbert's singing Year in Review. He did it again for 2011, singing about the years political events and pop culture happenings, to the tune of Christmas Carols and "Holiday" songs. Definitely brings a smile to one's face, while they say "I remember that."

Rick Santorum Rising

In my post earlier this month where I endorsed Newt Gigrich, I made some comments about Rick Santorum that made some of my readers further question those comments, especially with his recent surge as the Iowa Caucuses approach. To recap, here is what I said:

"Rick Santorum (A good man who is a good conservative, but is damaged as he lost his Pennsylvania US Senate seat by 18 points)"

I very much respect Rick Santorum as a Conservative and a politician. He won his House seat in Pennsylvania, in a very blue collar, Democrat district, and won his Senate seat, in 1994, by endorsing Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America, while stressing issues relevant and important to Pennsylvania. Rick Santorum is a stellar campaigner, an expert on retail politics, and a finisher. One story about his retail politics expertise comes to mind. A good friend of mine attended P-5 in Orlando earlier this year and at the after-party, held in Orlando's Icebar, Rick Santorum was the only candidate who attended to speak to the Young Republicans gathered. In his time there, pretty much the majority of the event, Santorum made his way to speak to each person there, one on one, and not only spoke to them, but gave that person the feeling they were the only one in the room.

In Congress and the Senate, he has clearly articulated Conservative values and in this campaign, is one of the most consistent Conservatives. What happened in 2006, in losing his seat by 18 points, was unfortunate, but it also must be figured in that a Casey ran against him and it was a clear Democrat year. Even though there were those asterisks, it was still a loss by 18 points, and no matter how consistent a conservative or how much an expert in retail politics Rick Santorum is, that is the last thing America knows him by, and even though I predict at least a 3rd place finish in Iowa, he is damaged in this election and has a very high mountain to climb to gain the nomination.

But fear not, Rick Santorum fans (myself included), all is not lost. Santorum is young, at 53 years of age, and after serving in a Cabinet position or attempting to run for Pennsylvania Governor, if Tom Corbett chooses not to, he could very well mount another run for the presidency and in that run, he will be known for his consistent Conservatism and not the results of his failed 2006 campaign.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ben Nelson: Another Democrat Bites the Dust

Senator Ben Nelson, since his "Cornhusker Kickback," has become a 'dead man walking' as he approached his 2012 Senate Election in his home state of Nebraska. In this heavily Republican state, it's going to take a miracle to win re-election, despite his long service in the Senate. In order to save some face and to avoid the drubbing he will receive this November, Nelson has bowed out of the election, choosing to retire (Also being the first Nelson to leave the Senate this year, the second will lose his re-election in Florida this November!)

Even with the possiblity of Former Senator Bob Kerrey considering a run, who will move back to Nebraska, after having left for the big city, back in 2000, to be President of the New School in New York, it is a near given this seat goes Republican and one closer step to the Republicans winning back control of the Senate!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Obama-Clinton 2012?

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich (or as Rush would say, Reiccccccccccccccccccccch) has predicted, in 2012, an Obama-Clinton ticket, to shake things up, inspire the left and clinch four more years. In the article, Reich states that Clinton and Biden will switch positions.

The left has toyed with this notion, since 2008, but I hate to burst their bubble, but there is no way this would happen. It is true that this president will do anything to hold on to the reigns of power, except I don't believe he will go as far to put Hillary Clinton as his number 2.

Let's look back to the fight to 2008. The Democrat Primary got pretty contentious between these two and this can be observed by the political novice by watching those two debate (which got nasty at times), listening to Bill Clinton's comments and conversations , hearing Obama allies call the former president a racist. The Heilemann/Halperin book, Game Change, was quite revealing about the Obama-Clinton rift that I believe still exists to this day.

Obama is clearly a narcissist and like any textbook narcissist, he is not going to follow the Godfather theory of "Friends close-enemies closer," instead, he will put adversaries in positions that don't directly conflict with the attention he will receive or where they will be breathing down his neck. The Secretary of State is a prestigious position, and it does give Hillary some foreign policy chops that her detractors state she lacked, but the Secretary of State is also away from Washington frequently, staying out of the spotlight, while the President stays in it.

Bill Clinton, in a recent interview with O'Reilly, stated he will support the president in 2012, but to me, it didn't sound like a ringing endorsement. Therefore, I believe there is still some resentment there, and to me, it seems as though he'll just go "through the motions" in this cycle.

It's a nice dream for the base of the Democrat Party to have an Obama-Clinton 2012 ticket, but for the reasons stated above, the marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton has a better chance of working out than would a "political marriage" of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

"The 'Right' Solutions" would like to take this moment to wish its readers a Very Merry Christmas. Whether reflecting on Jesus's birth, spending time with family and friends, or giving/receiving gifts, we hope you are all filled with the spirit of Christmas. And a special note to our men and women who wear the uniform: thank you for your service, your sacrifice and for giving up your Christmas with your family to make sure 300 million Americans have the freedom and ability to celebrate with their families. I am forever grateful! May God Bless you all on this wonderful day!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mitt Romney and No Fear

Earlier this year, I spoke of how the Republican candidate must campaign with "No Fear," must take the fight to the President and should thank Donald Trump and Sarah Palin for setting the precedent. The candidate who does this in the general election will be the 45th President, and the one who doesn't will be responsible for allowing a President who has caused unemployment to rise over 10%, has raised taxes, has grown the size/scope of the Federal Government, has made the US a laughing stock around the world and who has caused the deficit to rise over $15 trillion, to have two terms.

With that being said, I was very concerned with Mitt Romney's comments on The O'Reilly Factor this week.

Mitt Romney is giving Obama a pass on this issue and is negatively affecting his campaign, not forcing the president to articulate why he is not a socialist, and is giving up a teachable moment to not only Republicans and Conservatives, but the precious independents that the Republican establishment so covets. This president needs to be challenged and if Mitt Romney is not that Republican candidate to show no fear and do so, then maybe the Republican voters need to go shopping for a new candidate.

Gearing Up for a Fight in Iowa

As a supporter of Newt Gingrich, I was a little concerned to observe how he has been getting pummelled by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in the lead up to the Iowa Caucuses, and then to hear his response to the attack, or lack thereof. While I'm glad he is attempting to "keep it positive" and keep the GOP united against Obama, "no negativity" is not realistic. In modern day political campaigns, a candidate cannot let an attack, personal or professional, go unanswered. Assuming they go unanswered, the opponent will see a weak spot, and thus my "Sh*t on a Wall Theory" will apply. Newt must answer and considering the financial state of his campaign (not as strong as Romney's) there are ways to respond that don't require spending money. And in response, defending himself, while transitioning to offense by comparing his positions to Romney's and how it should be Newt who is best situated to go against Obama.

With his recent challenge, Newt looks to have made the switch and Romney's refusal could lead to Newt making a final offensive push in anticipation of the January 3rd Caucus date!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong-Il Assumes Room Temperature

News reports broke tonight that evil dictator, Kim Jong-Il has passed away at age 69, after battling numerous suspected health problems, and will be succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-Un, who was groomed for the position. This is a man who indulged himself and built his army at the expense of his citizens. Kim Jong-Il has supported various kidnappings, and also starves, tortures and imprisons his own people in a stagnant Marxist country, not allowing them to be afforded the opportunities for growth and enrichment they would receive in the United States.

While Kim Jong-Il's death may be mourned in North Korea, it will be celebrated worldwide, as that is one less menace with whom the world will have to deal.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

End of the Iraq War

The last of the US troops in Iraq have just crossed into Kuwait, ending military presence in the country, after eight years. While I have expressed reservations about this and still pray that Saigon 1975 is not repeated, especially with an emboldened Iran next door, this is a time to celebrate the accomplishment of the US Military, marvel at their successes, thank those who did all they could to improve technology to save lives, honor the class and grace of these young men and women who did their jobs valiantly with many on the homefront breathing down their necks, yet we pray for 4,484 lost and 32,200 wounded, as well as their families.

Be sure to thank a military member when you see them, and we must remember: land of the free, because of the brave!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Economic Recovery???

We've read the articles and we watched the reports that things are looking good economically this holiday season, due to a strong Black Friday, but as we pull the veneer back and actually go to the mall, 12 days before Christmas, we observe and learn the truth.

This evening, I did a little shopping at one of my favorite malls in the area, as well as one of New Jersey's largest (2nd largest, actually). We here in New Jersey love our malls and the fact that we can complete "one-stop shopping" there. Yet 12 days before Christmas, on a weekday evening, when in the past, I've had to compete for breathing room, the above picture was what I saw at the mall tonight. That picture is in a high traffic area, the main promenade just off center court (where Santa is) and right next to one of the busiest stores at the mall, the Apple Store. (located on the lower level, on the left side of that picture)

People in this country are economically hurting and I predict we will see the truth in both the December 2011 retail sales reports, as well as the January 2012 employment figures, when the temporary holiday jobs end and more unemployment benefits expire, and when that happens, leaders in Washington should be scared, considering the 2012 election cycle is about to begin.

My advice to American voters is to not just read the headlines, read the actual articles, read into everything the media and the government place before you, as well as experience it for yourself. Once that is done, Americans will come to terms that this period being advertised as a economic recovery is nothing but a fraud!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cheap Shot at Saturday's Debate?

Watching Saturday's debate, there was one question that raised my eyebrows a bit. ABC's George Stephanopoulos, the debate moderator, and the man who ran the Clinton war room that told Americans to look the other way with Bill Clinton's marital fidelity challenges, raised the issue of whether or not voters should consider marital fidelity when selecting a candidate for the presidency.

It's very sad that a national news network would take time away from the most important issues of this country like the economy, unemployment and National Security, to set up a pitch and give every candidate the opportunity to take a shot at Newt Gingrich, the current front runner, and the only candidate who has been married more than once. It was quite obvious, as they went round-robin to each candidate, and the network split-screened their comments with Newt Gingrich's facial reaction/body language. The only one who took the bait was Rick Perry, but everyone else handled their response in a graceful manner, as did Newt Gingrich, speaking of how he has reconciled his past and aged in such a way where past personal transgressions are now irrelevant.

Americans appreciate when their politicians offer a mea culpa and show a true reconciliation. Newt's reconciliation is clearly documented and his statements on the matter as well as his actions in rediscovering religion, converting to Catholicism and living its teachings should be evidence enough that he has come to terms with his past and has moved forward.

In the end, we have very big issues that will be surrounding this presidential campaign such as stalled economic growth, consistent unemployment and an incumbent that seems detached. To borrow a phrase from a friend, when we look at how he has personally dealt with it along with comparing it to the larger issues at hand,"Newt Gingrich's baggage can be carry-on, rather than needing to be checked."

Romney on the Ropes?

Republicans were watching the Republican debate that took place on Saturday closely, as a result of Newt Gingrich's surge in the primary polls. For each debate, Mitt Romney has performed very well, did not get rattled, and was rarely challenged. Saturday night in Iowa was a different story.

First is this exchange with Newt:

Second is this exchange with Rick Perry:

Let's look at the first clip. Mitt Romney came out swinging against Newt Gingrich with the four allegations, clearly underestimating the Former Speaker's ability to respond. He was clearly disarmed by Newt's "career politician" retort, which made it easier for Newt to go in for the kill. Unlike the Romney/Perry exchange, which everyone was talking about, Newt cited specifics about policy differences, as opposed to repeating already examined allegations for shock value. This was clear evidence to Romney that Newt did his research and has the experience to be with him every step of the way in this primary process, which could stretch on because of the change in counting delegates with proportional distribution as opposed to winner take all.

With the second clip, whenever a politician uses the "I'll bet you..." phrase or offers a guarantee, it's a clear sign of desperation. It does turn off voters who may not have $10,000 to bet or who do not believe in gambling, and clearly comes off as out of touch. We may remember that Tim Pawlenty made an offer, and look what happened to him.

If Mitt Romney is not going to run to the right of Newt, he needs to walk it very carefully, especially if he wants to be considered for the VP. This kind of talk may not leave him in the good graces of some, and may also cause division in a party that desperately needs to be united in 2012. Think about the Party, Mitt, and not yourself.

Friday, December 9, 2011

T Minus Three Weeks

Just a little Public Service Announcement from your friends here at "The 'Right' Solutions:" the light bulb we have come to know so well, the incandescent light bulb, the "Edison light bulb;" will be illegal to sell on January 1, 2012. They are being replaced with the stupid and dangerous florescent "curly-Q" bulbs, which are more expensive, as well the even more expensive LED light bulbs. It's very sad the Republicans did not work to overturn this stupid law when they took over in Congress.

Three more weeks to stock up...I know I have (the sales are out there) and I recommend my readers do the same!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blago's Not "Golden"

Disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in a Federal Prison for his role in attempting to sell Barack Obama's Senate Seat after he won the presidency. He will not be eligible for parole in 12 years. No matter how hard he tried to rehab his reputation, he still was caught red handed (explicit language in the link) and the judge gave him an appropriate sentence.

Also relevant to Blago going away, hidden in the bylines of the big newspapers, the major Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko was recently sentenced to 10 1/2 years in prison. Considering the election is less than a year away, we know why this was kept quiet.

This city and region has quite the history of political corruption and as Former Chicago City Clerk, Jim Laski, who wore a number himself, puts it, "Chicago politics has a unique flavor for corruption." (I regret not recording portions of that speech when I was in Chicago last April.) It's good to see these two go "up the river." Will there be more? Only time will tell...

Pearl Harbor: 70 Years Ago

Today, December 7, 2011, is the 70th Anniversary of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, a day that not only will live in infamy, but stirred a generation of Americans to defend this nation and step up to be its leaders, even after they led us to victory. They valiantly fought on the battlefield, and then valiantly fought on the Homeland to build the United States into the nation it is today; making sure it stands as the Greatest Nation on Earth! We look at the "Greatest Generation" with awe, and to hear a surviving member of this generation tell a story about their experiences is a memorable moment; something a good friend of mine just experienced.

"The 'Right' Solutions" would like to thank the "Greatest Generation" for their sacrifice and service to the United States and admire how they've influenced many in the following generations, to lead and defend. Their story has been written well, and it is my hope that the 9-11 Generation write a story just as memorable and awe-inspiring, and this can only be done by living up to the example set by the "Greatest Generation!"

(Photo courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sad News out of Orlando: Jaws is Closing

Every time I'm in the Orlando Area, I pay a visit to Disney, but occasionally, I will head to the other side of town to visit Universal Orlando, which contains Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventure; two of the best non-Disney theme parks in the US. Having visited since it opened, I know the classics of Universal Studios Florida well, one of them being Jaws, which takes guests on a "boat tour of Amity Harbor" where they have multiple "near death" encounters with Jaws. Since 1990, this ride is always a crowd pleaser and can even scare the heck out of someone who knows it well. Come January 2, 2012, Jaws will close forever, as the ride and the Amity section of the park will be developed. This is very, very sad news for me, as this is my constant favorite ride, but I have faith the replacement will be just as good, as Universal's track record is pretty good here, replacing King Kong with Revenge of the Mummy and Back to the Future with The Simpsons.

As Jaws closes forever, I'd like to leave you with a memory of this classic, ground-breaking attraction, with one of the best videos I've seen of the ride on YouTube. RIP, Jaws.

The Disney Centennial: 100 Years of Magic

It should be noted that this week celebrates the 100th birthday (had he lived) of Walt Disney. As you, the reader, well knows, I am a Disney FANATIC, therefore, "The 'Right' Solutions" would like to honor the spirit of Disney on this day by thanking him for his creativity, his ingenuity, his positive impact on American culture and the many smiles his work has not only brought me, but the billions who have watched a Disney film (Lion King and Snow White being my favorites) or set foot in a Disney theme park! Having been to Disney World and Disneyland many, many times and being an Annual Passholder to Walt Disney World, I know firsthand of the magic of these places that bring happiness and allow for an escape from the everyday issues that I write about on "The 'Right' Solutions."

Monday, December 5, 2011

Now that Cain is Gone, it Seems Newt is Next on Their List

With Cain's early exit, it looks like Newt Gingrich is next on the list, yet uniquely, it seems both the Democrats and the Republicans are gunning for him. Rush provides a good perspective on this and I do agree with his assessment.

Considering what happened to Herman Cain, Nancy Pelosi's comments today that she will break the law to October Surprise Newt should have the radar of every Republicans up, in that the left will say "damn the law," as long as it protects the president. It was good to see Newt respond to the former Speaker.

"The 'Right' Solutions" implores Speaker John Boehner to bring charges of ethics violations against Nancy Pelosi if she uses confidential material against Newt while serving on the Ethics Committee. Speaker Boeher's Washington Office Number is (202) 225-0600!

The politics of personal destruction is in full force and if Newt's experience tells me anything, he will have none of it! Most importantly, this primary should be decided by the people, and not the pundits or politicians.

Newt Gingrich for President

It's only December 2011, we've already traveled down a long road this election season. We've seen candidates rise and fall, candidates flirt with entering and candidates attempt to get drafted. For a few months, I have been giving most of the candidates multiple looks and my preference has frequently changed. At this point in the campaign, I am ready to make an endorsement and the individual who will receive my vote is Newt Gingrich.

The United States knows Newt Gingrich well, as he was the Speaker of the House from 1995-1999 and was the innovator and architect of the Republican Takeover of the House, after serving in Congress since 1978. As Speaker, he presided over a Congress that balanced the Federal Budget and brought about true Welfare Reform, dragging Bill Clinton kicking and screaming to sign this legislation. After leaving Congress, Newt continued to stay in the public eye, frequently appearing on the Fox News Channel and continuing to articulate common sense, conservative solutions in his own businesses.

Never one to stay quiet or stand back from articulating his plan for the nation, Newt entered into the Republican Primary Campaign and has continued to show himself to be a Consistent Conservative, while at the same time, performing strongly in debates, refusing to accept a false premise from those on the left and in the media, and attempting to unite his party to oppose the president, as opposed to sniping at each other. As a result, he has clearly risen above the others. And here, I will explain my reservations about those in the field:

Mitt Romney: While he seems like a nice man and is also articulate, RomneyCare will be the death of him in the general election. Not only does it discount the Republican argument against ObamaCare, but assuming it goes down 5-4 (and I believe it will), Romney will get the blame, with the indicatications that his advice was sought. It's already being written that way. I'm also troubled by Romney's interview last week with FNCs Bret Baier and questioning his fairness as a journalist. If he can't handle Baier, he's going to have a heck of the time in the general against Obama's $1 billion. Furthermore, he has been running for a long time and while he may have a strong organization, he does not have the support of the majority of the Republican Party and that is most troubling.

Michele Bachmann: When she entered into the race, I gave Michele Bachmann a very strong look at whether or not I would endorse her. I appreciate her stoic support of Conservatism, yet she has not gained traction and history is against her, as a member of Congress not in the leadership, making the jump to President.

Herman Cain: He has left the campaign and while I did give him strong consideration and when I met him, found him to be incredibly friendly, down to earth, a strong advocate of conservatism, and a brilliant off the cuff speaker, I disagreed with the National Sales Tax portion of his 9-9-9 Plan and it personified his naivete of the political process, as a result of not holding political office.

Rick Perry: When he entered in, I was very excited for his candidacy, but in the end, he was not ready for prime time, as this came out in his multiple and consistent debate flubs. While his ads were good and he seemed strong on the stump, he would have been obliterated by this president in a debate.

The others: Ron Paul, (a foreign policy nutjob) John Huntsman, (a bitter RINO who can't rise above 2%) and Rick Santorum (A good man who is a good conservative, but is damaged as he lost his Pennsylvania US Senate seat by 18 points) were not even considered.

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of meeting Newt Gingrich and hearing him speak at various events. He is incredibly friendly and generous with his time, whether in meeting the public or attending an event. I greatly disagree with the assertion that Newt Gingrich is unelectable. The blatant lies that have been said and written about him over the years have been proven false and when one puts Newt's ideas against Barack Obama's, Newt would win in a landslide. He would also intellectually destroy this president in a debate, especially if the Lincoln-Douglas style debates between the two ever occurred. And also a consideration in endorsing Newt, because of my background as an educator, Newt is a fellow historian and would have a unique perspective and knowledge, as president, of the successes and failures of his predecessors, and thus, would be able to craft, endorse and push forward an agenda that would save this nation after four years of disgrace, and bring about prosperity for years to come.

The choice was clear for me, and I hope it is as clear for my fellow Republicans.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

And Then There Were Seven...

What had been expected earlier this week when Herman Cain explained he was "re-assessing" his campaign, in a publicized affair and rally at what was thought to be the opening of his new Atlanta Headquarters, Herman Cain "suspended his campaign." In a fiery speech, appearing with his wife Gloria, where he, rightly so, lambasted the media for their conduct, he stated that he may not be running for president anymore, but he's not going away.

One of the first to get in this race, Cain caught fire after P-5 in Orlando, rising to the top of the pack. As spectacular was his rise, so was his fall from grace, even though the contributing factors were nothing more than suppositions, innuendos and assumptions.

Herman Cain's impact will continue to be felt in this campaign, as he was the first candidate who eschewed "conventional" fixes to solve problems with bold and what may seem as "unconventional" solutions. Agree or disagree with 9-9-9, it would have radically changed the tax structure in the United States. His demise was unfortunate, as the allegations were not proven true, and it still begs to answer the question how Americans will deal with the double standard held by those with the microphone.

Having met Herman Cain and attended one of his rallies, I believe this is not the last we have heard of him and I hope he will implore his supporters to join the surviving candidates and unite in making sure this president does not serve a second term.

The candidate that may very well reap the benefits of Cain dropping out is Newt Gingrich, who could, very well, receive Cain's endorsement.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Down to 8.6%

Every first Friday of the month, the new unemployment numbers are out, and the U-3 rate, those on unemployment, is down to 8.6%. Some in Washington and in the Democrat circles are throwing parties at this, but these numbers are false optimism. First, as I have said in the past, this is a number that should not be celebrating...this is very bad. The labor force continues to shrink, as many more than the amount of jobs created have "left" the job market. Let us also not forget that these new jobs created are temporary holiday retail positions. Having worked in retail sales throughout college, I've seen temporary workers come in November, and go once the New Year comes about. Those numbers will be reflected in February 2012.

This is false hope and Americans should realize the numbers aren't getting any better, instead, the books are being cooked as an electoral strategy in 2012.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ken Cuccinelli in 2013?

Rumor has it that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will seek the GOP Nomination for the Governor of Virginia in 2013, when Governor Bob McDonnell's term ends. (Virginia governors, by law are not allowed to seek consecutive terms) Cuccinelli is leading one of the two lawsuits of ObamaCare that is making its way to the US Supreme Court and is well known, not only in Virginia, but across the country. If his case wins, he will gain even more notoriety. There is likely to be a big primary battle as Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has announced his intention to run, and waiting in the wings is former DNC Chair/Clinton Booster Terry McAuliffe.

Old Dominion will have a Battle Royale in 2013 and because it will be one of only two gubernatorial races that year, (New Jersey being the second), Americans will be watching.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mitt, Bret and Heat in the Kitchen

Brett Baier, the host of Special Report, knows how to loosen his tie a bit, but he also knows how to conduct a thorough interview and keep his subject on topic. On his show this evening, Baier's interview with Mitt Romney aired. At times, the interview seemed rather contentious, especially when the issue of health care came up. It was observed in Romney's body language and tone of voice. At the conclusion of the interview, Romney called Baier out, alluding that he was "overly aggressive."

My message to Mitt Romney: get over it! This interview was nothing to what Barack Obama and his potential $1 billion will do to slice and dice your record and reputation if you're the candidate; whether true or not. Fox News are the only ones in the media who will treat you fairly! You're a Republican, Mitt, going against Obama, which means you're enemy #1 to many news outlets, including MSNBC, even if you're not on their radar now!

We're already starting to see evidence of Obama and the Dems coming after Romney, so I'm very surprised he would attack Baier for doing his job. Health care is a viable and valid issue in this campaign, due to the background and record of both the president and the former Governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney would be wise to answer every question, and if he can't stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen!

Gridlock and Narcisissm Not Necessarily Part of the Christmas Spirit

Tonight is the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center and because of the warmer temperatures, will attract more people, and as I watch the NBC special, Al Roker stated there are in the vicinity of 500,000 people in the area of Rockefeller Center. On this same evening, President Obama is at a fundraiser at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, only four blocks away from Rockefeller Center. When the president is in New York City, his presence closes down streets near where he is and inconveniences tourists and locals alike.

The sad fact is that this is a pattern of "me first" narcissism with this president, which has been established all the way back to the beginning of his administration, and can not only be examined through his patterns of upstaging, but also his body language. And with the upcoming election cycle, there is sure more to come of it!

New Yorkers must be commended for their endurance of the street closings and detours in Midtown, and "The 'Right' Solutions" hopes that the Christmas spirit that NBC attempted to showcase with the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree can rub off on all of us.

Herman Cain, Double Standards and the Media

How times have changed! In late September, Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was in the midst of a surge in popularity that propelled him to the top of the 2012 GOP field. Within weeks, he has been pounded by the media and there is now the allegation of a 13 year extra-marital affair. This news has caused him to "re-assess" his campaign.

There is a clear double standard here with these attacks and sadly, it mirrors what occurred when Clarence Thomas was in the midst of hearings to serve on the US Supreme Court. Democrats and the media, flat out, are threatened when a Conservative African-American gains notoriety. Since the 1960s, African-Americans have voted anywhere between 80 and 95 percent Democrat, and Democrats will do what it takes to hold on to that voting bloc, regardless of whether or not the attacks on the Conservative African-American appear to be in racist tones. And in the case of this election, a Cain candidacy opposing Obama, the first African-American president, takes away the false premise of the Democrats that (a) Republicans are racist and (b) Anyone who disagrees with Obama must be a racist. Therefore, they will throw at him anything that brings about the appearance of impropriety to voters who may consider him, regardless of whether or not the allegations are true.

The parade of women have may have raised questions about Cain, but questions have also been raised to the veracity of their stories, as there are no specifics, unlike what was printed in the Starr Report about Bill Clinton. No texts have been released, no specific examples of impropriety have been stated and it seems like a battle of "he said, she said."

It remains unknown as to whether or not Herman Cain will stay in the race, but if these allegations sink his campaign and are proven to be false, Americans must, in more aggressive actions, continue to question what they read in the news and see through the double standards.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Chris Christie YouTube Moment

He's baaaaaaaaaack!

Governor Chris Christie has another YouTube moment about the president and here you go:

Except for OWS and the TEA Party being of the same genesis and both parties deserving blame, I believe Christie hit the nail on the head with this one, calling out the president on his lack of leadership. We'll be seeing this go viral on an extreme level very, very soon!

Ramifications of the Second Half Collapse

After tonight's defeat, it's clear the New York Giants are tanking, and tanking fast! To be honest, I did not expect them to be as far as they are. At the beginning of this truncated off-season due to the lockout, GM Jerry Reese made some bold dumb roster changes on the offense with the release of Wide Receiver Steve Smith, Tight End Kevin Boss, Center Shaun O'Hara, passing on Plax (not that bad of an idea, in my opinion, but there are many who would have wanted him back) and not drafting Mark Ingraham. With these changes, there were no big time free agent signings, which led me to believe that he was putting it on the coaching staff to make the youngsters ready for prime time. For a while, it was working, but they are all still quite young and this inexperience, combined with injuries, are catching up with their grueling second half schedule. This is not a good situation and fans should take note.

Most importantly, this slump is NOT TOM COUGHLIN'S FAULT! He is a stellar coach, led his players to a Super Bowl victory and has done his best under very troubled circumstances. Knowing Coughlin is in the last year of his contract, the personnel moves made by Reese, the fact that he did not hire Coughlin, and the availability of Bill Cowher, it troubles me that Reese is setting up Coughlin and will not face action for his roster decisions. I continue to stand by Tom Coughlin, as I did last season. What needs to be done is for the Maras and the Tischs to FIRE JERRY REESE. And with these bonehead personnel moves, I'm not the only one who thinks the heat in the kitchen may be increasing.

The Giants have some very tough remaining games, but if they can perform well against their NFC East Rivals, (two games remain against the Cowboys and one against the Redskins) they could still be in the fight. These youngsters must, when not on the practice field, spend time in the film room or in the weight room to stave off any more injuries. And if they miss the playoffs, Giants fans can hope Jerry Reese will be set free to destroy the roster of another NFL team.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bye-Bye, Barney

As 2012 nears closer and it looks as though it's going to be another Republican election year, the Democrats are losing one of their most stalwart leftists. Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts will serve out his term and not seek re-election. Having held this seat for what seems like forever, he hasn't shown himself to be accountable for his positions, as shown by his role in the 2008 Financial Crisis, his public dressing down of a constituent, as well as a student, and his contempt of anyone who may disagree with him. In 2010, he may have won re-election, but for someone who has been in Congress as long as he has and for someone who comes from as blue a state as Massachusetts, Sean Bielat should not have come so close.

That electoral scare, combined with a redrawn MA-4 may have pushed Barney to say good-bye. Congress will be a much better place without him and we await to see if Sean Bielat decides to give it another shot in 2012.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Battle of Endorsements

With Iowa and New Hampshire fast approaching, Republicans pols and publications are starting to line up behind candidates. In any normal year, they'd start to line up behind the candidate chosen by the mainstream of the party, but this is no normal election.

Mitt Romney, who has not been spending much time or money in Iowa, decided to jump into the state with the endorsement of South Dakota Senator John Thune, who himself came close to running this cycle. This could be seen as a surprise to many, as Thune, in an examination of his voting record, is more of a consistent Conservative than Romney, yet their endorsement also is an act of lining up behind who they believe will be the winner, as it will improve their standing in the party.

Rick Perry, yesterday, gained the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is an important endorsement, as Arpaio has a significant TEA Party following, yet a bit of a surprise, considering the sheriff's position on illegal immigration, combined with Perry's "have a heart" moment.

Newt Gingrich just received the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader, an influential newspaper in the state that holds the first primary. Many thought Romney would have gained this endorsement, as he's predicted to win New Hampshire, but this was a significant upset that favors the Speaker. Also a surprise is former President Bill Clinton's comments of praise of Gingrich. Considering the two battled it out in the 1990s, this is big and goes a long way into helping Newt battle critics that his time and lack of achievements as Speaker make him unelectable.

This race is young and will only get more interesting as we get closer to Iowa and New Hampshire.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We here at "The 'Right' Solutions" wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy a bountiful meal, some good football games and time spent with friends and family. God Bless!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Travel Day and a Recent TSA Experience

If you've been reading "The 'Right' Solutions," you know that we are critics of the TSA and their screening tactics. While we'll readily point out the bad, we'll also point out the good. I recently traveled to Atlanta and in my time at Newark International Aiport and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, I had very good experiences with the TSA. At EWR, I'm starting to think that it's a Terminal A thing, as they seem to be less intrusive in the quieter Continental Terminal, as opposed to the main Continental Terminal (C). At Hartsfield, the largest and busiest airport in the US, TSA staff I encountered were friendly, easy-going and very unintrusive to this average traveler.

On this busy day of travel, we would like to provide you with some tips in reducing TSA headaches:

- If flying with children, be sure to ask the airline that their boarding pass will not be tagged as a spot search.

- Fly early! Not only will delays, especially at an airport as busy and overcrowded as Newark, be reduced, but there will be no waits at the security checkpoints.

- Be prepared before entering that line. Find a chair pr a bare corner, and take out your drivers license, your boarding pass and your Ziploc bags with liquids and electronics. If you do not separate the electronics through the machine, your bag will likely be opened and searched.

- Scan the lines and if you have an aversion to the body scanner, choose a line without it.

- Wear socks! You will be taking your shoes off and putting them through the machine. You can't necessarily eat off an airport floor, so why expose your feet to it!

- Do not wear cargo shorts. You will be frisked in the vicinity of the extra pockets.

- Look as if you know what you are doing and do not wait for the TSA to tell you where to go. Go through that magnetometer before they direct you elsewhere.

- If they do ask you to go through the body scanner, it is your right to opt out for a pat-down. Be firm and if they refuse, tell them you want to speak with a supervisor or you will report their badge number.

- If you are patted down, make sure it is in public and person doing the patting down is the same sex. This is imperative with children! Also ask the agent to change their gloves.

We wish you safe and quick travels on the way to your holiday destination!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jonny Pulling a Madoff

We saw this one coming! As a Senator, Jon Corzine not only spent his own money on that particular seat, but he spent other people's money, through his liberal, big-spending, redistributionist policies. He continued this trend as Governor of New Jersey, bankrupting the state and then getting beat by Governor Christie. Now his securities firm, MF Global, is filing for bankruptcy. But there's more...

In order to keep the company's head above water, customer funds were diverted to support the company's trades. This is a big no-no and as a result of this Enron-esque cooking of the books, investigations are commencing.

It will be interesting to see how far this goes and how this is reported, knowing who is in power and knowing Corzine's political persuasion.

New Lows for Jimmy Fallon

Since taking over from Conan O'Brien, SNL Alum Jimmy Fallon has had some funny points with his celebrity beer pong segments, but last night he hit a pretty low point, giving away he and his bosses' political persuasion when they introduced Michele Bachmann on his show. On these variety shows, the house band usually plays a "theme song" for the guest, in other words, a song that relates to the guest. The Roots, Fallon's house band, on this evening chose a 1985 Fishbone song, for the purpose of this blog entry, I will rename "fibbing donkey, female dog."

Ever since Bill Clinton played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall during his 1992 campaign, many candidates make a beeline for the late night variety talk shows. While the free media time is always helpful, these shows are a crapshoot because many times, they can turn into an attack-fest and while some like Jay Leno may do a good job at interviewing candidates, most don't. In fact, they get very peronal and the host's bias may come out. It is for this reason, I would advise any Republican from going on these shows, and if they do, make sure their campaign states the rules before they appear.

While I wait for NBC to apologize to Bachmann (it'll be a long wait), I will wonder if The Roots will ever align these songs with the following politicians:

- Barack Obama

- Harry Reid

- Joe Biden

- Nancy Pelosi

- Bill Clinton

- Hillary Clinton

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meeting Herman Cain

I had the pleasure of meeting Herman Cain last weekend at the Young Republican National Federation's Fall Quarterly in Atlanta. He gave a great speech, without usage of a teleprompter or notes-truly spoke from the heart. The YRs appreciated him taking the time to return to his hometown to address the YRs. Here are a few video clips I took of his speech:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gollum is at it Again

It looks like Senator John "Gollum" McCain is at it again, speaking his mind about the issues of the day, while throwing his own party under the bus.

While I do agree with McCain in that Americans are fed up and there is potential for the rise of a 3rd Party, I vehemently disagree with his claims that Republicans are partially to blame. It's the Republicans who have been the adults at the table, trying to control this president's out of control spending, while also coming up with solutions for an economic rebound. McCain shows his "Gollum" when he fails to recognize this, and also, fails to recognize the power and influence of TEA Party on the Republican Party and politics in general. To me, it sounds like a veiled "get the hell out" to these TEA Party members, who brought the party back to prominence in 2010 and can do so again in 2012. If McCain gets his wish and a TEA Party split occurs before 2012, (Note to Mitt Romney if you are the GOP Candidate: DO NOT DIVIDE THIS PARTY!) Barack Obama has ensured his second term, the American people have ensured a continuation of this horrible economy and the RINOs will have put the Republican Party on the ash heap of American History.

It was those TEA Party Members, and your former running mate, Senator McCain, who stuck their heads out for you in 2010 to beat back a challenge from JD Hayworth, so how about a little gratitude!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Continued Innuendos and Assumptions on a Fishing Expedition

The craziness continues to surround Herman Cain in the past week, as he has faced numerous stories without concrete evidence, of past incidents of sexual harassment. Today, a "victim" came out, represented by attorney ambulance chaser extraordinaire, Gloria Allred.

When we look closely at this whole affair, we have 138 stories in 7 days on nothing but assumptions and innuendos. Members of the media are acting like high schoolers who are fanning flames to baseless rumors about one of their peers. Today brings about the first face of harassment, yet I don't buy it, just like I didn't buy it with Anita Hill. If Ms. Bialek were so aggrieved, why did she wait 15 years to speak of it? Why did she not file a complaint or lawsuit 15 years earlier? Anita Hill did the same thing; and also continued to work with Justice Thomas after her alleged incidents took place. They're not producing any credible evidence, therefore they should do it or stand down.

We all don't want to talk about race here, but let's face it-race is a factor here, just like it was with Clarence Thomas. Liberals can't have a successful African-American Conservative because they feel it will hurt their "phony monopoly" on the black vote. As observed by Cain's approval rating and fundraising figures, Americans are not buying into the fishing expedition.

Throwing an Ally Under the Bus during a Hot Mic Moment

President Barack Obama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy had a bit of a hot mic moment, trash-talking and mocking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This action is inexcusable from both leaders, but especially from the American President. Israel should be arm in arm with the United States in fighting the War on Terror, considering they are the only free state within the Middle East, yet this isn't surprising, considering Obama's past incidents with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Furthermore, Benjamin Netanyahu has tirelessly fought, on the world stage, to protect his people and has shown a strong resolve to never allow history to repeat itself.

Just another example of the lack of decorum of this president and hopefully, voters in South Florida, New York and Southern California are watching.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Cain Ad Has Them Talking

Last night a Herman Cain web ad went viral and apparently has people talking.

The MSM is apparently having a cow about Chief of Staff Mark Block smoking a cigarette in the ad, castigating Cain for promoting smoking. (yet, strangely enough, they are quite silent about Obama's bad habit) The smoking complaints are flat-out ridiculous. Yes, it's a bad habit and yes society has been shunning smokers, tobacco companies and cigarettes, but it's still a personal choice. Those who make that choice are free to do so, and in doing so, face the long-term consequences of their actions. Had I made it, I would have stayed away from the "rah-rah-rah" aspect of it, instead sticking to policy, and I would have the candidate speaking instead of some "regular guy" (who happens to be a major person in the campaign) who has little attachment to the voter. If anything, I'd agree with Brit Hume in that the new Cain ad is, at worst, "odd."

Odd or not, Cain was successful in getting people talking and getting the ad to attain multiple mediums of free media; a necessary step in furthering name recognition and a rise in approval ratings. As an aside, if we're going to crown the political ad of 2011 that happens to be the most odd or quirky, I have to give the title to Roger Williams's "Donkey Whisperer!"

Monday, October 24, 2011

US Military to Leave Iraq by the Close of 2011

News broke, on Friday, that US Troops will leave Iraq by the close of 2011. Americans could all agree that it's a good thing to see our young men and women who wear the uniform out of harms way, yet those men and women, and those who support them, are right to ask if the job is done.

To many, this comes as little surprise, considering that 2012 is right around the corner and Obama didn't think the military should have been there in the first place, nor did his base. The president sees this political decision as a shot in the arm to a disenchanted liberal base. Furthermore, when examining this decision closer, it's very troubling how this president and his foreign policy team dropped the ball on this one; not having the political will to negotiate an extension of immunity for American troops in Iraq.

Even more troubling is the belief in giving away too much information, in this case, telling the enemy the departure date. The enemy could hold back until after the withdrawal date has passed and without the support of the Americans, Iraq could become overrun by al-Qaeda and Iran. In examining history, this situation played out with the fall of Saigon; culminating with the dramatic helicopter evacuation from the roof of the US Embassy in Saigon. These are troubling scenes, which Americans do not want to see repeated, but sadly, there is now a chance they could. In the case of Iraq, a fall of Baghdad could be much worse, not only for America's national security, in a likely loss of an oil market and embolden terrorists/terrorist-support states, but for the morale of the US Military-the 4500 lost souls and all for which they gave their lives, would be moot.

This move was a very selfish one to take, as it only has the potential of benefiting one person; the president, yet if Americans see through this transparent act in 2012, it may be up to the next president to clean up this mess.

In the end, "The 'Right' Solutions" joins Americans in thanking their troops for a job well done, under the gun from hostile terrorists abroad and hostile members of the American left at home, and pray for those who sacrificed for freedom.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

91st Annual Running of the Races

It's late October in New Jersey; that time of year again. On this day was the 91st Annual running of the Far Hills Race Meet, an event where close to 50,000 people converge on Moorland Farms in Far Hills, New Jersey, for not only a major Steeplechase, but for socializing, tailgating, networking and reunions. As it was partly sunny and just over 60 degrees, the weather was perfect and a good time was had by all.

In New Jersey, our top industry is tourism (classic commercial!) and this event is incentive enough to book your trips to New Jersey next October, as it's a great way to enjoy autumn in New Jersey!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Harry Reid: Private Sector is Fine

Harry Reid made comments today where many Americans think the Senate Majority Leader is off his rocker: The private sector is doing fine-it's the Federal Government that needs help

Let's give the Senator some figures to show he's not really working with a full deck:

- Americans have a lower standard of living

- 26% of Americans are underemployed

- The current U-3 rate is at 9.1%

- U-6 is at 16.5%

These numbers are dangerous, but there is something quite sinister about Reid's comments. Most public sector jobs are unionized. With new hires to the public sector, there are new union memberships, which in turn will bring about more union dues, with those dues going back to the Democrat Party. Very sad to see that unemployed Americans are being used as pawns in the Democrats' plan to win elections and stay in power. Hopefully, Americans will grow wise to these transparent comments and make their voices heard at the ballot box in November of 2012.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Into the Kitchen...does the Government Belong There?

Two public comments took place that are very telling in how the modern Democrat Party thinks. First, Michelle Obama, who has led a campaign of healthy eating and getting the government involved in making sure this happens (and doesn't always practice what she preaches), made some comments that were very telling. She equated healthy eating to modern-day indoctrination.

Where is this the government's responsibility? This is the parent's responsibility! Very troubling to see, in a free society, the Federal Government making its way into the pantry of Americans...very troubling, yet very telling about how leftists think.

Gaddafi Assumes Room Temperature

After a nearly year long Civil War in which America has participated, Libyan leader butcher Mummar Gaddafi has been captured and killed in a rather brutal showing (VIDEO IS GRAPHIC) (wasn't exactly given his "last rites as a Muslim the way Bin Laden was). This murderer has been ruling Libya since the late 1960s, using fear, terror and murder as weapons to keep his power. He has repressed his own people's rights and futures, while stealing from them to make himself rich. The United States, sadly, knows Gaddafi best for his participation in and planning of the bombing of Pam-Am 103 over the skies of Lockerbie, Scotland, where 170 Americans, including a large group of Syracuse University students returning from a study abroad in Paris, were killed.

While we, as Americans, may be glad that a thorn in our sides is dead, we should also be very concerned about what lies ahead. Knowing who the revolutionaries are, this president's pie in the sky football spike may just be a grand wish that may not come to reality. Following the Colin Powell Rule, America and her allies must work to make sure that what we experienced a few months ago in the "Arab Spring" is the actual democracy movement it has been advertised to be.

"The 'Right' Solutions" would like to take a moment to offer prayers to the families of all those, Americans, Libyans and others alike, who lost their lives at the hand of this butcher, and also that with America's and the West's guidance, a new Libya finds a new period of economic growth, freedom and cooperation with the West.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joe Puts His Foot in His Mouth...Again

At a speech given at the University of Pennsylvania, Vice President Joe Biden is causing some controversy.

Biden went ridiculously over the top and his attempt at instilling fear, because the Democrat Senate won't pass Obama's "Jobs Bill," should make Americans cringe, especially victims of crime and rape. But of course, not only is the Vice-President standing behind his statements, but he's threatening journalists, while lying about what he said. Safe to say that if a Republican said this, we'd all be assailing that politician. But instead, we hear "Oh, that Joe...," or we hear nothing.

Not only are his exaggerations painful and upsetting, they are over the top and this constant crying of wolf will turn off Americans to anything they say, making them wish November 2012 was closer than just over one year away.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Happens In Vegas...

On this evening, CNN aired a debate at the Western Republican Convention in Las Vegas. For this debate, Jon Huntsman chose not to participate as a result of a boycott, due to Nevada attempting to move up their primary date. (Conservatives are saying thank goodness) This may actually hurt him, as it's a stupid decision for a candidate barely holding on to 5% of the vote to voluntarily bow out of free media exposure.

Tonight, this started out as being another Herman Cain pile-on, but we soon observed this transition and saw the knives come out between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, as many believe this debate was his last stand. Also standing on his last leg, Rick Santorum got in a few jabs of his own. Romney, to me, seemed a little more rattled than usual, but Cain held himself up well.

Newt Gingrich, who has a history of performing well in debates, came out strong, citing clear examples and making accurate historical references in articulating his vision as President of the United States. I believe his most important contribution to the discussion is how the candidates should conduct themselves in the primary season. Instead of coming out swinging against each other, they need to show a united front against President Obama-answer each question comparing their vision to Obama's record to draw clear distinctions. We did see it in bits and pieces from other candidates, but we need to see it on a more consistent basis. The primary winner, in this fashion, will come out a little more unscathed when facing the president in the general, and each candidate must realize that he or she is ten times better than who is currently occupying the Oval Office.

In closing, it is my belief that Republicans would pay good money to be in the audience of any Gingrich-Obama debate that will be styled off the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going into Uganda

In the past, Obama said some pretty questionable things about the American military, and the policy it enforces.

How the times have changed. First, he opens a new front in Libya and yesterday, on a quiet Friday afternoon, he declared that troops will be going to Uganda, a county that has little significance to American interests and is not a direct threat to American National Security. Americans and Republicans must seriously question the motives of this decision, especially in the same week where it was found out that Iran planning assassinations and terrorists acts on American soil, while still threatening their neighbors.

We know that the American Soldier will stoically and steadfastly do the job they are assigned, but there is something wrong with those making those decisions and hopefully, America and her military will not pay the ultimate price down the road.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Still Going, thanks to a Weak-Kneed Mayor

Earlier this month when I was in New York City to visit the 9-11 Memorial, I noticed these former hippies and "disaffected youth" camping out in Zuccotti Park, spewing their anti-capitalist message, making a nuisance of Lower Manhattan and stinking up the place...all in the shadow of the 9-11 Memorial. On October 1st, the smell of body odor and pot was pretty strong, and after reading about the continuation of OWS in Lower Manhattan, it's probably a lot worse!

There already have been clashes with police, and Mayor Bloomberg, along with the owners of Zuccotti Park, stated the park was supposed to be cleared so it could be cleaned. Apparently, Bloomberg caved and knowing the owners' relationship with Bloomberg and those on the left side of the aisle (politicians in Washington are condoning this) this wimp-out is of no surprise. Unfortunately, it has emboldened them. As New Yorkers and tourists become sick of the hassle these hypocritical hangers-on are causing, they will long for the mayor they used to have and hopefully, force this mayor to act.

For now, Occupy Wall Street, the smokescreen to this president's scandals and blindness to the economic problems, looks to continue.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


After a long battle with Pancreatic Cancer, Apple Founder and CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. While some have criticized Jobs, the fact of the matter is that, as Rush said the other day, he is the epitome of American Exceptionalism. His ingenuity, intelligence and drive not only made money for himself and his company, but it revolutionized the way Americans received technology and media, while also helping to increase the productivity in America, as well as incentivizing competition so that the technology could be further enhanced. Every American, in their everyday habits of communications can look up to Steve Jobs and say "thank you!" The above picture is a makeshift shrine/memorial to Steve Jobs on the steps of the Apple Store in New York City, on 5th and 59th Street, in GM Plaza.

And speaking of loss, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis passed away. His contribution to football is wide-reaching and his media knowledge helped to benefit the Raiders in the early years of the AFL-NFL merger. Davis was a unique and driven businessman, who despite his rough spots, will be remembered for his many positive contributions the NFL, well into 2011. With the Raiders on an upswing this season, look for them to remember his words: "Just win, baby!"

Stepping Away

What had seemed inevitable, Sarah Palin decided against a run in 2012. This broke during Mark Levin's radio show on October 5. She was effective at jazzing the media, forcing them into a "will she or won't she" game, but in the end, Palin felt she could be most effective on the sidelines, as opposed to in an office. While I understand her reasoning, I am very disappointed that she stepped out, as unlike many in my party, I believe she would have been a formidable candidate as she is the most consistent Conservative out there and looking at recent history, not only do Conservatives win, but they win by a couple of touchdowns. Her endorsement will matter to Republicans and members of the TEA Party.

Being pushed by the majority of GOP donors, Chris Christie has once and for all, decided that he will not run in 2012. This was also predictable, as for a while, he had been against running and only re-examined the choice at the behest of these donors. Truth be told, he may not have won the primary, but in the end, he will politically benefit, as this further ensures his re-election as New Jersey Governor in 2013, something that may not have been cemented, had he run and been defeated.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Visiting the National September 11th Memorial

Prior to September 11, 2001, I had been to the World Trade Center a numerous amount of times and then after that fateful day in American History, I did not visit. Knowing what stood there, knowing how it was destroyed and also knowing the political wrangling over those 16 acres, I found it very difficult to go. Every time I would look at the New York City skyline, the damage was as clear as day.

Ten years later, we see some evidence of progress and closure: the National September 11th Memorial has opened, the National September 11th Museum will be open in less than a year and the Freedom Tower is starting to tower over Lower Manhattan, with steel now reaching the 85th floor. With the approach of the 10th Anniversary last month, I decided to visit the memorial once there was an opening (To visit, one must acquire timed entry tickets on the Memorial's website), and today was that day.

As one walks around the Memorial's entrance, the evidence of progress and construction on the World Trade Center site is apparent. Not only is the Freedom Tower, aka 1WTC, well under construction, additional towers are being built and the museum's opening is less than a year away! Entering the memorial, the security is quite steep, as photo IDs are checked, the tickets are checked multiple times and scanned, and one goes through security similar to how it's done at American airports (minus the TSA and body scanners).

One enters the site on the southwest corner, near the oak groves. At this point, the construction noise is loud. I do not believe this was intended, but it's going to be the norm for a few years. Closer to the Memorial Pools, the volume of the waterfalls is heard over everything else. Their roar truly allows one to reflect, remember and pray. Each Memorial Pool is built within the footprint of the Twin Towers. Water falls down 30 feet and then another 20 feet into a void in the center of the pool. Ringing each pool are the names of those who perished. They are grouped by location, company and relationship(s). In looking at the Memorial Pools and knowing they were once the location of two 110 story towers, it further hits, at that point, the massive level of destruction and human loss America endured on that day. To this day, nearly 1000 souls who perished at the World Trade Center have not been discovered.

I was very moved by the National September 11 Memorial, its magnitude and setting, as well as the fact that it's a beautiful monument and a solemn place of remembrance and reflection. Over time, it will rival the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery as being one of America's most hallowed grounds and most sacred places of remembrance. It is for those reasons that the leadership of the 9-11 Memorial/Museum needs to devise and enforce of code of conduct. Seeing people running around the grounds like they're a park or taking "crazy pose" pictures like they're in Times Square or Disney World is highly inappropriate for a place where nearly 3000 souls perished and nearly 1000 souls have not been found. In time, I hope that issue is addressed and as the World Trade Center site nears completion, I am confident this site will become one of New York's and America's most visited, and most revered.

Friday, September 30, 2011

40 Years

October 1, 1971, was a revolutionary day in the theme park and tourism industry not only in the United States, but in the world! On this day, the Walt Disney World resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL, opened to the public! Only a few years after opening Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, Walt Disney wanted a park on the east coast, but not just a park, a vacation destination. He saw the hotels that popped up on the borders of Disneyland, the lack of growth potential of the Disneyland Resort in the area and he wanted another shot at this. Walt wanted to immerse his guests, making them feel they are in another world. He would build hotels, along with the Disneyland style theme park. In search of a new Disney home, Walt decided on swampland about 25 miles south of Orlando, Florida, an area prime for growth and far enough away from the coastlines which are prone to hurricanes. Under the guise of dummy companies, Walt Disney began buying up this land and got to work on building the "Most Magical Place on Earth." He would never live to see his dream, but this project has brought happiness and smiles to people from all over the world who have converged on the Orlando Metro area for some time in Disney.

I have expressed my love of Disney many times and every trip I take there makes me love Disney World more, and once I return home, I already begin to plan the next trip back. The Annual Pass makes it that much easier!

Forty years later and with the addition of 3 more theme parks (one with its own built-in drinking game), 2 water parks, 2 nightlife areas, a multitude of resort hotels, countless recreation areas and a shopping area, Walt Disney World continues to dominate and has made the Orlando Metro Area one of Florida's fastest growing regions.

Walt Disney, you were a great American who has left a positive mark on our culture, and I know you're looking down on this wonderful world that has and will continue to be a great escape from the everyday patterns of life, where memories are made to last a lifetime!

Biden Gives the Republicans Some Campaign Material

Earlier this week, Joe Biden had a John Kerry moment, in that he gave the opposing campaigns a gift when he went off the reservation, stating that Obama owns this economy.

Maybe that's Joe being Joe, but let's face it: he's right. Since he assumed office Barack Obama has gone out of his way to blame Bush for the economic situation. Americans are tired of the excuses and have only seen the economy get worse, as the solutions to the problem have not worked. The Vice President's 30 second clip should be incentive enough for Americans to seek new leadership come 2012.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Well, It's Election Season

Call me skeptical, but it now looks like that First Lady Michelle Obama is a Target shopper.

In the past we have seen the First Lady shut down DC streets for a Tuscan kale run, go on an extravagant Spain vacation, fly with a separate entourage than the President to and from Martha's Vineyard, as well as have extravagant tastes in footwear.

I'm not buying this Target conversion, nor should the American people, considering what has been observed the past three years. This reeks of election cycle pandering.

Will BHO be the next LBJ?

On a recent interview on Hannity, Dick Morris stated there is a chance Barack Obama could step aside and decline to run for re-election, pulling an LBJ.

I've met Dick Morris, I've discussed politics with Dick Morris and I think Dick Morris has a great track record, but on this, he's dead wrong. Yes, Barack Obama is in danger of losing big, yes he's unpopular, but he also has a ridiculously large ego, is an ideologue, shows contempt for the supporters who aren't necessarily supporting him, and will not acquiesce to the Clintons or anyone in the Democrat Party. He has $1 billion dollars to work with, and guaranteed, this campaign will go into the final round, maybe even will, to cite David Axelrod's comments, resemble the Titanic.