Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joe Puts His Foot in His Mouth...Again

At a speech given at the University of Pennsylvania, Vice President Joe Biden is causing some controversy.

Biden went ridiculously over the top and his attempt at instilling fear, because the Democrat Senate won't pass Obama's "Jobs Bill," should make Americans cringe, especially victims of crime and rape. But of course, not only is the Vice-President standing behind his statements, but he's threatening journalists, while lying about what he said. Safe to say that if a Republican said this, we'd all be assailing that politician. But instead, we hear "Oh, that Joe...," or we hear nothing.

Not only are his exaggerations painful and upsetting, they are over the top and this constant crying of wolf will turn off Americans to anything they say, making them wish November 2012 was closer than just over one year away.

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