Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Cain Ad Has Them Talking

Last night a Herman Cain web ad went viral and apparently has people talking.

The MSM is apparently having a cow about Chief of Staff Mark Block smoking a cigarette in the ad, castigating Cain for promoting smoking. (yet, strangely enough, they are quite silent about Obama's bad habit) The smoking complaints are flat-out ridiculous. Yes, it's a bad habit and yes society has been shunning smokers, tobacco companies and cigarettes, but it's still a personal choice. Those who make that choice are free to do so, and in doing so, face the long-term consequences of their actions. Had I made it, I would have stayed away from the "rah-rah-rah" aspect of it, instead sticking to policy, and I would have the candidate speaking instead of some "regular guy" (who happens to be a major person in the campaign) who has little attachment to the voter. If anything, I'd agree with Brit Hume in that the new Cain ad is, at worst, "odd."

Odd or not, Cain was successful in getting people talking and getting the ad to attain multiple mediums of free media; a necessary step in furthering name recognition and a rise in approval ratings. As an aside, if we're going to crown the political ad of 2011 that happens to be the most odd or quirky, I have to give the title to Roger Williams's "Donkey Whisperer!"

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