Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Cain Ad Has Them Talking

Last night a Herman Cain web ad went viral and apparently has people talking.

The MSM is apparently having a cow about Chief of Staff Mark Block smoking a cigarette in the ad, castigating Cain for promoting smoking. (yet, strangely enough, they are quite silent about Obama's bad habit) The smoking complaints are flat-out ridiculous. Yes, it's a bad habit and yes society has been shunning smokers, tobacco companies and cigarettes, but it's still a personal choice. Those who make that choice are free to do so, and in doing so, face the long-term consequences of their actions. Had I made it, I would have stayed away from the "rah-rah-rah" aspect of it, instead sticking to policy, and I would have the candidate speaking instead of some "regular guy" (who happens to be a major person in the campaign) who has little attachment to the voter. If anything, I'd agree with Brit Hume in that the new Cain ad is, at worst, "odd."

Odd or not, Cain was successful in getting people talking and getting the ad to attain multiple mediums of free media; a necessary step in furthering name recognition and a rise in approval ratings. As an aside, if we're going to crown the political ad of 2011 that happens to be the most odd or quirky, I have to give the title to Roger Williams's "Donkey Whisperer!"

Monday, October 24, 2011

US Military to Leave Iraq by the Close of 2011

News broke, on Friday, that US Troops will leave Iraq by the close of 2011. Americans could all agree that it's a good thing to see our young men and women who wear the uniform out of harms way, yet those men and women, and those who support them, are right to ask if the job is done.

To many, this comes as little surprise, considering that 2012 is right around the corner and Obama didn't think the military should have been there in the first place, nor did his base. The president sees this political decision as a shot in the arm to a disenchanted liberal base. Furthermore, when examining this decision closer, it's very troubling how this president and his foreign policy team dropped the ball on this one; not having the political will to negotiate an extension of immunity for American troops in Iraq.

Even more troubling is the belief in giving away too much information, in this case, telling the enemy the departure date. The enemy could hold back until after the withdrawal date has passed and without the support of the Americans, Iraq could become overrun by al-Qaeda and Iran. In examining history, this situation played out with the fall of Saigon; culminating with the dramatic helicopter evacuation from the roof of the US Embassy in Saigon. These are troubling scenes, which Americans do not want to see repeated, but sadly, there is now a chance they could. In the case of Iraq, a fall of Baghdad could be much worse, not only for America's national security, in a likely loss of an oil market and embolden terrorists/terrorist-support states, but for the morale of the US Military-the 4500 lost souls and all for which they gave their lives, would be moot.

This move was a very selfish one to take, as it only has the potential of benefiting one person; the president, yet if Americans see through this transparent act in 2012, it may be up to the next president to clean up this mess.

In the end, "The 'Right' Solutions" joins Americans in thanking their troops for a job well done, under the gun from hostile terrorists abroad and hostile members of the American left at home, and pray for those who sacrificed for freedom.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

91st Annual Running of the Races

It's late October in New Jersey; that time of year again. On this day was the 91st Annual running of the Far Hills Race Meet, an event where close to 50,000 people converge on Moorland Farms in Far Hills, New Jersey, for not only a major Steeplechase, but for socializing, tailgating, networking and reunions. As it was partly sunny and just over 60 degrees, the weather was perfect and a good time was had by all.

In New Jersey, our top industry is tourism (classic commercial!) and this event is incentive enough to book your trips to New Jersey next October, as it's a great way to enjoy autumn in New Jersey!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Harry Reid: Private Sector is Fine

Harry Reid made comments today where many Americans think the Senate Majority Leader is off his rocker: The private sector is doing fine-it's the Federal Government that needs help

Let's give the Senator some figures to show he's not really working with a full deck:

- Americans have a lower standard of living

- 26% of Americans are underemployed

- The current U-3 rate is at 9.1%

- U-6 is at 16.5%

These numbers are dangerous, but there is something quite sinister about Reid's comments. Most public sector jobs are unionized. With new hires to the public sector, there are new union memberships, which in turn will bring about more union dues, with those dues going back to the Democrat Party. Very sad to see that unemployed Americans are being used as pawns in the Democrats' plan to win elections and stay in power. Hopefully, Americans will grow wise to these transparent comments and make their voices heard at the ballot box in November of 2012.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Into the Kitchen...does the Government Belong There?

Two public comments took place that are very telling in how the modern Democrat Party thinks. First, Michelle Obama, who has led a campaign of healthy eating and getting the government involved in making sure this happens (and doesn't always practice what she preaches), made some comments that were very telling. She equated healthy eating to modern-day indoctrination.

Where is this the government's responsibility? This is the parent's responsibility! Very troubling to see, in a free society, the Federal Government making its way into the pantry of Americans...very troubling, yet very telling about how leftists think.

Gaddafi Assumes Room Temperature

After a nearly year long Civil War in which America has participated, Libyan leader butcher Mummar Gaddafi has been captured and killed in a rather brutal showing (VIDEO IS GRAPHIC) (wasn't exactly given his "last rites as a Muslim the way Bin Laden was). This murderer has been ruling Libya since the late 1960s, using fear, terror and murder as weapons to keep his power. He has repressed his own people's rights and futures, while stealing from them to make himself rich. The United States, sadly, knows Gaddafi best for his participation in and planning of the bombing of Pam-Am 103 over the skies of Lockerbie, Scotland, where 170 Americans, including a large group of Syracuse University students returning from a study abroad in Paris, were killed.

While we, as Americans, may be glad that a thorn in our sides is dead, we should also be very concerned about what lies ahead. Knowing who the revolutionaries are, this president's pie in the sky football spike may just be a grand wish that may not come to reality. Following the Colin Powell Rule, America and her allies must work to make sure that what we experienced a few months ago in the "Arab Spring" is the actual democracy movement it has been advertised to be.

"The 'Right' Solutions" would like to take a moment to offer prayers to the families of all those, Americans, Libyans and others alike, who lost their lives at the hand of this butcher, and also that with America's and the West's guidance, a new Libya finds a new period of economic growth, freedom and cooperation with the West.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joe Puts His Foot in His Mouth...Again

At a speech given at the University of Pennsylvania, Vice President Joe Biden is causing some controversy.

Biden went ridiculously over the top and his attempt at instilling fear, because the Democrat Senate won't pass Obama's "Jobs Bill," should make Americans cringe, especially victims of crime and rape. But of course, not only is the Vice-President standing behind his statements, but he's threatening journalists, while lying about what he said. Safe to say that if a Republican said this, we'd all be assailing that politician. But instead, we hear "Oh, that Joe...," or we hear nothing.

Not only are his exaggerations painful and upsetting, they are over the top and this constant crying of wolf will turn off Americans to anything they say, making them wish November 2012 was closer than just over one year away.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Happens In Vegas...

On this evening, CNN aired a debate at the Western Republican Convention in Las Vegas. For this debate, Jon Huntsman chose not to participate as a result of a boycott, due to Nevada attempting to move up their primary date. (Conservatives are saying thank goodness) This may actually hurt him, as it's a stupid decision for a candidate barely holding on to 5% of the vote to voluntarily bow out of free media exposure.

Tonight, this started out as being another Herman Cain pile-on, but we soon observed this transition and saw the knives come out between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, as many believe this debate was his last stand. Also standing on his last leg, Rick Santorum got in a few jabs of his own. Romney, to me, seemed a little more rattled than usual, but Cain held himself up well.

Newt Gingrich, who has a history of performing well in debates, came out strong, citing clear examples and making accurate historical references in articulating his vision as President of the United States. I believe his most important contribution to the discussion is how the candidates should conduct themselves in the primary season. Instead of coming out swinging against each other, they need to show a united front against President Obama-answer each question comparing their vision to Obama's record to draw clear distinctions. We did see it in bits and pieces from other candidates, but we need to see it on a more consistent basis. The primary winner, in this fashion, will come out a little more unscathed when facing the president in the general, and each candidate must realize that he or she is ten times better than who is currently occupying the Oval Office.

In closing, it is my belief that Republicans would pay good money to be in the audience of any Gingrich-Obama debate that will be styled off the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going into Uganda

In the past, Obama said some pretty questionable things about the American military, and the policy it enforces.

How the times have changed. First, he opens a new front in Libya and yesterday, on a quiet Friday afternoon, he declared that troops will be going to Uganda, a county that has little significance to American interests and is not a direct threat to American National Security. Americans and Republicans must seriously question the motives of this decision, especially in the same week where it was found out that Iran planning assassinations and terrorists acts on American soil, while still threatening their neighbors.

We know that the American Soldier will stoically and steadfastly do the job they are assigned, but there is something wrong with those making those decisions and hopefully, America and her military will not pay the ultimate price down the road.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Still Going, thanks to a Weak-Kneed Mayor

Earlier this month when I was in New York City to visit the 9-11 Memorial, I noticed these former hippies and "disaffected youth" camping out in Zuccotti Park, spewing their anti-capitalist message, making a nuisance of Lower Manhattan and stinking up the place...all in the shadow of the 9-11 Memorial. On October 1st, the smell of body odor and pot was pretty strong, and after reading about the continuation of OWS in Lower Manhattan, it's probably a lot worse!

There already have been clashes with police, and Mayor Bloomberg, along with the owners of Zuccotti Park, stated the park was supposed to be cleared so it could be cleaned. Apparently, Bloomberg caved and knowing the owners' relationship with Bloomberg and those on the left side of the aisle (politicians in Washington are condoning this) this wimp-out is of no surprise. Unfortunately, it has emboldened them. As New Yorkers and tourists become sick of the hassle these hypocritical hangers-on are causing, they will long for the mayor they used to have and hopefully, force this mayor to act.

For now, Occupy Wall Street, the smokescreen to this president's scandals and blindness to the economic problems, looks to continue.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


After a long battle with Pancreatic Cancer, Apple Founder and CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. While some have criticized Jobs, the fact of the matter is that, as Rush said the other day, he is the epitome of American Exceptionalism. His ingenuity, intelligence and drive not only made money for himself and his company, but it revolutionized the way Americans received technology and media, while also helping to increase the productivity in America, as well as incentivizing competition so that the technology could be further enhanced. Every American, in their everyday habits of communications can look up to Steve Jobs and say "thank you!" The above picture is a makeshift shrine/memorial to Steve Jobs on the steps of the Apple Store in New York City, on 5th and 59th Street, in GM Plaza.

And speaking of loss, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis passed away. His contribution to football is wide-reaching and his media knowledge helped to benefit the Raiders in the early years of the AFL-NFL merger. Davis was a unique and driven businessman, who despite his rough spots, will be remembered for his many positive contributions the NFL, well into 2011. With the Raiders on an upswing this season, look for them to remember his words: "Just win, baby!"

Stepping Away

What had seemed inevitable, Sarah Palin decided against a run in 2012. This broke during Mark Levin's radio show on October 5. She was effective at jazzing the media, forcing them into a "will she or won't she" game, but in the end, Palin felt she could be most effective on the sidelines, as opposed to in an office. While I understand her reasoning, I am very disappointed that she stepped out, as unlike many in my party, I believe she would have been a formidable candidate as she is the most consistent Conservative out there and looking at recent history, not only do Conservatives win, but they win by a couple of touchdowns. Her endorsement will matter to Republicans and members of the TEA Party.

Being pushed by the majority of GOP donors, Chris Christie has once and for all, decided that he will not run in 2012. This was also predictable, as for a while, he had been against running and only re-examined the choice at the behest of these donors. Truth be told, he may not have won the primary, but in the end, he will politically benefit, as this further ensures his re-election as New Jersey Governor in 2013, something that may not have been cemented, had he run and been defeated.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Visiting the National September 11th Memorial

Prior to September 11, 2001, I had been to the World Trade Center a numerous amount of times and then after that fateful day in American History, I did not visit. Knowing what stood there, knowing how it was destroyed and also knowing the political wrangling over those 16 acres, I found it very difficult to go. Every time I would look at the New York City skyline, the damage was as clear as day.

Ten years later, we see some evidence of progress and closure: the National September 11th Memorial has opened, the National September 11th Museum will be open in less than a year and the Freedom Tower is starting to tower over Lower Manhattan, with steel now reaching the 85th floor. With the approach of the 10th Anniversary last month, I decided to visit the memorial once there was an opening (To visit, one must acquire timed entry tickets on the Memorial's website), and today was that day.

As one walks around the Memorial's entrance, the evidence of progress and construction on the World Trade Center site is apparent. Not only is the Freedom Tower, aka 1WTC, well under construction, additional towers are being built and the museum's opening is less than a year away! Entering the memorial, the security is quite steep, as photo IDs are checked, the tickets are checked multiple times and scanned, and one goes through security similar to how it's done at American airports (minus the TSA and body scanners).

One enters the site on the southwest corner, near the oak groves. At this point, the construction noise is loud. I do not believe this was intended, but it's going to be the norm for a few years. Closer to the Memorial Pools, the volume of the waterfalls is heard over everything else. Their roar truly allows one to reflect, remember and pray. Each Memorial Pool is built within the footprint of the Twin Towers. Water falls down 30 feet and then another 20 feet into a void in the center of the pool. Ringing each pool are the names of those who perished. They are grouped by location, company and relationship(s). In looking at the Memorial Pools and knowing they were once the location of two 110 story towers, it further hits, at that point, the massive level of destruction and human loss America endured on that day. To this day, nearly 1000 souls who perished at the World Trade Center have not been discovered.

I was very moved by the National September 11 Memorial, its magnitude and setting, as well as the fact that it's a beautiful monument and a solemn place of remembrance and reflection. Over time, it will rival the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery as being one of America's most hallowed grounds and most sacred places of remembrance. It is for those reasons that the leadership of the 9-11 Memorial/Museum needs to devise and enforce of code of conduct. Seeing people running around the grounds like they're a park or taking "crazy pose" pictures like they're in Times Square or Disney World is highly inappropriate for a place where nearly 3000 souls perished and nearly 1000 souls have not been found. In time, I hope that issue is addressed and as the World Trade Center site nears completion, I am confident this site will become one of New York's and America's most visited, and most revered.