Monday, October 24, 2011

US Military to Leave Iraq by the Close of 2011

News broke, on Friday, that US Troops will leave Iraq by the close of 2011. Americans could all agree that it's a good thing to see our young men and women who wear the uniform out of harms way, yet those men and women, and those who support them, are right to ask if the job is done.

To many, this comes as little surprise, considering that 2012 is right around the corner and Obama didn't think the military should have been there in the first place, nor did his base. The president sees this political decision as a shot in the arm to a disenchanted liberal base. Furthermore, when examining this decision closer, it's very troubling how this president and his foreign policy team dropped the ball on this one; not having the political will to negotiate an extension of immunity for American troops in Iraq.

Even more troubling is the belief in giving away too much information, in this case, telling the enemy the departure date. The enemy could hold back until after the withdrawal date has passed and without the support of the Americans, Iraq could become overrun by al-Qaeda and Iran. In examining history, this situation played out with the fall of Saigon; culminating with the dramatic helicopter evacuation from the roof of the US Embassy in Saigon. These are troubling scenes, which Americans do not want to see repeated, but sadly, there is now a chance they could. In the case of Iraq, a fall of Baghdad could be much worse, not only for America's national security, in a likely loss of an oil market and embolden terrorists/terrorist-support states, but for the morale of the US Military-the 4500 lost souls and all for which they gave their lives, would be moot.

This move was a very selfish one to take, as it only has the potential of benefiting one person; the president, yet if Americans see through this transparent act in 2012, it may be up to the next president to clean up this mess.

In the end, "The 'Right' Solutions" joins Americans in thanking their troops for a job well done, under the gun from hostile terrorists abroad and hostile members of the American left at home, and pray for those who sacrificed for freedom.

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