Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Years Since...

On March 30, 1981, 30 years ago, John W. Hinckley attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, firing a barrage of bullets outside of the Washington Hilton after a speech to members of the AFL-CIO, where he was beginning to build support among "Reagan Democrats." With strong, swift decision-making made by the Secret Service, including Jerry Parr, the Secret Service Agent who pushed the president into the limo, President Reagan was able to be promptly treated for his injuries at George Washington University Hospital; that treatment saving his life. While the President was lucky to get away with his life, Reagan's Press Secretary, James Brady, was severely injured, as he was shot in the head by Hinckley, and today, is severely disabled.

The events of March 30, 1981, had wide-ranging ramifications, between changes in the way the Secret Service goes about protecting the President, insanity in court cases, (Hinckley still continues to live in a mental institution, has never served time for his crime, and some believe this psychotic madman should be set free) and a re-defined purpose of service by President Reagan during his time in office, as he believed Divine intervention saved his life. Even in the face of death, Americans saw the President's humor, as well as his sunny, optimistic outlook in times of upheaval, and his popularity surged.

Thirty years later, Del Quentin Wilber wrote a comprehensive re-telling of the events of that day titled Rawhide Down. It is definitely a recommended read, brings a lot of new information into the fold, shows how close President Reagan came to dying on that fateful day and leads the reader to draw the connections on how the events of March 30, 1981, launched Ronald Reagan to be inspired to lead in the fashion he did during those eight years in the White House.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leadership and Consistency

Today's Washington Times published an excellent editorial on the President's speech last night, with a comparison to King George VI, and is worth a read. The editorial is accurate in that leaders must remember consistency is imperative, whether running a country or running a business. Those who look to that leader for guidance appreciate concrete solutions and responses, not watered-down, conflicting rhetoric given to two different audiences for two different effects. The direct answers and consistent policy are easy to get behind and will build loyalty among those who follow and respect the leader. This is why leaders like Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are beloved.

It is very unfortunate to observe the inconsistencies of this president, which we have seen when comparing his positions on Libya, Iran and Egypt. His vacillation leads to others around the world believing the American President and America itself, is weak. A thought of weakness opens up opportunities for our enemies, and in a post-9/11 world, that is dangerous!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Obama Libya Speech

Just over one month since Muhmar Gaddafi ordered his military to fire on protesters and one week since we began military action, President Barack Obama spoke about American involvement in the Libyan Civil War. Similar to the 2011 State of the Union, he aimed this speech at those who are not following world events. He claimed to be in complete control, while making his brackets (which showed basketball isn't his strong suit) and playing his 61st round of golf. Remember, it is 9 days since military action has begun. Obama spoke of the importance of "stopping a massacre," yet, he did nothing in the 2009 Iranian Green Revolution. He spoke of the "peaceful and inspiring revolutions" in Egypt and Tunisia, yet there was evidence of violence in Egypt, and it also looks as if the 3rd governments may be no better than what was overthrown. It also seems there is a great chasm in what he says versus the comments of members of his administration. To further add to the confusion of this speech, there are still questions that need to be answered.

1) Who are the Libyan Rebels?
2) If Gaddafi is overthrown, by us or the Libyan Rebels, who or what will lead Libya?
3) Is it a new precedent that America will get involved in Civil Wars/government protests, in the region, or around the world, that may have little bearing on American national interest?
4) What happens after the American troops end their "leadership" in the military action?
5) What is America's pressing interest in getting involved?
6) What are the Arab nations' interests in opposing Gaddafi?

These six questions need to be answered, not only for the sake of our brave men and women serving in the military, but also as this administration claims itself to be the most open and transparent, yet still has problems actually showing they are.

Two interesting notes about the speech:

- While taking credit for the great job the military did, he took a shot at Clinton's Bosnia/Kosovo timeframe.
- He still can't stop taking a shots at Bush and his Iraq policy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Geraldine Ferraro: 1935-2011

On Saturday, Geraldine Ferraro passed away at the age of 75 after a 12 year battle with multiple myeloma.

A Democrat from New York State, Ferraro was a teacher and attorney before entering politics. After serving as a New York Congresswoman, Ferraro was chosen by Democrat Water Mondale to be his running mate in 1984, becoming the first woman to be placed in that position. Post-elected office, Ferraro bounced between punditry, government relations and law. Even though not in an elected office, she still made headlines.

Geraldine Ferraro was always a fairly liberal Democrat, but as she aged and in her appearances on CNN and FNC, she showed herself to be pretty open-minded, intellectually honest and classy. She put party labels aside to defend women in politics who were unfairly criticized. One such appearance where she exhibited this class and intellectual honesty was on Election Night 2010, where she appeared on the Fox News Channel with Sarah Palin, the first and only time the two female running mates would ever appear together on camera.

Party label aside, Geraldine Ferraro was a trailblazer and will be missed by those in American Politics. "The 'Right' Solutions" remembers her contribution to American politics and offers its prayers to her family on this solemn day.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Donald Trump on the Obama Birth Certificate

Article II, Section 1 of the US Constitution:
"No Person except a natural born Citizen or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of the President"
The president is now elected and while he should be opposed with a focus on his lack of leadership, policy differences and perceived unwillingness to follow the will of the American people, he still has not released his birth certificate, and that places a pall over his administration. Donald Trump spoke of this on The View this week.

It may have sent Whoopi and Barbara into a tizzy, and Whoopi was wrong about about others facing this scrutiny, but Donald Trump gets it. By showing his birth certificate, President Obama would quiet his critics, while also fulfilling a Constitutional requirement. Yet, by obfuscating, he does two things:
- Makes people ask what he is hiding and delegitimize his leadership
- Uses this debate to focus his opposition on it, while the president advances his agenda while the sniping goes on.

President Obama could put an end to all this drama and white noise by producing the document that every other American has had to show at some point in their lives.

UPDATE, 3/28/11: Donald Trump has continued pressing on the birth certificate issue and has released his today. Will the President follow suit?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michele Bachmann forms an Exploratory Committee

News broke today that Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will form an Exploratory Committee in order to seek the Republican nomination for the Presidency in 2012. As the most consistent Conservative so far to enter, this is big news, yet to me, not much of a surprise. Due to the 2010 Census, Minnesota will be losing one Congressional seat. With Democrat Mark Dayton in the Governor's office and a Republican legislature, this is going to be a close decision, but there are many Democrats who want to cut up Bachmann's district. Furthermore, with significant TEA Party support and notoriety, as a result of her many television appearances, name recognition will not be as much of a challenge as former Governor Tim Pawlenty. While not having served as a Governor, she has significant government experience, as a three term Congresswoman and six year service in the Minnesota Senate. Prior to serving in elected office, Bachmann was an attorney. The past few months, Michele Bachmann has been hinting at running, and today, it looks as though it has become a reality.

Michele Bachmann can always be counted upon to stand by, articulate and espouse the Conservative viewpoint, and she will be greatly assisted by the TEA Party. Her entrance into the primary process is likely to make many wonder what effect it may have on a Sarah Palin candidacy, as their support comes from similar sources. Despite the questions some may have about her, Michele Bachmann brings a lot to the primary process and we here at "The 'Right' Solutions" are interested in seeing what she can offer, while at the same time, we wish her the best in her uphill battle to win the nomination.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bomb Blast in Jerusalem

For the first time in a few years, a bomb exploded on a crowded street in Jerusalem, killing one and injuring around 20 others. Facing this threat every day, the Israelis are incredibly perceptive and vigilant in terms of their own security (and can set an example to the United States), and in this attack, a kiosk worker near the bombing site called the police to report the suspicious package, however, in the midst of the call, the bomb exploded. David Amoyal's actions saved lives and prevented injuries. With Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister, Israelis should feel confident that this attack will not go unanswered.

"The 'Right' Solutions" offers its sympathies and prayers for the victims of this blast who were doing nothing but going about their everyday lives. This act is terrorism in its true form and every step necessary needs to be taken so it is stopped.

Hoping it Doesn't See 2 Years

With his Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, then newly elected President Obama spent a big chunk of political capital to ram the Health Care Law down the throats of Americans. His administration put on a big show each time the president tried explaining ObamaCare to Americans. He ignored the questions, criticisms and protests, and after getting it through, gloated. One year later, American citizens spoke loud and clear at the polls after seeing what is in the bill, two major court cases originating in Virginia and Florida are making their way to the Supreme Court, over 1000 waivers have been allowed, statistics have been released to show how this law will cost America jobs, and Republicans in Congress are working to get rid of this mess (but need to work a little harder).

It's safe to say this will be an election issue come 2012, and my advice to the Republicans is to continue to make the president stand by and defend this unconstitutional, job killing law through additional votes and funding cuts. They must continue to educate the American people about the deleterious effects this law will have on healthcare, commerce, jobs and Constitutional rights in the United States.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He Said WHAT???

It seems that whenever Joe Biden opens his mouth, he sinks to a new low. Late last week, at a lavish Philadelphia fundraiser, Biden compared the Republicans' plan of budget cutting and tax cuts to rape and blaming the victim. Knowing how he always finds a way to put his foot in his mouth, this should be of no surprise. Rightly so, Reince Priebus, speaking on behalf of the RNC, has responded. We won't hold our breath for the media coverage of this latest gaffe or his apology. Furthermore, as they have shown their double standard between Democrats and Republicans, the National Organization for Women (NOW) won't be saying anything about this any time soon.

Only time will tell if Joe Biden will become a liability for Obama in 2012.

Monday, March 21, 2011

24 in '12...Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

This news made me quite happy today, along with the 24 fans who wished they would do one more season. Today on The View, Kiefer Sutherland announced the eagerly awaited 24 film will be released in 2012. The search for a director and a stated date to begin shooting apparently has not been determined, but in the long run, I would hope that Joel Surnow is involved, a few plot twists could be thrown in, (and maybe somehow figure out how to bring back Renee Walker) and the summer release date holds, as it is prior to the 2012 election.

One can dream...

Pawlenty is In...maybe

On this day, Tim Pawlenty has announced his bid to file an exploratory committee to seek the Republican nomination in 2012, announcing it on Facebook (sort of like some other possible 2012 nominee who makes effective use of Facebook)

A two term former governor of Minnesota, Pawlenty is noted as a fairly consistent Conservative who was able to win two statewide elections in Minnesota, a state with a strong Democrat history. It's early in the game, but Pawlenty will have some questions surrounding him.

- Name recognition: For those who don't regularly watch Fox News or follow politics outside their geographic area, the common response would be: "Who?" Pawlenty deeply suffers from a lack of name recognition and in 2012, that could pose a challenge. As stated by Rammesh Ponnuru's (National Review), his ability to make himself known to the voters will make or break his campaign.

- Cap and Trade: As governor in 2007, Pawlenty shepherded the "Next Generation Energy Act" through the Minnesota legislature, which included a regional cap and trade system. Today, Pawlenty is against Cap and Trade in Congress. This flip-flop makes Republicans and Conservatives wonder which side of the flip-flop is his reality.

- Sharia Law: As governor in 2009, Pawlenty allowed the Minnesota Housing Authority to grant Muslims mortgages that follow Sha'ria Law, which forbids the charging or paying of interest. This will receive even more scrutiny by Republican and Conservative voters.

Tim Pawlenty really needs to break out and get ahead of the crowd if he wants to win the primary. He should define himself, not his opponents or the media. Defining himself and being open gets Pawlenty ahead of any attacks that may take place or questions asked. If he does not work on name recognition, his campaign will be done in by the Sharia mortgages he allowed, as that incident going unanswered has the potential to define him, which will do his campaign in.

In summation, Tim Pawlenty has an uphill battle ahead of him if he wants to get the nomination.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

When Will Hill Bail?

Back in 2007, Hillary Clinton seemed optimistic and full of energy. She even told Southern Drawl. After a nasty campaign (which we saw and read about) for the nomination that she lost, then newly elected President Obama nominated Hillary to be the next Secretary of State. She moved from being "no ways tired," to, in 2011, having had enough! Apparently, Hillary is tired of Obama's indecision, inaction and thinks he's in over his head. She and her people are questioning his leadership in the foreign policy arena. Last week, she went so far as to tell Wolf Blitzer that she's done in 2012.

Having said this before, on multiple occasions, and it definitely holds true, NEVER COUNT OUT THE CLINTONS! Obama's approval ratings are slipping and despite serving in his administration, the bad blood between Obama and the Clintons is apparent. Hillary has a three month window, and if she resigns in these next three months, it will tell America if she has something bigger in mind, which would likely pose a threat to the president's chances to even be on the ticket in 2012. Only time and the turn of events in the world will tell.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Uncanny Resemblance

Not sure if Barack Obama was planning on this one, but on the day he gave a address in Rio de Janeiro about the beginning of military actions against Libya, is the same day, eight years ago, that George W. Bush gave an Oval Office address stating the start of military exercises in Iraq. After reading and watching the two speeches, they are quite similar. Drudge put excerpts up from both to better exhibit the similarities.

March 19, 2011
OBAMA: 'Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world'...
March 19, 2003
BUSH: 'American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger'...
After practicing a consistent policy of blaming George W. Bush, Barack Obama is embracing the former president. This will definitely make many, to steal a phrase from Arsenio Hall, "go hmmm."

The UN Adopts Sarah Palin's Idea

One of the first to speak out about Gaddafi in Libya was Sarah Palin, where she called for an end to Gaddafi's reign, as well as the enactment of a No-Fly Zone, to protect those protesting against Gaddafi. For nearly one month, America dithered and the president was absent, punting it off to the UN, France and Great Britain.

This week, the UN Security Council voted to enact a No-Fly Zone in Libya, and today, the United States fired Tomahawk missiles into Libya to enforce the No-Fly Zone. While we hope this action meets its objectives, there is some question about whether this was too little, too late, along with the fact that there has been no action by the American government to find/meet with the leader(s) of the Libyan opposition who may take power and form a new government, if Gaddafi is to be overthrown.

As has been said before, Gaddafi is a bad guy and needs to go, yet with a power vacuum in the opposition, as well as a lack of history of democratic government in Libya, the people are not guaranteed freedom under a new government and there is a big uncertainty of what will be next if Gaddafi is killed, as that's the only way he will leave power.

Tokyo Disneyland Resort: The Japan Earthquake

In surfing YouTube this week, I came across someone's footage of last week's 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan. This person was at the Tokyo Disney Resort's Tokyo DisneySea at the time of the first earthquake, its aftermath and subsequent aftershocks. Note: Strong language in the video

While the tsunami did not hit Tokyo Disneyland, (the resort is located on the northwestern shore of Tokyo Bay on reclaimed land) there was some damage; cracked sidewalks and liquefaction of the soil, which caused a flood in the parking area. The resort has been closed since the earthquake and will likely be closed up to 10 days after.

In the embedded video there are some screams heard and the cameraman seemed pretty scared, but the "guests," overall, were pretty calm and followed the directions of the Cast Members, who, with no surprise, acted professionally, as Disney trains them in this fashion, whether in Japan, France, Hong Kong, Florida or California. And having visited Japan in the past and observing the mannerisms and interactions of the Japanese, I am not one bit surprised by the reserved and patient reactions of not only those at Disney, but throughout the country. The Japanese are a very kind people and in times of tragedy, they are showing the world who they are.

"The 'Right' Solutions" continues to offer its prayers and well-wishes to those in Japan.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Avoid this Disgusting and Immoral Display

Below is a video taken of teachers and students at the Wisconsin State House of teachers leading the students in protests against Governor Scott Walker and his budget reforms.

I find this display absolutely disgusting! In watching the video, one sees children who seem (a) disinterested and (b) too young to understand what is going on. Despite this, they are handed signs and following the teachers' chants like drones. Sadly, we've seen leftist educators lead their children in propaganda; both young and old.

What we see above is NOT a way to teach children to think. These educators are teaching their students what to think, not how to think, and are doing them a disservice. Teaching them how to think, so that they make their own decisions and intelligently come to their own conclusions is the best way the students can be prepared for their next step in life. I have done this in my classroom over the years, as I know I have the great responsibility of teaching tomorrow's leaders. In my class, they'll read Goldberg, but they'll also read Alterman. They'll read Zinn, but they'll also read Schweikart/Allen. Having both sides in front of them gives them the best opportunity to become educated and make a decision for themselves. Doing otherwise is not only disgusting, but immoral, and teachers who indoctrinate, from the left or the right, should face retribution from their superiors.

In the case of Wisconsin, if students fully understand and want to protest independently, they should do so, on their own time; and with the small children, it should be the responsibility of the parents and not the teachers to take their child to a protest, not a teacher.

Educators should be absolutely embarrassed about this video and take charge to improve and rehabilitate their profession.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to Prioritize!

Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton asked Democrats who they wanted answering a phone at 3AM. Nearly three years later, she did not win that vote and President Obama, during his term, is having a few 3AM moments of his own.

After observing his reaction to these 3AM moments, Americans really need to ask themselves what is going on with the president and his priorities. Today President Obama took time out of his busy schedule to fill out his NCAA Brackets, taking time away from his golf game; having over 60 outings (this golf game is one more since the previous link) since taking office (George W. Bush stopped playing golf in office in 2003). There have also been countless parties at the White House.

With Libya in a state of Civil War, Japan in disarray having to worry about nuclear meltdown, America's budgetary problem, gasoline approaching $4/gallon and American soldiers getting shot at in a war zone, it's safe to say that someone's priorities are greatly off kilter. In two years, we've seen the president's significant delay in reacting to various events like the Iranian Green Movement, the Christmas Day Bomber, the BP Oil Leak and Gaddafi massacring his own people. It makes many in America and the world very nervous when they see an American president who seems to enjoy the trappings of the office more so than the actual job. This may very well be a factor, as leadership capability and potential may very well be an issue in 2012.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Problems with the Body Scanners

The introduction of the airport body scanners, as well as the "enhanced pat-downs" were heavily covered back in November and also covered here. News came out today that every body scanner in use within America's airports will be re-tested, as a result of the fact that maintenance records show these machines are emitting higher than expected levels of radiation. This news does not assuage the fears of travelers who are hesitant to expose themselves to radiation and they will continue to opt out of these machines. It gives me further incentive to opt out on my next flights.

It's too bad Janet Napolitano could not have been on Huckabee this weekend when the story broke, as in her appearance last weekend, she dogmatically held firm on the current security procedures used at America's airports as being correct and appropriate.

Until they get rid of these dangerous machines, it's best to opt-out in favor of the "enhanced pat-down," done in public. (And if for children, make sure a female member of the TSA conducts the search.) I don't argue that it is an uncomfortable invasion of personal space and privacy, but it is better than increasing one's chance of being diagnosed with cancer due to unneeded and excessive exposure to radiation.

Locked Out

Many predicted it and after a week of trying to discuss a resolution to a new collective bargaining agreement, the talks broke off and the lockout has begun.

This was not a surprise and the NFL is doing itself no favors by shutting down an organization that produces $9 billion in revenue. There are still about 4-5 months until training camp opens, but as of now, the 2011 season is in limbo. This could get ugly and even though the President stated otherwise, I believe we'll be seeing the White House involved...remember DeMaurice Smith, the NFLPA Director, is a close Obama ally who served on his transition team and donated to his campaign.

At least we have baseball, and if there is no 2011 season, let's hope the NFL (and their likely new commissioner, as Goddell won't last, as a result of a work stoppage under his watch) can have the rebound baseball has since their 1994-5 work stoppage.

Winners State the Terms...Losers Compromise

Lesson #1 about voting: Elections Have Consequences.

For the most part, winners are going to get their way and the losers will not. Time and time, we've when winners don't act like winners, they become the losers the next time around.

Two events took place this week that are making me think about the phrase I've used to title this blog entry.

For nearly the past month, we've seen protesters in Wisconsin converge on the State Capitol in Madison to protest Governor Scott Walker and his money-saving bill. We've seen these protesters break laws to get their voices heard, and in this supposed new era of civility, make death threats, declare war and trash the statehouse. State Senators cowardly left the state so the legislative process would be stalled and the bill would not be able to be passed. Scott Walker faced great pressure and is the new Public Enemy #1 of the media, but he faced them down, stood by his principles, showed strength and courage, then leading the Senate to overcome the stalemate and vote on the bill. Other Republicans, especially those in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan who are facing these same questions, should look highly upon Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans who stood by principle and did what they promised. These leaders will have the same admiration among their consituents that Scott Walker will have among his constituents.

While Republicans in Madison are doing the right thing, Republicans in Washington, specifically those in Congress, are looking like they are about to crack under the pressure. To their credit, they voted to repeal ObamaCare and have made steps to defund, yet there is the question of the $105 billion in annual spending hidden in ObamaCare to fund its implementation. Despite efforts to defund, the law will still be implemented unless Republicans change the rules to take this spending out. (Under a Budget, this is considered discretionary spending, yet under a Continuing Resolution, which the government is operating under, it is authorized and cannot be cut.) The Leadership's hesitance could be tied to two things. First, they fear if they change the rules, they will be breaking a campaign promise to "do things differently than the Democrats." Second, assuming they do not change the rules, there is a great a fear of a government shutdown and how they will be judged, as they think back to 1995. Both of these fears are overly paranoid, as a majority of Americans do not like ObamaCare and want their Representatives to do what it takes to get rid of it. Therefore, they need to emulate Michele Bachmann and Steve King by standing firm, standing by principles, and follow the example of Scott Walker. In the end, they must remember:
Winners State the Terms...Losers compromise!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Praying for Japan

Today, our prayers are with the country of Japan. At 1:15AM, Eastern Time, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan. The quake was so strong it was felt in Tokyo and produced a devastating tsunami, destroying everything in its path in northeastern Japan, and even continuing to Hawaii and North America. Currently, there is the fear of a nuclear emergency in Japan, as a result of this earthquake, two reactors have lost cooling ability. The death toll is expected to be high and many are still missing.

Even for a country that is susceptible to earthquakes that is well prepared for these emergencies, the strength of this disaster overcame even the best preparations. To put it in perspective, this earthquake was 8.9 magnitude, compared to Loma Prieta 1989 at 6.9 magnitude and Northridge 1994 at 6.7 magnitude. Having been to Japan and interacted with the Japanese people, I have a great respect for their strength and kindness, and it is those positive qualities that will give the Japanese people the strength to endure and rebuild.

"The 'Right' Solutions" offers its prayers to the Japanese people and the recovery of this beautiful country. We also hope some in the American government do not invoke the "Theory of Rahm," and instead, work in a bipartisan manner, in the interest of helping their allies, and back up all promises they eventually make.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back to Football

As a Giants fan, this one caught my eye. Apparently, Tiki Barber is coming out of retirement and will re-enter the NFL, at 36 years old, four years after retiring. The line is that he misses the game, but the fact that he has some financial and personality issues may be closer to the truth. Thankfully, the Giants will release him when he is officially back in the NFL. They don't need him, as a result of Brandon Jacobs, DJ Ware and likely Amhad Bradshaw at Running Back, but his baggage would make his return to the Giants even more troublesome. With the controversy and disdain surrounding his statements and the love the fans have for him, he shouldn't be a Giant. Former Giant, Antonio Pierce, had some strong words about Tiki, in terms of lack of leadership in the locker room, and I fully agree with him! When someone who is supposed to be a leader makes it all about himself/herself, nobody will follow.

There's talk that Tiki will go to the Bucs to play on the same team as his twin brother Ronde and if that's the case, I feel really bad for the fans of Tampa and wonder if it will help them sell tickets, something with which they've struggled the past couple seasons. I'm sure that many NFL watchers will be observing this experiment with Charlie Sheen enthusiasm.

My prediction: he lasts a season and doesn't play in every game...assuming there is football in 2011.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


In perusing the news today, I came across an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal by Brian Carney. In this article, he reflects on his interview with notable historian, Paul Johnson.

Most noteworthy to me, in this interview, are his comments on Sarah Palin. Here is the quote from the article:
"She's got courage. That's very important in politics. You can have all the right ideas and the ability to express them. But if you haven't got guts, if you haven't got courage the way Margaret Thatcher had courage—and [Ronald] Reagan, come to think of it. Your last president had courage too—if you haven't got courage, all the other virtues are no good at all. It's the central virtue."
When I look at Sarah Palin, I fully agree with his assessment. This woman has taken an absolute POUNDING by the media, the left and some on the right. Despite that, she keeps coming back, gaining popularity and new supporters, while standing by her principles. If some in politics were hammered the way she has been, I wonder if they would be able to get out of bed in the morning and keep going in the same direction. Sarah Palin keeps going, she doesn't care about her critics and she rises above. That not only takes character, but that takes guts! This speaks volumes of how she has developed her ideology, how she has led in Alaska and will lead, if she were to be elected president.

Johnson puts her up with the greats of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, two leaders who stood by their principles, while dodging criticism (and bullets) yet had the guts and the courage to go on. Their views may have been unpopular by some, but they did not deviate in working to achieve their goal. Those guts, that courage, allowed Thatcher and Reagan (and Pope John Paul II) to work cooperatively, setting the course as strong leaders, to bring an end to the Soviet Union and Communism in Eastern Europe. Their guts, courage and resolve in leadership also inspired many in my generation, Generation X, to rise up as leaders, and I believe we will continue with this trend, seeing more rise up in the years to come and it will be because of the eventually minted 9-11 Generation, that America will survive.

Despite the view of some in the Republican Party questioning her electability, Sarah Palin has an excellent shot at winning the primary, if she wants it. She is the most consistent conservative of those running, has executive experience, can face and rise above the pressure and criticisms of the job, and as Paul Johnson believes, she has the guts to keep going!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Reacting to High Oil Prices

Since we've seen the instability in Libya, one of the world's top oil producers, the price per barrel of crude has spiked, and is still going up. High oil prices negatively affects every facet of this economy and will be the cause of higher prices not only for gasoline, but for food, airfare, hotel stays and restaurants. Americans therefore, will have to dig deeper into their pockets and the economy will further sink.

What has the federal government done? Well, nothing really. There are reports they want to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. In the long run, this would be a mistake, as we do not have a "supply" problem that we did in the 1970s. With Saudi Arabia stating they will make up any difference lost by Libya, tapping into the SPRs is wasteful, short term and will have little effect on the price at the pump. There are other options the Federal Government should explore, yet with the agenda and ideology of those currently in government, they won't be likely:

- DRILL: With the BP leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the United States has suspended offshore drilling and is fighting to keep those wells offline. If the United States produces its own oil, putting that product on the market will not only cut prices, but it make the importation of oil less necessary, and we can be responsible for our own economic growth, as oil fuels (pardon the pun) this economy. With additional drilling done in ANWR, the restoration of offshore drilling, as well as shale extraction, speculators who often drive the price up will see that more supply will be coming online in years to come, hence the prices will fall. This is exactly what happened when George W. Bush called for the end of the offshore drilling ban and as a result, we had low per barrel prices well into 2009. Environmentalists may disagree, but the Obama Administration must prioritize.

- GAS TAX HOLIDAY: The current federal gas tax is at 18.4 cents per gallon. States could also opt to do this, as each state has it's own tax added on to the federal gas tax. Some states' taxes and fees can amount to over 60 cents per gallon! A gas tax holiday will be of significant saving to the budgets of American families and businesses, while at the same time, act as a true stimulus to the economy.

- NEW TECHNOLOGIES: While we should seek alternative sources, it is unrealistic to stop using oil while these sources have not been fully developed. We must have an "all of the above" mentality, in the interest of the American economy. One specific source we should explore is oil shale. These reserves are massive and the extraction technologies continue to advance. Furthermore, the majority of these reserves are on federal land, so the United States would be wise to work with private companies to see these reserves can get to the market, in the long run, benefiting the US Economy.

These three solutions will allow the United States to direct its energy policy in the best interest of the economy and assist America in helping to pull out of its economic funk. If the government continues down this current road, it not only gives them an opening to propose and advance legislation that may be individually intrusive, it may also bring a return to the economic stifling of the late 1970s, brought about by the government's reaction to the energy crisis.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Roger Vinson: "Put Up or Shut Up"

Yesterday, Judge Robert Vinson had been seeing the obvious in that the Obama Administration has been ignoring his ruling. In response, Vinson issued a clarification to his original ruling: giving the Obama Administration seven days to file an expedited appealate review, then the healthcare law must be voided. Rather frustrated about having the government flip him the bird while filing a belated motion of clarification, Vinson put it in black and white for Justice act on his ruling.

With Department of Labor statistics putting the U-3 at 8.9% (Gallup's statistics have it at 10.4%) and U6 at 15.9%, Roger Vinson is correctly forcing the issue, as it's this law, its slow implementation and the legal challenges that are hampering job creation and keeping those numbers high. Bringing closure to ObamaCare, and its eventual unconstitutional ruling, will be one roadblock out of the way for job creation. The next big job creation roadblock will be voting the right way in the Election of 2012.

Summarizing The Calling to Lead

Michael Buonocore’s (good heart, in Italian) parents prepared him well to lead through example, teaching him character and values to achieve success, while his education and experiences at Drew University reinforced them. On September 11, 2001, Michael faced personal loss, sadness and anger, but it was those leadership skills that brought Michael to discover his calling to lead; to lead himself out of despair, to lead his fellow Gen-X-ers, newly minted as “The 9-11 Generation,” to building upon the successes of the United States, along with leading his fellow citizens into discovering the importance of being Americans, as well as responsibilities, as individuals and citizens, they should proudly and honorably carry on their shoulders to protect, defend and preserve the nation. The result of Michael’s following that calling changed his own personal course to teach at his alma mater, then, following his long time freelance position at the Fox News Channel, Education Contributor to Fox, and honors received as a teacher, hosting his own prime time, political analysis program. It was that calling to lead eventually inspiring him to run for Governor of New Jersey. After seeing a lack of leadership in Washington and its reaction to a wave of terrorism to hit the United States, Michael decides to seek the presidency, facing the greatest challenges in his career and life. Will the voters of the United States of America be inspired by Michael Buonocore's calling to lead, enough to send him to the White House?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If it Walks Like a Duck...

Today in Germany at Frankfurt Airport, Germany's busiest airport (Any American having flown Lufthansa Airlines has likely traveled through this airport.), a gunman named Arif Uka opened fire on a van of US Air Force Personnel, killing two airmen and injuring two others in an apparent terrorist attack. Before he opened fire, Uka screamed "Allahu Ahkbar!"

It makes me sick to see the American government beating around the bush to call it what it is...terrorism. The past two years, there has been a pattern in denying the obvious, as occurred at Fort Hood, and almost occurred over the skies of Detroit and in Times Square. Denying terrorists gives prospective terrorists fuel to commit acts of terror, as they believe they will not face swift retribution. The only thing these murderers are afraid of is strength. As it seems to be open season on our servicemen and women, we should pray for their safety and eventual return home.

"The 'Right' Solutions" would like to extend its sympathies to the families of those airmen who were on their way to deployment to defend their country, as they were savagely murdered by this terrorist.

Good Call by Christine O'Donnell

Even after her loss to Chris Coons last November, Christine O'Donnell has decided to stay in the spotlight, writing a book about her experience in running, as well as starting a Political Action Committee. News broke last week that Dancing with the Stars contacted her about joining the Season 12 cast.

O'Donnell thought it over, heard from both sides, and in the end, she said NO. This was the right decision for her to make. While she would have given the show some good ratings which would compete with what Bristol Palin did last season, she put her book and PAC first. If she showed herself to not be the next Erin Andrews, Brooke Burke or Kelly Monaco, (NOTE: Brooke Burke and Kelly Monaco won in their respective seasons, Erin Andrews should have) her critics would have a club with which to constantly beat her over the head if she runs for public office again. This decision also keeps her relevant to the political world.

Kudos to you on rejecting DWTS, Christine!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Donald Trump Interviewed by Rush Limbaugh

In mid-February, I did a post on Donald Trump, his speech to CPAC and questions surrounding his possible candidacy. As a result of this column, I received a few emails and got into some deep and insightful conversations with those who emailed. Today, Rush Limbaugh interviewed Donald Trump on his show (audio will follow once someone posts it) and right off the bat, Limbaugh asked Trump about his donations to Democrats, specifically, newly elected Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel. I had an earlier assumption these donations were done in the interests of his business, which Limbaugh noted and Trump did not deny, but Trump also added that Rahm is a friend, as a result knowing him through his brother Ari, who is Trump's agent. I kind of like Trump's loyalty and as I stated when I first started "The 'Right' Solutions," it's a quality that is seldom seen in society these days. That being said, I am concerned about his connection the the Emanuel brothers and I ask myself if they will return Trump's loyalty and support him if he runs (probably not).

Through his actions, Trump also shows that he wasn't doing long term planning in running for president, as he claims, otherwise he would not have donated to Democrats, knowing he'd come under fire.

If he enter into the fray, I would be very interested in hearing Donald Trump's opinions on domestic and foreign policy...maybe Rush will have him back, or he will use another forum to articulate those views.

Others are Thinking the Same Thing

As previously stated, I am becoming concerned with how President Obama has been inconsistent on his Middle East policy, and the effects that could have on America's place in the world. Apparently, I'm not the only one.

In surfing Drudge today, I came across a column by Nile Gardiner, where he believes the President's foreign policy is making America look weak. His column is worth reading as Gardiner makes a clear comparison to the differences between Obama and Republican Presidents such as Reagan and Bush, who saw America as an exceptional nation and made sure that America stood up against tyranny. Just as Carter's foreign policy had lasting negative effects on the world for years to come, Obama unfortunately may repeat those missteps, and the world should be worried.