Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Leadership and Consistency

Today's Washington Times published an excellent editorial on the President's speech last night, with a comparison to King George VI, and is worth a read. The editorial is accurate in that leaders must remember consistency is imperative, whether running a country or running a business. Those who look to that leader for guidance appreciate concrete solutions and responses, not watered-down, conflicting rhetoric given to two different audiences for two different effects. The direct answers and consistent policy are easy to get behind and will build loyalty among those who follow and respect the leader. This is why leaders like Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are beloved.

It is very unfortunate to observe the inconsistencies of this president, which we have seen when comparing his positions on Libya, Iran and Egypt. His vacillation leads to others around the world believing the American President and America itself, is weak. A thought of weakness opens up opportunities for our enemies, and in a post-9/11 world, that is dangerous!

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