Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to Prioritize!

Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton asked Democrats who they wanted answering a phone at 3AM. Nearly three years later, she did not win that vote and President Obama, during his term, is having a few 3AM moments of his own.

After observing his reaction to these 3AM moments, Americans really need to ask themselves what is going on with the president and his priorities. Today President Obama took time out of his busy schedule to fill out his NCAA Brackets, taking time away from his golf game; having over 60 outings (this golf game is one more since the previous link) since taking office (George W. Bush stopped playing golf in office in 2003). There have also been countless parties at the White House.

With Libya in a state of Civil War, Japan in disarray having to worry about nuclear meltdown, America's budgetary problem, gasoline approaching $4/gallon and American soldiers getting shot at in a war zone, it's safe to say that someone's priorities are greatly off kilter. In two years, we've seen the president's significant delay in reacting to various events like the Iranian Green Movement, the Christmas Day Bomber, the BP Oil Leak and Gaddafi massacring his own people. It makes many in America and the world very nervous when they see an American president who seems to enjoy the trappings of the office more so than the actual job. This may very well be a factor, as leadership capability and potential may very well be an issue in 2012.

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