Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tokyo Disneyland Resort: The Japan Earthquake

In surfing YouTube this week, I came across someone's footage of last week's 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan. This person was at the Tokyo Disney Resort's Tokyo DisneySea at the time of the first earthquake, its aftermath and subsequent aftershocks. Note: Strong language in the video

While the tsunami did not hit Tokyo Disneyland, (the resort is located on the northwestern shore of Tokyo Bay on reclaimed land) there was some damage; cracked sidewalks and liquefaction of the soil, which caused a flood in the parking area. The resort has been closed since the earthquake and will likely be closed up to 10 days after.

In the embedded video there are some screams heard and the cameraman seemed pretty scared, but the "guests," overall, were pretty calm and followed the directions of the Cast Members, who, with no surprise, acted professionally, as Disney trains them in this fashion, whether in Japan, France, Hong Kong, Florida or California. And having visited Japan in the past and observing the mannerisms and interactions of the Japanese, I am not one bit surprised by the reserved and patient reactions of not only those at Disney, but throughout the country. The Japanese are a very kind people and in times of tragedy, they are showing the world who they are.

"The 'Right' Solutions" continues to offer its prayers and well-wishes to those in Japan.

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