Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two Examples of "No Fear"

For months now, I have been saying how important it is for the Republican nominee to campaign with "No Fear" in the general election against Obama. In the past two days, we have seen two examples of this. First, Allen West:

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Rest of Florida Votes Tomorrow

After one week of debates, ads, political rallies, town hall meetings and news, the remainder of Florida votes tomorrow. Everybody I know down there has taken advantage of early voting, which ended Saturday, and the early voters I would predict favor Newt, if they voted before the onslaught. Polls released today have Newt Gingrich taking a fall, but it remains to be see how close they will be. After the votes are counted, the winner will be determined by how the I-4 Corridor votes, as well as the voting trends in the Hispanic Community.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prayers for the Santorum Family

Yesterday, news broke that Rick Santorum's three year old daughter Isabella, was admitted to Philadelphia Children's Hospital. Santorum's daughter has Trisomy 18, a genetic disorder similar to Downs Syndrome, which has a very low survival rate. Isabella, or Bella, was not predicted to live past her first birthday.

Rick Santorum is a good man and "The 'Right' Solutions" prays for his family and a quick recovery for Isabella!

Hermain Cain Endorses Newt

Since Herman Cain dropped out of the race in November, he had been saying an endorsement from him will be coming. Tonight, that endorsement came and it is Newt Gingrich.

With both men being from Georgia, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain go way back, have appeared congenial toward each other during the campaign and have both been seen as threats by the media and Republicans, considering the number of attacks they have fielded. This endorsement was not much of a surprise and it is the hope of Newt's campaign, as well as his supporters, that this endorsement carries Newt over the finish line as those to did not early vote will vote on Tuesday. Despite what the media may say, Florida is still up in the air, and that means three full days of campaigning, television ads and news reports before the victor is announced.

NOTE: The picture above was taken in Atlanta, really quickly, by a friend of mine who had to think fast to get a picture of me shaking hands with Herman Cain.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rich Zeoli, "Next in Line," GOP & 2012

On Thursday evening, I attended a local Young Republican function, where Sussex County GOP Chair/WPHT 1210AM Talk Radio host, Rich Zeoli, was the featured speaker. Rich gave an inspiring speech on seizing the day, moving forward and not allowing anyone else but the person running, to make a decision to run; even if it may step on someone's toes.

I wholeheartedly agree with Rich and his premise about moving forward with a campaign if you feel your ideas are superior to the "next person in line," as that time may be your time. He is an example of being successful at running when he felt it was right. He also cited an example of someone who was not successful in running when he felt it was right, but he did not give up, and come 2009, he ran for a higher office and won!

As Rich was speaking of this, I got to thinking how we see this much too frequently in the Republican Party, especially at the national level. Since 1968, the person who ran in the last presidential cycle and either lost in the primary or in the general, has been the party's candidate in the following cycle. The only exception to this rule was 2000, when George W. Bush ran. Sometimes the "next in line" rule worked, but when it worked, it had nothing to do with the candidate having campaign experience, it was because they ran as a Conservative. Those who ran as Moderates lost in the general and their previous campaign experience was moot.

I am very happy, in 2012, we are seeing other candidates run, as in this cycle, we are seeing their passion personify the reasons they are running, they are articulating Conservatism in a fashion others in the race may not be and they are strengthening each other through participation in the state primary campaigns, along with the many debates. The "next in line" candidate may or may not win the primary, the "line jumper" (who I am supporting) may survive the friendly fire, but after the primary period ends, everyone must bury the hatchet and come together for the most important task at hand: replacing the current occupant of the Oval Office, as they ALL have the potential to be far superior to this president in every facet of the job!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gunning for Newt...in the Republican Party?

If you happened to visit Drudge yesterday, you saw, through his website, that a bomb went off in Florida, as a coordinated attack on Newt Gingrich by the Republicans was unleashed: attack after attack, (one of which was proven untrue) attacks from a moderate presidential candidate that lost, (who may be an American hero, but they lost) and a backhanded attack from a former Congressman turned pundit.

I know this onslaught on Newt is false and I'm sure my readers do as well, therefore, I'm going to focus on the root cause of this Republican attack on its own.

Washington is an interesting place: people work so hard to get there, and once they arrive, it becomes their new home and even after their primary service has ended, they stay in Washington. Becoming a part of the Washington culture; whether over drinks at The Monocle, Hawk and Dove, or over golf at The Burning Tree, these folks are limited to their small Republican circles in the nearly 260 square miles inside the Capital Beltway. In these small circles, they begin to develop and endorse a false premise about acceptable Republican Party positions, how campaigns should be run, and will attempt to drag, kicking and screaming, the non-Washington voters to think and vote their way. With the rise of Obama and into 2010, we have seen a grass roots Conservative movement, in the form of the TEA Party, develop and produce Congressional majorities in the Midterms. Despite this influence, a battle between the DC GOP Establishment and the more Conservative TEA Party is brewing up for 2012.

Being a part of that Washington culture and enjoying the perks and benefits, the Establishment Republicans want to stay a part of that Washington culture; both in influence and power. Therefore, they believe having someone on the top of the ticket who is of a more Conservative bend will be a threat to both. If the Conservative candidate wins, members of the Establishment believe they'll get pushed out, as the Conservative will bring in his/her own circle and look to the new faces, rather than the old Establishment faces for advice and counsel. And due to their small social and professional circle and groupthink among these circles, these Establishment Republicans cannot accept Conservatism as valid, as they see it as too divisive. Therefore, it is their belief that having a Conservative at the top of the ticket will have a diliterious effect down the Republican ticket, causing elected officials to lose power because their brand of Republicanism was not articulated and endorsed.

We are already hearing the fears of the establishment that a vote for Newt will cost Republicans the majority in Congress. The false premise which I had explained is clearly playing out, the Establishment's narrative about Mitt Romney is failing, so with their backs against the wall, the onslaught of attacks on Newt Gingrich came out this week. It is my hope that voters in Florida ignore the ridiculous fear mongering of the Establishment Republicans and instead, apply the tenets of Conservatism to their vote.

Really Joe?

The comedian's dream come true, Vice President Joe Biden, always knows how to give them material. Well, now he has opened his mouth once again, mocking Indians.

This isn't new for him, and it's really pretty unbecoming. Considering the media is so obsessed with the Mitt vs. Newt fight, they're not talking about this anywhere, so I decided to put it out there.

Would the media be as quiet about Biden's perceived cultural insensitivities if what he said was said by a Republican?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rand Paul and the TSA

Earlier this week, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, was detained by the TSA at Nashville Airport after refusing a pat-down, which was demanded by the TSA, as a result of a "body scanner anomaly." Throughout this inconvenience, Senator Paul acted in a classy manner, and for that, should be commended. Last night on Hannity, he spoke of his TSA encounter:

Sometimes the TSA does their job and sometimes they do not. This inconsistency cannot stand and as I have stated on many occasions, Congress examine the safety of the equipment used and reform how they implement their screening procedures.

Until Congress attempts TSA reform, be sure to read my helpful tips if you find yourself needing to fly. Following these tips will definitely save you a headache and an inconvenience at the airport.

A Member of Mitt's Team "Going Rogue"

In politics, observers can learn so much from those unguarded moments. Yesterday, former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, who is a Mitt Romney campaign adviser (and I wonder why he is an adviser, as he "lost" to this political novice) blurted out that if Mitt Romney is elected president, the GOP will not repeal ObamaCare; as they “can’t, whole-cloth, throw it out.”

Norm Coleman’s “Going Rogue moment” is another example as to why Mitt Romney has a “conservative challenge.” After hearing past comments compared to this campaign, explained in Newt Gingrich’s “Pious Baloney” ad, Conservative voters do not trust him. In response, the “establishment wing” of the Republican Party tells Conservatives not to fear; as the general election candidate will only be successful by gaining a majority of independent voters. This theory has been advocated for years and its premise is false. Considering that independent voters are a smaller number than base voters, the base must be maximized in an election for them to matter, yet if the base is not energized enough to vote for someone (Romney) rather than against someone, (Obama) they will not show up at the polls, making the need for independents irrelevant. Instead, Republican candidates and their strategists should see the “base theory” in action when examining every Presidential election since 1968, as those Republicans who ran as Conservatives (Nixon, Reagan, Bush in 1988, George W. Bush) won, and those who ran as “Moderates” (Ford, Bush in 1992, McCain) lost.

If Mitt Romney wants a better chance at a primary victory and an even better chance at a general election victory, he must accept, articulate and advance Conservatism; following the pattern of his winning Republican predecessors.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Newt: America Back in Space

The candidates are traveling all over Florida for the next week and today, Newt Gingrich visited the Space Coast, an area of Brevard County Florida and the East Coast Headquarters of NASA. This region has been very hard hit by the recession, and is taking an even harder hit, as a result of Obama’s decision to cancel Constellation and stay with the plans to retire the Space Shuttle Program. In his visit, Newt made a significant announcement that gained the attention of those not only in the surrounding community, but across the United States, whereby the close of his eight years in office, in 2020, to open a base on a moon. It is a very lofty goal, continuing along with his campaign’s theme of big ideas and solutions, which should provide incentive to Americans to see it achieved.

Historically speaking, it’s not all that new to see lofty goals placed before us by our leaders, especially in the realm of space. This was done in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy projected that Americans will go to the moon by the close of the 1960s. And what happened? Americans came together and worked toward that goal. They faced challenges and setbacks, but on July 20, 1969, seven years after Kennedy gave that speech and set that goal, it was achieved.

After reading the linked article, one will see mocking and condescending comments about Newt’s goal, and that is disappointing, yet not surprising. As the 20th century closed, a very troubling pattern of accepting mediocrity has developed in the United States. Transition to a dependent society, further validated by some forms of popular culture, as well as in the White House, and in government through various legislation, has led to this sad acceptance. If Newt wins the presidency, in order to meet that goal of a colony on the moon, attitudes must change and various legislative reforms, from education reforms to financial incentives placed before private industry, must occur.

The effects of working toward this goal will be limitless! Science and math education in the United States will be of higher quality and importance, jobs will return to Central Florida and Texas; where NASA is located, private industry will work cooperatively with the government to achieve the goal, and technology will continually improve. Most importantly, the United States will be the world leader in space and technology; again, setting the example and being first in success.

I thank the Speaker for having the guts to return America to space, and despite America’s challenges and attitudes, we should all appreciate the faith Newt Gingrich has in the American people, American ingenuity and American exceptionalism!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Newt: Conservatism as a Movement

The lead-up to the Florida primary is already starting to rev up and eight days before the election, we had another debate. In response to the closing question, Newt began with a very telling statement about how he views conservatism.

"I ask that the people not be for me, I ask that the people be with me."

Newt further elaborated and stated that he wants to enable his supporters to join him in doing the work of implementing Conservatism, as opposed to making the voters rely on him to implement it. In this statement and explanation, he correctly and astutely alluded to the fact that Conservatism should be a never-ending movement, which is bigger than the man leading it. Newt may lead it temporarily, but in his time as leader, he must teach and inspire others to be tomorrow's leaders who will then continue to articulate and teach the merits and benefits of Conservatism to subsequent generations. It was Ronald Reagan who was the last Conservative leader who viewed Conservatism as a movement which he temporarily led, consistently and articulately teaching its merits by going directly to the American people, then passing on the torch to tomorrow's Conservative leaders. Sadly, the new set of leaders were not as successful as Reagan, which was a significant factor that brought us Bill Clinton.

One may say that George W. Bush, who was a good man and a good president, acted as the next leader of the Conservative movement, although it was clear that Bush saw himself as just a man and not the leader of a movement. Where Reagan's strength was articulating Conservatism and consistently teaching through his speeches and legislative agenda, George W. Bush faltered at this practice, letting others define it for him, while at the same time, letting them get away with articulating a false definition. Furthermore, George W. Bush, as he saw himself as just a man and not the leader of a movement, did not look to actively recruit tomorrow's leaders. George W Bush's shortcomings as the leader of the Conservative Movement brought us to Obama.

It is my hope that Newt Gingrich continues to articulate Conservatism as a movement, using his campaign as a teachable moment, and I hope to see him as its temporary leader; continually teaching and inspiring tomorrow's leaders of the Conservative movement.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super Bowl Bound!

The Giants are going to the Super Bowl again! And they will be meeting none other than the New England Patriots; the team they defeated in Super Bowl XLII! The road to the playoffs for the Giants was both convincing and challenging in defeating Atlanta, Green Bay and San Francisco. Led by their elite quarterback, Eli Manning, their strong leader of a coach, Tom Coughlin, and their Big Blue Wrecking Crew of a defense, they turned around what looked like a losing season to a magical run!

In the AFC, the Patriots' Offense dominated, Tom Brady had another stellar season and the team played hard this season for Myra Kraft, owner Robert Kraft's wife, who passed away in 2011.

I make no secret that I am a Giants fan and am openly rooting for them as they take the field to attempt to win their 4th Super Bowl. This will be an excellent game and will be a ratings powerhouse for the NFL.

And just think, the NFL could have been locked out this year...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newt Wins in South Carolina...on to Florida

South Carolina voters have spoken, Newt Gingrich has won big in the Palmetto State. Helped by his debate performances, Mitt Romney's conservative weaknesses, the Former Speaker capitalized and continues on.

Florida will be a significant challenge for him to win. It's an expensive state in which to run. Growing to become one of the more populated states, Florida has four major media markets in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Orlando and Jacksonville, so staying on the air can be a costly affair. Newt will have to have a significant bump in funding and his SuperPACs must also kick it into high gear.

As the campaign in Florida begins, each region leans differently. Newt's strong areas consist of the I-75 Corridor from the Georgia state line, through Ocala, to the rural outskirts of Orlando and Tampa. He is also strong in the Panhandle. But in these two regions, he will also be competing with Santorum in this area for votes.

Romney's strong areas consist of the Orlando Metro Area and Tampa/St. Petersburg area. These two regions contain more transplants, who are likely to support Romney, and are larger population centers. Newt will need to be on the air and knock on many doors in the I-4 Corridor.

Two areas of the state still up in the air are Jacksonville and South Florida/Miami. Both regions have the transplant issue, (not as significant in Jacksonville as Orlando or Tampa, but still should be taken into consideration) but in the case of Miami, it is undetermined which candidate will receive the Hispanic vote and that bloc will determine who wins South Florida.

In the coming 10 days, debates will play a large role, as will endorsements of major figures such as Jeb Bush, (who will likely endorse Romney) Bill McCollum, (who has endorsed Newt) and Marco Rubio (who I don't believe will make an endorsement but if he does, it will be a bit earth-shattering). Sarah Palin may also play a role if she reiterates her "non-endorsement endorsement" of Newt, as she's still popular in Florida. Candidates have to get out there, take advantage of free media opportunities, stay on the air as much as possible, and meet the voters; whether flipping pancakes with the seniors at The Villages, doing town hall meetings on the I-4 Corridor or articulating their conservative vision to the Hispanic populations of the state. Anything can happen in these ten days and it is incredibly hard to predict how this will turn out. I will be watching!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Big News Day in the Palmetto State

Yesterday started out rather noteworthy and ended in the same way.

With much class and dignity, Texas Governor Rick Perry pulled out of the presidential race and endorsed Newt Gingrich. This move was expected, as Perry did not see a clear path to the nomination, despite the fact of still having a significant amount of campaign cash. Perry started out with much promise and potential as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney, citing his years as governor of the job creation machine in Texas. While he is an excellent retail politician, Perry heavily faltered in the debates; going against established Conservative thought and publicly blanking out. He was dogged by these debate flubs and was never able to regain his stature at the opening of his late entrance. Rick Perry's exit showed that the goal and process of finding a consistent Conservative to unseat Obama is bigger than he is, and for that he should be respected and highly regarded.

Later in the day, it was determined that Rick Santorum, in fact, did win Iowa. While it may not help Santorum in South Carolina, it will be a detriment to Romney in the state, as he had a weak debate performance earlier in the week and overall, a challenging week.

Also last night with the ABC/Obama character assassination of Newt Gingrich airing on Nightline, the candidates still had a debate. And predictable as the sun will rise every morning, John King went after Newt Gingrich on the very first question. Instead of describing it, I'll post the response.

For the second time in one week, Newt hits it out of the park and gets a standing ovation. Republicans saw this question as petty, presumed King to be a mouthpiece of Obama/Democrats and rightly so, Newt called him out on it. We've seen from Reagan to Bush 41, that despite the perceived shame, the mainstream media will continue to articulate a left-wing bias, but even though, calling the reporter/moderator out on it is red meat for Conservatives. This debate performance could very well propel the Speaker to victory in South Carolina.

The Marianne Gingrich interview did appear on Nightline and combining last night's debate, releasing too much of the interview before airing it, society's past acceptance of marital instability in their leaders (e.g. Bill Clinton), combined with the fact that Americans and Republicans see the bigger issues at hand of encroaching government, out of control spending and high unemployment, the Brian Ross piece was a bust!

South Carolina Republicans vote tomorrow, and the events of this week will propel Newt Gingrich to victory.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cozying Up to the Environmentalists

No surprise in this news that occurred Wednesday: President Obama has rejected a the Keystone Pipeline permit. Cozying up to his friends on the left to stir their emotions and take their money for his $1 billion goal in 2012 is apparently more important than creating jobs and giving America the opportunity for a greater access to energy from friends. When energy costs go up (and they will) and the U-3 goes up, no matter how much the Department of Labor attempts to cook the books, we can look on this day and blame the president for his lack of leadership.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Mainstream Media Performing Obama's Opposition Research

A very troubling story came across my radar this morning. ABC News's Brian Ross sat down for two hours with Newt Gingrich's 2nd ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich, a woman who claims can destroy him, and ABC News had decided, after much debate, to air the interview on Thursday, rehashing 15 year old information we already covered. Doing so two days before South Carolina votes is an attempt by ABC News to affect the outcome of the primary, and I believe, to lead voters to accepting Mitt Romney as the eventual candidate.

This news troubles me for many reasons. First, the clear and apparent double standard exists. The mainstream media told us that President Bill Clinton's martial infidelity shouldn't be on the table, yet they slam Newt Gingrich for his past, for which I believe he has appropriately atoned, as I had previously stated. That double standard tells me that it's OK for a Democrat to not practice fidelity, yet if a Republican does it, watch out!

Second, it is clear and apparent the media is doing the bidding for and acting as Obama's Opposition Research, working to get rid of ANY electoral threat to the president. As far back as Jack Ryan, the media trashes opponents, and continues into 2012 with attacking Sarah Palin, driving Herman Cain from the campaign, and has continually demeaned Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. Yet never do they talk about Obama, the most "transparent president" who has not yet released his college/law school transcripts, his college application essay and waited until 2011 to release his birth certificate (and we have Donald Trump to thank for that).

When Democrats are screaming for Obama to run against Mitt Romney in the general election (and I wonder what they have up their sleeve, even after all the Bain Capital talk) and the mainstream media is clearly working toward this goal by going on fishing expeditions against Obama's conservative opponents, Republican voters in South Carolina should be wary of ABC News's timing and action, and instead vote for the candidate of their choice using their OWN research and intuition. And after voting, they can change the channel to Fox News, as a statement against Obama's new Opposition Researchers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obama "Coming to Life" at the Magic Kingdom

As my readers know, I love Disney! It's a great escape from the everyday, it's fun and there's so much to do there, you can tailor your own fun! If you want to see the President along with the other 42, you can see him speak in the Hall of Presidents, but now, the Obama Audio-Animatronic is coming to life, as Barack Obama is coming to Disney, using Cinderella Castle as a political prop, making a speech within the Magic Kingdom on tourism, visa issues and to support his re-election effort in the very important state of Florida.

We've seen a pattern of this selfish narcissism develop, as recently as the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting and choosing the most visited theme park in the world located in one of the top tourist destinations in the United States continues on this streak. The expert I am on Disney, I can tell you this place runs like a machine! With the president's visit, "Cast Members" have to be inconvenienced with re-arranged schedules and guests will be limited into the park that day, as a result of the security issues surrounding a presidential visit. This continues outside the borders of the park, as the visit will limit access to areas of Disney's Contemporary Resort, located adjacent to the Magic Kingdom, and will slow down bus and monorail transportation into the Magic Kingdom. This visit will have just as huge an effect at Orlando International Airport, as just about the time the President is arriving, many first or second flights of families heading to Disney are arriving at MCO. Because Air Force One receives first priority, this is going to cause major headaches for the gateway to this region, the second busiest airport in Florida, and will delay many a vacation. Probably would have been a better idea to use Orlando-Sanford Airport and use a hotel ballroom at the Grand Floridian, or even at the Orlando Convention Center; away from Disney.

The President is very likely to lose Florida, and while this visit will show he will fight for Florida, the drawbacks will likely outweigh the perceived benefits.

The Georgia Bulldog

When Newt is on, he's on! This was proven last night in two exchanges, one of which brought the gathered crowd to their feet. Fox News commentator, Juan Williams, who leans left, threw out a question on Newt's comments of Obama as the "food stamp president" being racially insensitive.

Newt got right to the point, spoke with passion, clearly articulated the principles of conservatism and hit it out of the park. This response caused the crowd to give Newt a standing ovation; the first in the debates this electoral cycle.

A little later on in the debate, in a response to Ron Paul, who was spouting more of his "America should unilaterally disarm" tripe, Newt came back with a direct answer, and as the educator he is, put his comments in historical context:

I make it no secret that I am supporting Newt in the primary process and last night's debate performance not only cemented it for me, but it is incentive enough for others in the Republican party to join in. This was Newt Gingrich's best debate yet and he continued to show how he will campaign with no fear to oppose this president every step of the way so that he provides voters with a clear choice, so they could more easily and confidently send him back to Chicago this November. The 'fire in the belly' is there, and I promise you, this primary is not over yet!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tebow Time

Yesterday's AFC Divisional Playoff game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots turned out to be the highest rated Saturday Division Playoff game in 18 years! And this is for no other reason than Tim Tebow.

This season, Tim Tebow has become one of the most polarizing figures in sports, and for fully unfounded reasons. A few years back when he was playing for the University of Florida and led them to a National Championship, he made an ad for Focus on the Family, which aired during the Super Bowl, with his mother, that many saw controversial. Many saw this as a message as a shot against those who support abortion and from that moment on, he was a marked man in the eyes of the left. As he entered the NFL, they criticized his style of quarterbacking, they criticized his loving display of Christianity and made every attempt to minimize him. Despite that, Tim Tebow rose up, faced the challenge and did the job, leading his team, the Denver Broncos, to winning the AFC West and into the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Although the Broncos were not successful, and played against a team that was running up the score after a win seemed eminent, Tim Tebow continued to take every snap and continued to play every down to the best of his ability.

His team has been inspired by him, fans respect the heart with which he plays and in his actions, Tim Tebow accepts the role of a leader, lives the teachings of Christianity and possesses an immense character and humility that should set an example for everyone from America's youth to tomorrow's football player. A player like Tim Tebow should be honored and I believe he has much potential, both on the field and off the field, for success in life.

Huntsman is OUT

News tonight is breaking that former Utah Governor and Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman will drop out of the race tomorrow and endorse Mitt Romney.

This was predicted to occur soon, as it seemed throughout the process, Huntsman was perennially at 2% in the ratings and like every other candidate who says good-bye to the race, the money started to dry up. In the end, Jon Huntsman didn't have a chance to win the nomination for many reasons, including the fact that many don't consider him a consistent conservative and as Obama's US Ambassador to China, he had to articulate the goals of this administration that he suddenly decided to oppose in 2012, and it brought out many questions as to whose side Huntsman was really supporting.

Huntsman's departure leaves five left to fight it out in South Carolina and beyond.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RIP Alex DeCroce

New Jerseyans mourn today the loss of Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce, who passed away late last night at the age of 75. In a long final session of the lame duck session, DeCroce collapsed in a Mens Room at the Statehouse in Trenton and died of a likely heart attack.

Alex DeCroce was a fighter for New Jersey and a leader in the Republican Party, yet was also the epitome of a Statesman. Politicians, including Chris Christie and citizens alike, have been saddened by his sudden death. On a few occasions, I have met Alex DeCroce and have been consistently moved by his kindness, his leadership abilities and his ease to meet with and speak to his constituents.

In the face of death, we celebrate life; the life of a man who has always been in the fight for New Jersey and her citizens. We pray for his family and friends as we longingly remember the positive mark which Alex DeCroce had on the great state of New Jersey.

Brush With Fame in the Big City

I happened to be in New York City last week and as I was walking past the Fox News Channel Headquarters, Eric Bolling was standing outside with his producer and a staff member, so for those of you who know me won't be surprised I walked right up to him, said hello, introduced myself and initiated a conversation! Had a brief chat with him right before "The Five" and I think he was glad when he found out we are of the same political persuasion. I appreciate the time he and his producer took to chat and for the picture. It's always nice to see when someone's on-air persona matches their real life persona!

If you happen to be around on weekdays at 5PM, do watch "The Five" on the Fox News Channel. It's quickly becoming one of Fox News's best and a great replacement for Glenn Beck!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Newt Gingrich Fires Back

In response to the Iowa attacks by Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich has released the following web ad, titled "Pious Baloney:"

The rough but effective ad (note the song playing throughout) examines the conflicting statements made by Mitt Romney about how consistent a Conservative he is, his behavior in the campaign, as well as his reasoning for not being a "career politician."

This may not have much of a positive effect for Newt in New Hampshire for dethroning Romney at the top of the pole position, but come South Carolina and Florida, the information presented in this ad will be relevant.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Days are Here Again???

At the beginning of this election cycle, we can hear the leftists celebrating, we can also hear the media celebrating. UNEMPLOYMENT IS DOWN 8.5%. But like every month, and even more so this year, if you read deeper into the statistics, you'll find out that the books are being cooked and IT'S ALL A LIE! (Newt, Rick, Mitt, etc, can we all talk about this? I'll even send you all my research so you have the evidence!!!)

Again, the number being reported is the U-3 rate; those receiving unemployment from a government source. Because it has fallen, the government fails to take into account that benefits have run out, they fall into U-6. Also, remember this is the December report, which means there were temporary jobs created (about 42,000 courier/delivery) and other retail. In college, I sold men's clothing on the Nordstrom sales floor, at two locations, and have seen temporary holiday hires come and go. By the end of this week at the close of the Half-Yearly Men's sale, they're gone. Other retail establishments let them go after New Year's Day. The unemployment rate is still high among Obama voting blocs: blacks at 16%, 18-29 year olds at 45% (Not the best thank you gift from this president, and if they vote for him again, Millennials will have an "Oliver Twist" moment, to be sure). For the United States, this is a crime! And it could all be solved by cutting government spending, axing ObamaCare and cutting federal taxes, but we will not see this president move on those initiatives, especially in an election year. Just more blaming corporations, the rich, rallying around unions, etc.

And unless this administration continues to flub these numbers, the following evidence will be showcased on future first Fridays in 2012:

- The holiday hires, from retail to couriers, are temporary and after New Year's Day, those jobs end.

- Macy's Inc is closing various Macy's and Bloomingdales, including some in significant metropolitan areas and malls.

- Sears/Kmart is closing 150 stores.

- Kodak is entering Chapter 11.

- Obama is cutting the military.

These numbers are a travesty and I will do all I can to make sure that Americans read past the hype and come to the realization these numbers are nothing more than lies to promote the president's record in preparation for a possible second term!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Michele Bachmann is Out

With yesterday's result in Iowa, Michele Bachmann has stepped aside and suspended her campaign.

With coming in dead last (Huntsman didn't campaign, so I don't count him in the Iowa "pole positions"), this exit was inevitable. While a good conservative, Bachmann's inexperience in an executive position and recent transition of tone to reciting sound bytes, also led to her exit. Furthermore, history was against Bachmannn; not because she is a woman, but because she is a Representative in Congress. A transition from Congress to the Presidency has not occurred in the United States since James Garfield in 1881. A Congressional Representative not in the leadership of their party, making the transition to the presidency, has never occurred, so history was heavily stacked against Bachmann.

Bachmann can continue to serve in Congress and should seek re-election in 2012, even if her district is radically changed, as a result of Minnesota losing a Congressional seat after reapportionment. The fact that Dayton has been gunning to cut/slice up her district combined with her passionate brand of conservatism was enough impetus for her to seek the Presidency, and with this run, Michele Bachmann had nothing to lose. If winning re-election in 2012, by 2014, she should consider running for the governorship in Minnesota, against Mark Dayton.

And then there were six...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lessons of Iowa and Moving Forward to the Next States

In watching the returns from the 2012 Iowa Caucus, it looks to be a photo finish, and at 1:25AM, Rick Santorum has won by 18 votes. Many are looking at this as an upset, yet because of his ability to retail politic, this victory should not be considered a surprise. With little organization and less money, he defeated Mitt Romney, who started late in the Hawkeye State, but still had more money and a deeper organization.

In moving through the primary process, there are important lessons to take from Iowa. First, spending time in a state matters. The candidate needs to take the time to meet the voters, talk to the voters, attend town hall meetings, kiss the babies and eat the local cuisine the right way (learn the lesson from John Kerry's mistake). I have previously noted Rick Santorum's strength in this and this is why he had what some consider a David v. Goliath victory.

Second, it looks as though being "safe" and "cautious" is not going to win this race. Time and time again, I have stated that the winning candidate will have campaigned with "No Fear" and in the general election, will defeat the president in the same manner. For Mitt Romney, he had better get the memo and make some changes. We've seen examples of this already and I must add one more: calling the president a "nice guy." This phrase accepts the premise of the left and the establishment moderates that the president is personally popular. This president is tanking and the winning Republican must capitalize on his low numbers. If Mitt Romney wants this nomination, he must sharpen his rhetoric and more consistently embrace conservatism. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are now more closely breathing down his neck.

Third, negative ads matter and the candidate being attacked must respond. By not responding, the candidate in question allows the opponent to define that candidate. And following my previous "S**t on a Wall" theory, everything will get thrown and without a response, some may stick. Newt was damaged in Iowa by his lack of response and that is the primary reason he came in 4th. As the campaign progresses, he is still alive in the future races. Apparently, Newt has learned his lesson and will be be switching back to offense, come New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.

Fourth, Republicans want a candidate who will endorse a foreign policy that won't be destructive to the safety and security of the United States and their allies. Ron Paul's positions make the United States more vulnerable from attacks by our adversaries. He peaked tonight, this was disappointing to his campaign as Paul was expected to finish 1st or 2nd, and as a result of his 3rd place finish, will not, thank goodness, come anywhere near winning this nomination. And I honestly doubt he will run third party. He may gain some traction, but doing so damages his son, Rand Paul, the US Senator from Kentucky, in both his position in the US Senate and the Republican Party.

If Iowa is any indication, the Republican primary race is still wide open.

Monday, January 2, 2012

NFC East Champs and Off to the Playoffs

The clip above is WR Victor Cruz's touchdown catch and "Salsa celebration." He was a major contributor to the Giants victory over the Dallas Cowboys, awarding them the NFC East Championship and a home playoff game next week, where they will face the Atlanta Falcons.

Despite the crazy roster moves of General Manager Jerry Reese in the truncated off season due to the lockout, the Giants were successful this season. It wasn't always pretty, but they won at key times.

For years, the media has pummelled Tom Coughlin and while part of me thinks the Giants management used Reese to set up Coughlin's firing (he is in the last year of a contract), it looks like that move was an epic fail.

Tom Coughlin, the consummate professional, has made quite the impression on his team. He doesn't talk so much that he puts his foot in his mouth, he doesn't boast, he goes to work and lets his team do the talking with their play. He was handed a relatively inexperienced Offense, due to Reeese's moves, and dealt with a Defense decimated by injury throughout the season. It got ugly at times, but he didn't blow up, he didn't melt down, he didn't pull any stupid media stunts, he explained the situation to his team, while making sure they play by the rules, and imparted the idea to them that it's their play which will result in the Giants having a winning season or a losing season. Coughlin laid down the gauntlet and the team responded.

Throughout his NFL career, Eli Manning has played under Coughlin and has taken his fundamentals into his play, doing what he can to win. Many a fourth quarter comeback this season, Eli marched the offense down the field to save the day. Eli Manning, as his career progresses, has built himself into the durable, elite quarterback that can carry a team on his back, leading to his statistically best season.

Coughlin's coaching leadership and Manning's leadership through play has inspired many on this team to step up when it counts. Victor Cruz, in his second season, came into his own as a player, WR Hakeem Nicks had a stellar season, even with injury, and TE Jake Ballard is stepping up to be a fine replacement to TE Kevin Boss (which I believe was Reese's dumbest roster move) On the Defensive side of the ball, Jason Pierre-Paul and Michael Boley are emerging to be the young leaders of this defensive unit, stepping up to not only plug the holes we saw against New Orleans, but to save Perry Fewell's job as Defensive Coordinator.

The Giants naysayers are already stating how they won't advance past the Atlanta Falcons, but with the heart this team has shown the past few weeks, I'm not writing them off. Let us not forget about the 2007 season; Coughlin was against the wall, they survived through a slump and ended the season on a high note. There are some similarities and the playoff journey begins next Sunday, 1PM at MetLife Stadium!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years 2012

From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year! The last year, 2011, proved to be quite the exciting year, and 2012 surely will not disappoint. While many across the fruited plain are recovering from their New Years Eve hangovers, Iowa is gearing up for Tuesday for the first in the nation caucus, which begins the long primary road to see which Republican will challenge President Barack Obama in November.

New Years Day is always a day of choices, as we examine the path our year will take, so it's only right the electoral cycle begins today, as the results in November will determine the path the United States will take for years to come. Buckle up, as it's going to be an exciting year! All the best for a happy, healthy and successful 2012.