Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obama "Coming to Life" at the Magic Kingdom

As my readers know, I love Disney! It's a great escape from the everyday, it's fun and there's so much to do there, you can tailor your own fun! If you want to see the President along with the other 42, you can see him speak in the Hall of Presidents, but now, the Obama Audio-Animatronic is coming to life, as Barack Obama is coming to Disney, using Cinderella Castle as a political prop, making a speech within the Magic Kingdom on tourism, visa issues and to support his re-election effort in the very important state of Florida.

We've seen a pattern of this selfish narcissism develop, as recently as the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting and choosing the most visited theme park in the world located in one of the top tourist destinations in the United States continues on this streak. The expert I am on Disney, I can tell you this place runs like a machine! With the president's visit, "Cast Members" have to be inconvenienced with re-arranged schedules and guests will be limited into the park that day, as a result of the security issues surrounding a presidential visit. This continues outside the borders of the park, as the visit will limit access to areas of Disney's Contemporary Resort, located adjacent to the Magic Kingdom, and will slow down bus and monorail transportation into the Magic Kingdom. This visit will have just as huge an effect at Orlando International Airport, as just about the time the President is arriving, many first or second flights of families heading to Disney are arriving at MCO. Because Air Force One receives first priority, this is going to cause major headaches for the gateway to this region, the second busiest airport in Florida, and will delay many a vacation. Probably would have been a better idea to use Orlando-Sanford Airport and use a hotel ballroom at the Grand Floridian, or even at the Orlando Convention Center; away from Disney.

The President is very likely to lose Florida, and while this visit will show he will fight for Florida, the drawbacks will likely outweigh the perceived benefits.

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