Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Newt: America Back in Space

The candidates are traveling all over Florida for the next week and today, Newt Gingrich visited the Space Coast, an area of Brevard County Florida and the East Coast Headquarters of NASA. This region has been very hard hit by the recession, and is taking an even harder hit, as a result of Obama’s decision to cancel Constellation and stay with the plans to retire the Space Shuttle Program. In his visit, Newt made a significant announcement that gained the attention of those not only in the surrounding community, but across the United States, whereby the close of his eight years in office, in 2020, to open a base on a moon. It is a very lofty goal, continuing along with his campaign’s theme of big ideas and solutions, which should provide incentive to Americans to see it achieved.

Historically speaking, it’s not all that new to see lofty goals placed before us by our leaders, especially in the realm of space. This was done in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy projected that Americans will go to the moon by the close of the 1960s. And what happened? Americans came together and worked toward that goal. They faced challenges and setbacks, but on July 20, 1969, seven years after Kennedy gave that speech and set that goal, it was achieved.

After reading the linked article, one will see mocking and condescending comments about Newt’s goal, and that is disappointing, yet not surprising. As the 20th century closed, a very troubling pattern of accepting mediocrity has developed in the United States. Transition to a dependent society, further validated by some forms of popular culture, as well as in the White House, and in government through various legislation, has led to this sad acceptance. If Newt wins the presidency, in order to meet that goal of a colony on the moon, attitudes must change and various legislative reforms, from education reforms to financial incentives placed before private industry, must occur.

The effects of working toward this goal will be limitless! Science and math education in the United States will be of higher quality and importance, jobs will return to Central Florida and Texas; where NASA is located, private industry will work cooperatively with the government to achieve the goal, and technology will continually improve. Most importantly, the United States will be the world leader in space and technology; again, setting the example and being first in success.

I thank the Speaker for having the guts to return America to space, and despite America’s challenges and attitudes, we should all appreciate the faith Newt Gingrich has in the American people, American ingenuity and American exceptionalism!

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