Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RIP Alex DeCroce

New Jerseyans mourn today the loss of Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce, who passed away late last night at the age of 75. In a long final session of the lame duck session, DeCroce collapsed in a Mens Room at the Statehouse in Trenton and died of a likely heart attack.

Alex DeCroce was a fighter for New Jersey and a leader in the Republican Party, yet was also the epitome of a Statesman. Politicians, including Chris Christie and citizens alike, have been saddened by his sudden death. On a few occasions, I have met Alex DeCroce and have been consistently moved by his kindness, his leadership abilities and his ease to meet with and speak to his constituents.

In the face of death, we celebrate life; the life of a man who has always been in the fight for New Jersey and her citizens. We pray for his family and friends as we longingly remember the positive mark which Alex DeCroce had on the great state of New Jersey.

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