Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Days are Here Again???

At the beginning of this election cycle, we can hear the leftists celebrating, we can also hear the media celebrating. UNEMPLOYMENT IS DOWN 8.5%. But like every month, and even more so this year, if you read deeper into the statistics, you'll find out that the books are being cooked and IT'S ALL A LIE! (Newt, Rick, Mitt, etc, can we all talk about this? I'll even send you all my research so you have the evidence!!!)

Again, the number being reported is the U-3 rate; those receiving unemployment from a government source. Because it has fallen, the government fails to take into account that benefits have run out, they fall into U-6. Also, remember this is the December report, which means there were temporary jobs created (about 42,000 courier/delivery) and other retail. In college, I sold men's clothing on the Nordstrom sales floor, at two locations, and have seen temporary holiday hires come and go. By the end of this week at the close of the Half-Yearly Men's sale, they're gone. Other retail establishments let them go after New Year's Day. The unemployment rate is still high among Obama voting blocs: blacks at 16%, 18-29 year olds at 45% (Not the best thank you gift from this president, and if they vote for him again, Millennials will have an "Oliver Twist" moment, to be sure). For the United States, this is a crime! And it could all be solved by cutting government spending, axing ObamaCare and cutting federal taxes, but we will not see this president move on those initiatives, especially in an election year. Just more blaming corporations, the rich, rallying around unions, etc.

And unless this administration continues to flub these numbers, the following evidence will be showcased on future first Fridays in 2012:

- The holiday hires, from retail to couriers, are temporary and after New Year's Day, those jobs end.

- Macy's Inc is closing various Macy's and Bloomingdales, including some in significant metropolitan areas and malls.

- Sears/Kmart is closing 150 stores.

- Kodak is entering Chapter 11.

- Obama is cutting the military.

These numbers are a travesty and I will do all I can to make sure that Americans read past the hype and come to the realization these numbers are nothing more than lies to promote the president's record in preparation for a possible second term!

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