Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Georgia Bulldog

When Newt is on, he's on! This was proven last night in two exchanges, one of which brought the gathered crowd to their feet. Fox News commentator, Juan Williams, who leans left, threw out a question on Newt's comments of Obama as the "food stamp president" being racially insensitive.

Newt got right to the point, spoke with passion, clearly articulated the principles of conservatism and hit it out of the park. This response caused the crowd to give Newt a standing ovation; the first in the debates this electoral cycle.

A little later on in the debate, in a response to Ron Paul, who was spouting more of his "America should unilaterally disarm" tripe, Newt came back with a direct answer, and as the educator he is, put his comments in historical context:

I make it no secret that I am supporting Newt in the primary process and last night's debate performance not only cemented it for me, but it is incentive enough for others in the Republican party to join in. This was Newt Gingrich's best debate yet and he continued to show how he will campaign with no fear to oppose this president every step of the way so that he provides voters with a clear choice, so they could more easily and confidently send him back to Chicago this November. The 'fire in the belly' is there, and I promise you, this primary is not over yet!

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