Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super Bowl Bound!

The Giants are going to the Super Bowl again! And they will be meeting none other than the New England Patriots; the team they defeated in Super Bowl XLII! The road to the playoffs for the Giants was both convincing and challenging in defeating Atlanta, Green Bay and San Francisco. Led by their elite quarterback, Eli Manning, their strong leader of a coach, Tom Coughlin, and their Big Blue Wrecking Crew of a defense, they turned around what looked like a losing season to a magical run!

In the AFC, the Patriots' Offense dominated, Tom Brady had another stellar season and the team played hard this season for Myra Kraft, owner Robert Kraft's wife, who passed away in 2011.

I make no secret that I am a Giants fan and am openly rooting for them as they take the field to attempt to win their 4th Super Bowl. This will be an excellent game and will be a ratings powerhouse for the NFL.

And just think, the NFL could have been locked out this year...

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