Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hillary, WikiLeaks and its Ramifications

For the most part, I stayed away from news coverage over the long Thanksgiving Day weekend (and apparently, so did Rush, as he told us on Monday). By now, as we've all returned, we've heard about the WikiLeaks document and cable dump, the classified information it released, the behavior of the State Department and the outrage of many in this country. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented on the outing of these communications:

Rightly so, Hillary Clinton slams the actions of Assange (who really looks like Bill Maher) and WikiLeaks, and there have been Conservatives like Christine O'Donnell have applauded her comments, likely as an instigation to challenge Obama in 2012, the first time since 1980 where a sitting president has faced a significant primary challenge. This is something I'd love to see, as I wrote earlier, she would, to quote Governor Christie, "leave nothing left unsaid."

That being said, after looking at the leaked cables, one must bring into question the behavior she allowed in the Department of State. Dick Morris recently wrote a column about Hillary as Secretary of State which brings to light how the spying and fishing expeditions at Foggy Bottom are not new as she was the one to lead these during her husband's administration.

No surprise, Assange is calling for her resignation, but the White House is sticking by her. In the end, the mantra "never count out the Clintons" prevails as Hillary Clinton survives any blowback that may come from WikiLeaks, resigns on her own, but if she does challenge Obama, there is the chance he tries to use this against her. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but in the end, it would be a good idea to have your popcorn ready as again, it is wise to never count out the Clintons.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Don't Think About Her...Yeah Right

President Obama was recently interviewed by Barbara Walters and she asked him to respond to Sarah Palin's comments that she believes she can beat the president if she runs in 2012.

"The 'Right' Solutions" has been watching the president closely and by examining the consistency of his comments, it is clear that Sarah Palin is clearly in his head. We can track this all the way back to the election with the fact that his campaign sent opposition researchers into Alaska on a fishing expedition, as well as his speech where he called her a pig.

Obama continues to obsess over Palin in his presidency, most notably, in January 2010, responding to her comments on "Death Panels" in the health care reform act, by calling her out in the State of the Union. He didn't call her out by name, but Americans knew Obama was referring to her.

He did it again in April, 2010, responding to Sarah Palin's criticisms about Obama's soft stance on nuclear weapons, he stated in an interview, "Sarah Palin is not a nuclear expert," again, singling her out, this time, by name.

So when the president claims he doesn't think of Sarah Palin, I think otherwise. And I do not accept the premise that she will lose to the president in a hypothetical 2012 election. When Americans have a choice of four more years of a weak economy, high taxes, high unemployment and an at risk foreign policy and national security, or small government policies that encourage tax cuts, job creation, a clearer protection of the homeland and peace through strength, the choice is clear in the direction which they will go.

It remains to be seen whether or not Sarah Palin runs, but if she is the chosen one by Republican voters, I would sarcastically say to them, as well as Democrats and Independent voters who have also suffered through these past four years, just as Rush Limbaugh has, "give me four more years of Obama any day!" The choice as clear as day.

Thanks for the Laughs

News broke last night that Leslie Nielsen passed away last night from complications of pneumonia at the age of 84. He was one of Gen-X's "funny men," making not only Gen-Xers, but other Americans laugh until they cried. Many younger than me are surprised to know that he was actually a dramatic actor before his deadpan delivery made him Gen X's funny man in Airplane. He later built on that success, starring as Lt. Frank Drebin in Police Squad, which spawned three Naked Gun films. The opening scene of the first (and best) Naked Gun is below.

After the successes of the Naked Gun, he continued to work with the Zuckers (creators of Airplane and Naked Gun) on other spoof films before semi-retiring. On behalf of my fellow Gen-Xers and Americans who laughed because of his films, thanks for the memories, Leslie, and may you Rest in Peace.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A True Italian-American Role Model

When we look at Italians and Italian-Americans who are important or significant in our society, older Americans may say Marconi (radio telegraph), Enrico Fermi (the 1st nuclear reactor), Antonio Meucci (precursor to the telephone) and Fiorello LaGuardia (2nd most significant mayor of New York City). Younger Americans (millennials) may say Snooki, The Situation and Tony Soprano. As Americans, it is time we start to get our priorities straightened out and realize these Italian-Americans are either fictional characters who exhibit a negative stereotype of Italian-Americans or media characters (or just characters) who exhibit those same negative stereotypes and haven't really done anything significant for society except to financially and psychologically benefit from adulation of the millennials.

Instead, these young Americans should be admiring another Italian-American in the news, that person being Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, the first living American since the Vietnam War to earn the Medal of Honor. Back in 2007, during his service in Afghanistan, Giunta's platoon was ambushed by Taliban fighters. After taking a bullet which was stopped by his protective gear, Giunta went about saving the lives of his fellow platoon members and disrupted them taking a wounded Sergeant John Brennan as a prisoner of war. Brennan died the next day in surgery, but Giunta's actions clearly saved lives and as a result, his commanding officer nominated him for the Medal of Honor.

When defining the word hero, the following quote by Oliver North, as stated through one of the main characters in his novel, The Assassins, hits the nail on the head, so to say.
"Heroes are people who do things for others at great personal risk-and expect nothing in return. Real heroes...are selfless...(they) put themselves in danger to help others-not themselves...and whether they succeed or fail, real heroes inspire others to do better by their example...to do right...to try harder."
Giunta's actions are commendable, as through his actions, he not only saved lives, but eliminated one high valued target in Mohammad Tali. His character shines when he speaks of his reaction to earning the Medal of Honor:
"I'm not at peace with that at all," Giunta said. "In this job, I am only mediocre. I’m average....And coming and talking about it and people wanting to shake my hand because of it, it hurts me, because it's not what I want. And to be with so many people doing so much stuff and then to be singled out—and put forward. I mean, everyone did something."
Staff Sergeant Giunta may disagree with my assessment, but he is an Italian-American that America's youth should be emulating and while he may continue to dispute it, Salvatore Giunta is a true American hero!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

There are so many things to be thankful for in life: family, friends, good health, being an American, and Americans who step up to protect our freedoms as members of our military; just to name a few. On this day of thanks, Thanksgiving Day 2010, known to many as the kickoff to the American holiday season, "The 'Right' Solutions" wishes its readers a joyous and Happy Thanksgiving! Whether pigging out on turkey and all the trimmings, watching football, spending time with family, attending parades or preparing for Black Friday, enjoy the day, remember its beginnings and also thank a veteran and/or active member of our military as many of them are away from their families, keeping the United States safe from those who wish to do us harm.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Get Away Day

The day before Thanksgiving has gained notoriety as being the day to get away and on this day, citizens called for a National Opt Out Day. Apparently, things at the major airports have been running smoothly as a result of fewer opt-outs of the body scanners, as well as more TSA agents on duty. I've even been receiving reports from various sources that the scanners were not in full use last night and today.

As Americans, we still must be concerned with the searches being done, the health risks and ineffectiveness of the body scanners and the invasive nature of the pat downs. Fortunately, some in our government are beginning to appropriately respond. I still believe America would best benefit by implementing the system used in Israel as an alternative, as it has a better track record to stop terrorists in their path. Unfortunately, the government does not want to lead on this very important issue and instead, wishes to act in a politically correct manner they view as the most expedient, even though it may not provide the most protection.

"The 'Right' Solutions" wishes its readers a safe traveling and hassle-free experience as they take the roads, skies and rails to get to their destinations!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Say it Ain't So, Joe

Let's flash back to earlier this week when a clip of Sarah Palin (whose new book, America By Heart: Reflections on Faith, Family and Flag, is released next week) being interviewed by Barbara Walters for her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 Special, further drove the left (and some on the right) into the booby hatch. In this clip, Palin states that she believes there is a chance she can beat Obama in 2012. This tease of Walters's special is leading many to believe Sarah Palin is in.

And their biggest threat entering is scaring the heck out of those on the left. Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC and had this reaction:

We all know Joe's history of putting his foot in his mouth whether claiming he's the smartest person in the room or clearly endorsing ethnic stereotypes. He just flat out laughs at her, which is demeaning and a bit sexist. Biden likely hearkened back to how she slaughtered him in the Vice Presidential Debate, as he backed off, while at the same time, over-compensated and cast a cloud or doubt over his boss, the President.

Sarah Palin is a fighter, born competitor and no matter how much her detractors slam her, she keeps coming back, while putting forth a positive demeanor. If anything, this clip in giving more incentive and fuel to drive her to seek the nomination.

The jury is still out in my mind on if she is running, but the political followers were definitely provided with some more sound bytes and teases about 2012.

Yawning in Class

A professor at Cornell University recently became quite agitated in class the other day. With the proliferation of technology, the reaction to his interrupted lecture appears on YouTube.

This video brings up a few questions:
- Was the professor's reaction appropriate?
- Why do the student's act with a lack of decorum?
- Can something be done to "teach" decorum and manners at that age?

Coming from an educator's point of view, it needed to be said, the student was rude/classless, was likely not taught or given expectations, and manners can always be taught (even if the parents do not teach them), but they apparently weren't in this classroom. The best way to avoid this situation is to place in writing, expectations and limits within the a syllabus and consistently enforce the policy. When and if the professor eventually finds out the offender, it is safe to say the rest of the semester will not be an enjoyable one for that student.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Airport Security Continued

Last weekend, "The 'Right' Solutions" touched on the issue of Airline Security, as it is a major part of our battle in the War on Terror, then updated the entry with the "Don't Touch My Junk" guy.

Since this week began, we have been bombarded with stories about searches, lawsuits and yesterday's news that TSA Agents at San Francisco International Airport will be prosecuted for inappropriate touching. Video recently resurfaced of a TSA Agent searching A THREE YEAR OLD and the child's reaction (WARNING: This video is upsetting to view)

Mind you, this video is two years old, but it is still very unsettling.

Despite these images and complaints, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano simply responds comply or don't fly. Her unwillingness to change on this issue and endorse behavioral analysis in lieu of the body scans and invasive pat-downs could have deleterious effects on tourism, the airline industry and our freedoms, as Napolitano will view it as reason to expand the use of these machines and techniques.

In New Jersey, Newark International Airport, the first New York area airport to receive the body scanners, doesn't have the best security track record, between the goodbye kiss lockdown, in the Continental Airlines Terminal (EWR is a major Continental Hub), that delayed flights worldwide, as well as the act of missing of a hunting knife. This is probably the reason why Homeland Security decided EWR received them early. New Jerseyans have mixed reviews, but Senator Mike Doherty is leading a bi-partisan effort to ask Congress to stop the use of the body scanners. In his press conference, Republicans, Democrats, the medical community and ACLU all come together to speak against these machines and techniques. Knowing he can take an issue to the forefront of a debate, is is hopeful that Governor Christie will support this effort and speak loudly against these changes.

Having traveled to Europe and used major airports such as Fiumicino (Rome), Schiphol (Amsterdam) and Keflavik (Iceland), I have witnessed dogs used to search and many believe they are more effective. And again, it would be most effective if Homeland Security implements changes to their security process that analyze behavior, similar to what is done at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport.

Americans will be watching, and if the Federal Government ignores these complaints, we may be seeing more Opt-Out Days, as well as average American citizens speaking out in similar fashion to those in the TEA Party.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He's Baaack

Former President George W. Bush has returned to the public eye the past two weeks with the release of his memoir, Decision Points. The book explores 14 major decisions in the president's life, many of which took place while in the presidency. He takes the reader through each, whether or not he feels he made the right moves and the ramifications of the decision.

On a personal note, I met the president twice, having a short conversation with him in the first meeting on the campaign trail (This meeting inspired his appearance in interacting with Michael Buonocore in The Calling to Lead) and just shaking his hand in an exchange of "Hello" and "God Bless You" in the second meeting at the Inaugural Ball. He connects well with people on a one-on-one basis and is a man of character. It saddens me he was not able to make and show that connection, especially during his second term. As we watch President Bush in his interviews and the softballs thrown at him to give him a chance to take a swing at Obama, he refuses, and this speaks volumes about his character.

I just finished reading the book today and walk away very impressed. The reader can observe his wit, and as one reads it and uses their imagination, it's as if George W. Bush is speaking the words on the page. Unlike other memoirs, he does not attempt to whitewash history and confronts issues where he was heavily criticized such as Iraq, TARP and Katrina. He defends the decisions he made (Iraq, Afghanistan, Wartime Decisions, The Freedom Agenda, TARP), in analysis of other decisions, he examines where he went wrong, (Katrina, campaign decisions, Social Security Reform, Immigration Reform, personnel) and he discusses disagreements between members of his staff, either with each other or with Bush himself. (Cheney v. Bush on Libby, Rumsfeld v. Powell on Iraq) His most apparent weakness in office was his inability to defend himself and/or articulate his positions. Bush, in his memoir, touches on why he didn't "fight back" (Did not want to dishonor the Institution of the President) and also explains the background further on why he made the decisions he did (Iraq, Katrina). He comes off as satisfied with the decisions he made, honored that he served, and is ready to move on to the next chapter of his life, as explained in this rather witty passage near the end of the book:

"Shortly after we moved to Dallas, I took Barney for an early morning walk around our neighborhood...Barney spotted the neighbor's lawn, where he promptly took care of his business. There I was, the former President of the United States, with a plastic bag on my hand, picking up that which I had been dodging for the past eight years."

When Bush's second term ended, I gave him the grade of B-; far from a perfect president. After reading Decision Points, that B- still stands. First and foremost, we were not attacked after September 11 during his presidency, and that significant achievement should be the first item cited when assessing his presidency. As previously stated on "The 'Right' Solutions" our security is our most important issue as one attack can make every other issue moot. Further positives that were factored in consist of his tax cuts, Supreme Court picks, as well as the honor and protection of our military men and women. He will not come close to that A grade as a result of his his refusal to defend himself/inability to further explain the issues to the people, his endorsement of high federal spending (including TARP), inconsistencies on illegal immigration, and he and his team's inability to stop the Financial Crisis of 2008 5 years earlier.

As a president, George W. Bush will be remembered for his leadership. He took in all accounts, both pro and con, and in the end, made a decision and stuck with it, as opposed to flip-flopping and leading while predicting which way the political wind will blow.

It was very smart Decision Points was released after the midterm elections, as attention was kept on the Republicans who were campaigning to serve in the House and Senate, and as we enter the cycle of the Election of 2012, we will soon hear from Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, and both can be guaranteed to shake up the political landscape!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One and Done?

Democrats/pollsters Doug Schoen (worked for Clinton) and Pat Caddell (worked for Carter) have been quite vocal about their feelings on Obama and the Democrats leading up to the Midterm Elections of 2010 and likely won't be attending the White House Christmas Party as a result of those opinions. This week they stepped up their feelings in a co-written article in the Washington Post, recommending to the President not to seek a second term in order to achieve greatness.

It was a bit of a surprise to read the article, but I guess they were looking at the President's previous statements and made an attempt to hold him to this response to Diane Sawyer's question:

I respect Schoen and Caddell as intellectually honest Democrats and with my assessment of their opinion, and I don't mean to demean them, but Hell will freeze over before Obama decides not to run again. He is in too deep to turn back now and despite his party losing the House and much strength in the Senate, Obama still believes he can win in 2012. He has brought "change," yet this change was clearly not what Americans wanted and he has clearly misinterpreted the voters' preferences. Republicans have been left out in the cold and even though Clinton triangulated to get re-elected, I do not see Obama doing the same thing as there has been no evidence of it in these past two years. There is no reason to believe he will start now.

Despite that, there is the chance Obama still can win and that could happen two ways. First, the Republicans could throw him a line and "compromise." These new Republicans were not sent to work with the president, but to stop him while standing up for their principles. Even if they did stop him, Republicans are further protected by the Democrats running the Senate as Obama cannot run against a "Do-nothing Congress" in the same fashion Truman did in 1948. Clinton was helped by a Congress that "worked with him," as he took credit for their work, and it shouldn't be put past Obama to do the same thing. The voters will be watching and I believe these freshmen will have quite a strong resolve.

Second, the Republicans MUST make sure a Conservative runs against Obama in 2012. When we examine history since 1968, Conservative Republicans win Presidential Elections (Nixon, Reagan, George HW 1988, George W) and Moderates do not (Ford, George HW 1992, Dole, McCain)...even if they nominate Conservatives as their running mates.

In the end, Schoen and Caddell have a hidden message in this article, and that is: "Run, Hillary, RUN!" Remember, Schoen worked for Bill and Caddell is a little more friendly toward the Clintons than he is toward Barack Obama. They think Hillary's candidacy can push Obama out in the same way Robert Kennedy did to Lyndon Johnson, yet I believe he will not step away. As I said earlier, Hillary will not hold back this time if she runs, and if she resigns her post as Secretary of State by April 0f 2011, get your popcorn ready as the primary season in the Democrat Party will get very interesting!

(Note: picture comes from this speech)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska

This Sunday night, Sarah Palin's Alaska premieres on TLC, a travelogue and documentary featuring the Alaska Wilderness, Palin and her family; the first of eight parts.

We are already hearing those in the political world ask questions about the documentary:

- Is it a campaign kickoff?
- Will it hurt her?
- Will someone be sued?

Governor Palin continues to keep her supporters (and detractors) guessing about 2012, while also responding to Karl Rove's comments, making the statement, "Wasn't Ronald Reagan, an actor, wasn't he in Bedtime for Bonzo?"

I predict the ratings to be pretty strong for this documentary series and look forward to seeing Governor Palin in her element, in her beautiful home state, with her family.

UPDATE, 11/15/10: 5 million...A TLC Ratings Record!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Airline Security Questions

On September 11, 2001, we learned that our world was forever changed. When we woke up the next day, it was to a new, scary and unknown world. Commercial airliners were used as weapons to kill Americans and destroy our sites and symbols of commerce, military and government.

A little over nine years later, the Federal Government is still making changes to how we fly. Over time, Americans have gracefully accepted these new procedures from the TSA, to the checkpoint lines (notoriously long at Denver, Orlando and during rush hour at Newark), to the toiletry/carry-on regulations. Their latest change has people who fly very unnerved and that is the radiation body scanner, which are being used in addition to the magnetometers, which are currently used in the nation's airports, as well as at various landmarks, and in some schools.

When an individual uses these machines, they stand in the area with hands up and the X-Ray radiation beams with which you are zapped, scans the user's body and the images are shown to the TSA employee operating the machine who can determine if there are any banned substances and/or weapons on the person.

There are great reservations among people who fly in response to the increasing service of these devices. First, many are uncomfortable with their naked bodies being scanned to a computer and viewed by someone who isn't a family member or a doctor. The privacy issue is very troubling. Being zapped with radiation, raising a risk of being diagnosed with cancer, is an even larger reservation. We must ask ourselves if this use of technology is appropriate. I do not believe it is and others agree with me. Pilot unions, flight attendants, Islamic Organizations, along with tourism groups and grassroots organizations are speaking out against the scanners; some even going as far to declare a National Opt-Out Day. An option, which I will be undertaking next time I fly, will be to "Opt Out," if the airport(s) I use will have them in service. When one does, they are patted down by a TSA Employee. Unfortunately, these pat downs are not uniform, as there have been complaints, one of which, is explained by Alex Jones and a member of his staff:

The pat down is just as intrusive, but at least travelers are not risking cancer in this fashion. If going for the opt-out, it is recommended to have a woman TSA agent frisk children and other women, and to have the pat-down in public. It would be a good idea if Homeland Security develops and practices uniform methods of pat downs, so as to assuage the reservations of travelers.

Now the question many ask is what to do in lieu of the body scanners. Homeland Security must look at how security is handled at Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport and should listen to the advice of former El Al Head of Security,Isaac Yeffet, who clearly explains that behavioral analysis and behavioral recognition have been integral in stopping hijackings and preventing terrorist attacks that may have roots in the airport. It is a viable option to consider and brings in the human factor, as we have seen many times that while technology can give our side an advantage, that advantage is not always a given.

Behavioral analysis will not only benefit the airline industry and travel/tourism, but it will not put civil liberties and health at risk, and will keep those who fly safe from the threat of terrorism.

UPDATE, 11/14/10: An incident occurred yesterday at San Diego International Airport where a man who was randomly selected to submit to the body scan or "more intrusive pat-down." He refused, claiming it was a violation of his rights, as well as the fact that he observed TSA employees let a traveler pass who set off the magnetometer. After a few minutes and confrontations with management and police, he was escorted from the airport and denied boarding of his flight. The incident was caught on video and posted to YouTube and the individual's blog.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

Originally called Armistice Day, a day to honor the veterans of World War I, which ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month of 1918, has, as of June of 1954, transitioned into Veterans Day; a day where we honor all our veterans; maybe even have a ravioli dinner to honor them.

"The 'Right' Solutions" wishes to thank our veterans, both serving and retired, for their service and their sacrifice in protecting our freedoms and keeping us save. Be sure to take a moment out of your day to thank a veteran. This can be done on any day of the year. We must always remember:
"Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave!"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Sad Commentary by Konstantin Ravvin

Take a look at the following video of a recent cheating scandal at the University of Central Florida, and be prepared to be sickened.

The above quote by Konstantin Ravvin, University of Central Florida senior, makes me sick to my stomach:
"This is college. Everyone cheats. Everyone cheats in life, in general...they're making a witch hunt out of absolutely nothing as if it were to teach us some kind of moral lesson."
Got a message for you, Konstantin. I have never cheated in life, lied to advance myself or hurt someone to advance myself, so with my personal experience, I strongly disagree with your contention. All with whom I interact have followed a similar path to mine. I find it very sad that this young man's teachers and parents were not a bigger influence on him and would find it an even bigger disgrace if he gets a job fresh out of college before someone else who played by the rules and didn't "cheat in life."

Let's look at this scandal at UCF in a larger context. While I am happy this professor is making all his students re-take the midterm, I disagree with his actions in regard to the cheating students. Every student who participated, confession or no confession, should face larger consequences by the UCF Administration and should not get off easy with an ethics seminar (as those who confess will). These students willingly committed an act of academic dishonesty and knew the consequences before going in, therefore, they should face the consequences. This is a slap in the face to those who don't "cheat in life" and have listened to and accepted the values lesson imparted on to them by their parents and teachers.

As a high school educator, I have always taken a hard line against cheating and/or academic dishonesty. On day one, I teach them about the definitions of the various forms of academic dishonesty, show them how I discover academic dishonesty, I discuss with them the real world consequences of academic dishonesty, and then I explain to them my policy. If I catch them participating in or acting as an accomplice in any form of academic dishonesty, not only do I enforce the school's policy, but they receive a failing grade on the particular assignment and they can never use me as a reference or recommender for participation in any honor society, admission to an institution of higher education or application for a job.

Some administrators or supervisors I have worked under or interviewed with have questioned, challenged or criticized my perspective, stating that I take a hard line. In response I tell them two things:

1) After six years, my policy must be effective because I HAVE NEVER CAUGHT A STUDENT IN MY CLASS ATTEMPTING TO COMMIT ACADEMIC DISHONESTY. This is because I hold them to a standard, tell them why I take this stand, teach them real-world consequences and teach them the proper forms of academic honesty. They know the rules, their parents know the rules, and both know that I have many higher education connections, so they do not attempt to test me.

2) Educators, whether classroom teachers or administrators, must remember they have a cooperative role in teaching tomorrow's leaders who may one day hold positions of influence. To take on this responsibility, they must be properly prepared with not only a strong values system that will facilitate success in life, but we also must realize it is our responsibility to pass these values down to the next generation so they may have the knowledge to do the same. If we, as educators, compromise our values by looking the other way when enforcing academic dishonesty, we are teaching our students that cheating is acceptable in society and thus begins a dangerous cycle detrimental to American society.

Whether educator, parent, or citizen who may interact with young people, I hope you are sickened by the UCF Cheating Scandal, as well as Konstantin Ravvin's comments, and this impacts you in some fashion to take a forceful role in positively preparing these young people to become tomorrow's leaders.

Monday, November 8, 2010

From Concern to Commendation

Now into the first week of November, things have changed among the Giants' faithful. In week three, it seemed like the world was going to end, but since then, the Giants have won 5 straight, with Sunday's thrashing of the Seattle Seahawks. As the new week begins, they are in a tie with the Atlanta Falcons for the best record in the NFC. In the time of concern in September, many were calling for Tom Coughlin's head on a platter. I defended him back then and it is because of Tom Coughlin's leadership that the Giants are where they are today!

He may be the oldest coach in the NFL, but with that age, Tom Coughlin has much experience. I will again make the 2007 comparison. That was his last year in that contract and in the end, the Giants streaked into the playoffs, while becoming the Road Warriors, and beat the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42! Since they were defeated by the Tennessee Titans in week 3 and even though the media was screaming pending disaster, Coughlin went about making changes that brought about this 2010 streak, while calming down players like Brandon Jacobs and Antrell Rolle so they become productive. Tom Coughlin was also wise enough to choose Perry Fewell to run the defense after Bill Sheridan's demise. Fewell has brought the D out of last season's funk, as this squad has been a powerhouse, knocking out 5 quarterbacks so far this season.

Looking ahead, the Giants still have one more game with the hapless, Romo-less Cowboys, who just fired their coach today, and still must face their other divisional opponents. They also have a home game against Jacksonville and away games at Minnesota and Green Bay. Only the away game against the Philadelphia Eagles makes me nervous, but overall, if the Giants continue with their smart and aggressive play, I believe they can win this division while going deep into the playoffs. And in the end, I hope the Tisch/Mara clan will be smart enough to give Tom Coughlin another contract extension as he has earned his place among the elite coaches of not only the New York Giants, but the NFL.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Olbermann's End?

Last Friday, Keith Olbermann, the host of MSNBC's Countdown was suspended for an indefinite amount of time as he gave donations to three Democrat candidates this fall; a move that was not allowed in his contract.

When one has a contract, it must be followed as written, or else there will be ramifications for violations. Olbermann violated his contract, therefore the MSNBC brass suspended him. Although that's not the end of the story.

I think the NBC Brass and Olbermann's agent should not have allowed that stipulation, as Olbermann is an analyst. The differenes were explained here a couple of months ago, so let's do a recap: an analyst gives opinions and commentary (think Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck) whereas a journalist delivers hard news in an unbiased fashion (think Brett Baier or Martha MacCallum). When watching his show, Olbermann gives his opinion, mostly in a bombastic fashion, and asks very leading questions, and as a result, there is not a lack of bias during that 8-9 timeslot. Knowing the background of his show, they also put him on the Election Night newsdesk, where he freely gives his opinions, especially playing and laughing along with Chris Matthews (who is also an analyst, but is called a journalist) when he mocked Michele Bachmann. MSNBC doesn't seem to understand journalism, mistaking these liberal pundits as journalists. Maybe that's a partial explanation of why their rating are so low.

If this is the last we have seen of Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, I'm disappointed that I'll never be named his "Worst Person in the World." I will also miss any future attempts by SNL to spoof his bombast, as they did with Ben Affleck. If Olbermann does come back to the MSNBC Airwaves (not sure if he will, considering that Alan Grayson is going to be looking for a job soon), his agent needs to meet with the NBC Brass to fully define his role and remind them that his client is by far not a journalist, but an analyst.

UPDATE, 11/7: It was leaned that Keith Olbermann will be returning to the airwaves on Tuesday evening. I guess their ratings were really affected...oh wait, they're still #3 in the ratings. Hope is still alive that one day, Olbermann could refer to me as the "Worst Person in the World."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get Your Popcorn Ready, Part I

Just when we thought she was out, she pulls herself back in.

Soon to be Former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, will seek the leadership position of Minority Leader of the Democrats. As an organization, if the leader does not succeed in the organization's mission or meeting their objectives, it's time for that leader to be replaced. We see that her insistence of staying in the game will lead to some conflict in the Democrat Party, and we already know the surviving "Blue Dogs," (who were decimated...went from 54 to 26) who were under her thumb, won't be this time as former mediocre quarterback-turned Congressman, Heath Shuler, squeaked by in his campaign by promising to run against Pelosi for the leadership position she seeks. Ms. Pelosi loves her power and her act of seeking it could be detrimental to the Democrats.

Republicans, get your popcorn ready, as this one is going to be fun to watch! If she does pull this out, I wonder what implications her leadership will have in 2012?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball!!!

The title of this entry is my advice to the GOP Leadership in the House. Looking back at the Midterm Election of 2010, voters backed the Republicans as a repudiation of the Obama agenda; and this includes the Healthcare Reform Act. There was wide-ranging discontent, and it wasn't only among Republicans, especially when one considers how independents heavily broke for the Republicans. It makes Conservatives like myself nervous when we hear about tweaking Healthcare, as opposed to repealing. Doing the former instead of the latter will be a death knell for the Republicans as the majority of the candidates promised their constituencies they would fight for repeal. I am pleased to hear John Boeher go on record about Health Care:

As a result of his interview with Brett Baier, the presumptive speaker's plan is as clear as day:
"Trust me, I'm going to make sure this health care bill is never, ever, ever is implemented!"
Hearing this gives me more confidence in John Boehner, but he must stick by his words. The courts could help, as the cases in Florida and Virginia have been allowed to move forward. Considering that one of these cases in is the Eastern District Court of Virginia, home of the "rocket docket," this could make its way to the Supreme Court quicker than we think. Republicans, however, cannot bank on this and must take a vote on this issue and get the members of the House on record. It won't get past the Senate and the president will likely veto it, but the House vote will give their constituents evidence that they stood by principle.

Standing on principle in the Conservative Movement, is important to the voters, and therefore, should be consistently adhered to by their representatives in Congress.

Many pundits will tell you that Republicans lost the 2006 Midterm Elections as a result of Bush fatigue and Iraq. I have a secret for you: they're wrong! That Midterm was lost because the Republican Party leadership abandoned their Conservative principles of smaller government and federal spending. During the Bush years, spending was out of control! President Bush was always a big spender, but Congress should have stood on their principles and stood up to the president. Because they didn't, voters either stayed home or voted Democrat.

Since 2006, the Republicans were on life support as a result of their repudiation of Conservatism. History has shown us from Nixon, to Reagan, to George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 that when the Republican Party endorses Conservatism, they win! This is what happened in 2010, as the Tea Party voters and candidates smartly joined in with the Republican Party to bring it back from the dead.

Marco Rubio and other Republicans have said the party is on probation and the voters will be watching. The ball is in their court. Voters will be looking for their representatives to stand on principle and in this political climate, this means they must stand by their principles and do what they promised: repealing health care, lowering taxes and articulating/teaching Conservative ideals. Those battles may not be won, and the voters understand the situation, but will be happy they are fighting the war while standing by their principles.

In an examination of political history and containing a knowledge of their constituents, the path of the Congressional Republicans should be clear. As Rush stated in response to this historic and enormous victory,
"The winners state the terms, the losers compromise."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Will Sarah Do?

That is the question everybody is asking these days: What will Sarah do? This election season, she has spent a significant amount of time and invested much political capital on the campaign trail, recruiting candidates and stumping for those candidates who aligned with her political preferences of "Common Sense Conservatism." She wasn't shy about announcing it and in the final weeks she had some great speeches and her criss-crossing the country was closely covered. Despite electoral losses with Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle, upon which the media is heavily focused, many of them won. Let's name a few: Marco Rubio, Pam Bondi, Allen West, Rick Scott, Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte, Kristi Noem, Rand Paul, Jan Brewer. Sarah Palin didn't have to put herself out there, but she did. And as a result of doing it, her stature and stock is continuing to rise. And she is celebrating her candidates' victories pretty visibly

What do those who fear or are threatened by a rising star do? They attack. Cher referred to Palin as a stupid woman in a Vanity Fair piece, and if you read the piece, Cher doesn't necessarily come off as intelligent, so she shouldn't be taken seriously. Politico has particularly gone after her in the past couple of weeks; first trying to create a tiff between she and Glenn Beck as a result of her scheduling, and then saying Mission #1 among "mainstream Republicans" (aka RINOs) will be to defeat Palin. What these folks haven't realized is that attacking her makes her stronger. Her supporters will rally around her and Sarah Palin will respond as she has about the phony Glenn Beck dustup. This woman is fearless and the media and her opponents, by their reaction to and treatment of her, are telling Americans exactly how they feel.

Of course, Sarah Palin is not going anywhere! Her TLC/Discovery Channel documentary/travelogue about Alaska (the media loves to classify it as a "reality show" because it is their attempt at minimizing her) premieres this month and her second book, America by Heart: My Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag; will be released later this month. Big things are happening for Sarah Palin, but the question many have been asking me is, "will she run?"

At this point, I honestly do not know. I think there is a greater chance of Palin throwing her hat in the ring as her candidates have won their respective offices this fall and she may be looking for her candidates' loyalty chits to be cashed in. Remember, many of her candidates come from the early primary states of New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. Even though, I'm still not convinced she will run. The reason I am unsure is not following along with the conventional thinking in the media, "she's making too much money now." That's another tactic they use to attempt to minimize Sarah Palin; making those who hear it think she's not genuine, "she's in it for the money." I think the people realize, as I do, that the money may be nice, but it's not the top priority for her. Instead, her top priority is seeing that America recovers from its current economic funk and leftward lurch, continuing to be the exceptional nation that she is. Sarah Palin has shown she doesn't need a title to do so. Either way, she will continue read the tea leaves and we'll likely know by the spring if she decides to seek the presidency. Honestly, I'm rooting for her to jump in as she has proven herself to be a strong campaigner, good debater, inspiring speaker, has a loyal following and will not turn her back on her Conservative principles. Sarah Palin's entrance into the race will definitely shake up the Republican Party and if she does run, will again, give her the spotlight, and leave those who oppose her, shaking.

A Speech to Watch

On Election Night, Marco Rubio won the three-way Senate Race in Florida with over 50% of the vote. Here is his speech:

On a lighter note, Marco Rubio's son is channeling a young Andrew Giuliani with his camera antics, and it's priceless!

In this speech, Marco Rubio speaks with passion and puts a face on American exceptionalism, as he is the child of Cuban exiles who sacrificed so their children could have better lives. Furthermore, he exudes that same optimism of Ronald Reagan in articulating how that despite our current struggles and challenges, we can not only return to that prosperity, but we can continue to be the country where not pre-determination, but self-determination is the norm.

Marco Rubio is one of the current Gen-X politicians in the spotlight that I believe can one day be president in the near future, yet the Democrats are scared silly of that prospect for reasons similar to the Miguel Estrada incident, as he does not fit their caricature of Republicans. In this speech, Rubio articulates the importance of principles in his decision-making and assuming he practices what he preaches, he will be a fast rising star in American politics!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Priceless Midterm Moments

A little levity for a moment. David Letterman has a Top 10, The Right Solutions is going to have a Top 5; the Top 5 Candidates to "Remember"...:

5. Jack Conway: Nastiest ad of the campaign. He was done, losing to Rand Paul by 12%.

4. Krystall Ball: I touched on this earlier in the cycle and still laugh really hard about the story and her reaction to it. And she was defeated.

3. Alan Grayson: Soon to be former Congressman, soon to be future MSNBC Host, thoroughlly covered here and while everybody remembers the Taliban Dan ad, I found this rip-off of Eliot Spitzer rather creepy:

2. Alvin Greene: The Democrat who ran against Jim DeMint, who seemed lost and who has a criminal case pending, lost by a large margin to DeMint. There was also a lot of breathing room at his election night party. His ad looks like it was done by a high school intern, his interview was something to watch!

1. Jimmy "Papa Smurf" McMillian, candidate for Governor of New York representing "The Rent is Too Damn High" Party!

New Jersey Electoral Analysis

Let's recap my prediction in the state of New Jersey. In Congress, I predicted a GOP gain of 1 to 3 seats. I was fully in the ballpark as we gained one seat. A race I did not pay as close attention to went the Republicans' way as well; the Bergen County Executive.

That being said, the Conservative Tsunami did make its way into New Jersey, however it only made it as far north as Toms River and as far south as Lyndhurst.

Starting in North Jersey in Bergen County, Kathleen Donovan was elected County Executive, along the three Republicans candidates for Freeholder. Bergen County is New Jersey's most populous county and until 10 years ago, had a long history of being a bastion for Republican politics. Route 4 used to be considered the dividing line as north of Route 4 was considered the Republican section of the Bergen and south of Route 4 considered the Democrat portion of the Bergen. Leading up to McGreevey's victory, that line began to make its way up Route 17 into Paramus, Oradell and Ridgewood, and into some of the municipalities north and east of Hackensack. Democrats have also, in those ten years, been winning county-wide elections. With the conviction of Joe Feriero and the near victory in Bergen of Governor Christie, combined with the political climate in the nation, Republicans were successful in Bergen this year and hopefully the trend will continue.

In Congress, voters of the 3rd Congressional District sent Jon Runyan to Congress, defeating Freshman Congressman and veteran politician John Alder. I have covered the dirty tricks from sending opposition researchers to hide out in his bushes to funding a fake Tea Party candidate, Adler has stopped at nothing to hold this seat. In the end, voters were dissatisfied with the situation in Washington, along with their lack of leadership representing them in Congress. Jon Runyan united the Republican Party and won a huge plurality in Ocean County, the region which makes the 3rd a Republican leaning district.

While Jon Runyan prevailed, Republican Challengers in the 6th and the 12th did not.

In the 6th Congressional District, Anna Little was defeated by Congressman Frank Pallone. Having been covering this campaign, as well as participating in it, I was glad to see this race come alive in the closing months, as it's been common practice that Frank Pallone walks into re-election. Anna Little came out of nowhere to wrest the nomination from Diane Gooch by 83 votes with strong Tea Party support. Even though she defeated the "establishment-backed" candidate, the establishment was very smart to not treat her like the establishment treated Christine O'Donnell. Middlesex GOP Chair Sam Thompson, Monmouth GOP Chair Joe Oxley and the other Republicans accepted her candidacy and eventually Governor Christie passionately campaigned for her. As I stated in my previous post, Pallone followed Gooch's strategy and did not engage her, instead saving his $4 million campaign war chest for another campaign (And trust me, he wants to run a statewide campaign, but will he be the front runner to challenge Christie in 2013?). When he did actively campaign, he did so with a sense of entitlement. Conservative groups, along with Diane Gooch, came into the game to run ads against Pallone in support of Little's candidacy. And while Little won Monmouth, in the end, those Bayshore and coastal towns were not enough to overcome the heavy Democrat vote in New Brunswick, Edison and Plainfield. Anna Little should hold her head high that because of her ardent supporters in the 6th, she was able to make sure Frank Pallone didn't win by the enormous pluralities he has won by in the past, this time, only by a pluarality of 10%.

In the 12th Congressional District, Republican Challenger Scott Sipprelle was defeated by Congressman Rush Holt by a plurality of 7 percentage points. Also having previously covered this race, along with participating it, I was very impressed by not only Scott's knowledge of economics and ability to articulate Conservative solutions to fixing our problems, but also by his act of taking the veteran Congressman apart in their debates, one of which, I witnessed. Furthermore, I was impressed by his inclusion of Tea Party supporters whose candidate was defeated in the primary. The Congressman slammed him in many disgustingly low and dishonest ads, but Scott Sipprelle kept going. Like Anna Little, Scott Sipprelle should also hold his head high as Rush Holt had one of his lowest winning percentages in years and was not afraid to take the Congressman on. Hopefully Scott's campaign will resonate with voters who will spread the words if either Scott jumps into the fray again, or another strong Republican steps up to take a shot at defeating Rush Holt in the future.

The 6th and the 12th are drawn in such a way that they are gerrymandered to make it easier for the Democrat incumbents to win, however, last night's results show they are not lost causes. What can be done you ask? This is where Governor Christie comes in. It is time for him to show his leadership and take a bigger hand in how these districts will be redrawn. As a result of the 2010 Census, we will lose one Congressional Seat. It has not been publicly said which district, but the Governor should fight to split the 9th District (Southeast Bergen, part of Hudson) into either the 8th or the 13th. The 6th and the 12th should be redrawn to give the districts more parity and allow a true representation of the political persuasion of all those who reside in the respective district. The Governor will be in for a fight if he takes this up, but I have the confidence in him that he will take it up and he will prevail.

The next election year will be focused on Trenton as it will be time for the Legislative Midterm Elections. It will be interesting to see how much of a role Christie will take in campaigning and recruiting, as well as the role of his opposition groups such as the NJEA, AFSME and SEIU in keeping Democrat majorities in the Assembly and Senate. Considering that the New Jersey Republicans now have the fundraising advantage and a very strong chairman in Jay Webber, it may be a very active year where we need to have our popcorn ready!

A Tsunami in the House

While my predictions were a little off in the Senate, they were much closer in House. So far, Republicans gained 61 Seats, eclipsing their gains in 1994. As of this writing, there are still 12 seats where a winner has not been declared.

Americans spoke loudly in this House Election. They repudiated the heavy-handed tactics of Nancy Pelosi's Congress and the bills they passed, choosing to "hand back the keys" to the Republicans. We can go through race-by-race, but that honestly would be really tedious. Instead, I'm going to analyze major states and then some themes we observed in this election.

Florida: Voters in Florida spoke loudly in this election! They may have voted for Obama in 2008, but in the Midterm Election, Republicans prevailed. Republicans had big wins in the 8th with Daniel Webster handily defeating Alan Grayson. Grayson's disgusting tactics have been covered here and by the large pluarality by which Webster won, voters in the 8th had enough and would rather he be an MSNBC host (which may likely be the case) than their Congressman. One district over in the 24th, Sandy Adams defeated Suzanne Kosmas also handily. Voters in the 24th saw through the phoniness of Kosmas's "Blue Dog Democrat" positions as in the end, she supported the Obama agenda. These two districts fall within the I-4 Corridor and as I previously expressed, this swing region is not only important to Florida politics, but to American politics because of its nature to be a bellwether in American politics. Further down the Florida's Turnpike, Allen West had a big win in the 22nd, prevailing against incumbent Ron Klein. Voters in the 22nd were tired of the effects of the Obama agenda on their district and found a strong alternative to the status-quo. I covered the Lt-Col in this cycle and find him to be an inspiring speaker, strong Conservative and rising star in the Republican Party. Florida also had big wins in the 25th and 2nd!

New York: Obama's coat tails were key in many Congressional Races within the Empire State. He apparently lost his luster in many districts. In NY-19 John Hall apparently isn't "still the one" as he was defeated by Dr. Nan Hayworth. The 19th trends Republican and Hall, former frontman of Orleans, rode that wave. Voters in the 19th had enough and I closely followed this race as it was heavily advertised on radio based in New York City. In the the seat of former Congressman Eric "tickle-fight" Massa, Tom Reed won, the Republican-leaning district now having a Republican Congressman. Republicans also had big wins in the 20th and 24th.

Pennsylvania: With big statewide wins in the Senate and Governor's Office, fortunes for Republicans continued down ticket in Congress. Suburban voters in the Philadelphia Metro Area had big wins in the 8th (Bucks County) and the 7th (the seat formerly held by Joe Sestak). Republicans also fared well in Northeast Pennsylvania in the 10th, 11th and 15th. PA-3 in the Northwest portion of the state also is Republican again.

Ohio: In a state that went for Obama in 2008, that also saw the president visit a record number of times, had five GOP pickups in Congress. This state also has suffered from unemployment and has not benefited from the Stimulus as the president said it would. Further symbolic, the Cincinnati and Columbus regions are Republican again and this is also the home of presumptive Speaker John Boehner, Congressman in the 8th.

It should also be noted that in the next Congress, the GOP will be more diverse, containing more women and African-Americans than ever before!

In the end, this was truly a tsunami election and the Republicans who were sent to Washington to represent their respective Congressional Districts must remember why they were sent there, and that reason was to stop the Obama agenda. They must fare well in this and stand up to the President. Voters do not want compromise! Remember, they are not obligated to legislatively meet the president, the president has now been electorally mandated to legislatively meet Congress. I hope to see Speaker Boeher have a backbone in this matter and if they do not, Republicans could pay the price they did in 2006 for turning their back on principle. The ball is in their court now.

Rise of the Elephants: Senate

The people voted, the results are coming in and, the echoes of Americans shouting down the Obama agenda will be heard tomorrow in days, months and the two years to come.

Let's look at the Senate first. My predictions were a little short, but the 60-40 majority held by the Democrats in 2008 is now more balanced, with the Republicans gaining 6 seats. What I think should be noted is that in states where there was an open seat that Republicans were projected to win, they won in much bigger numbers than was expected. In New Hampshire, they had an effective candidate in Kelly Ayotte, who bridged Republican and Tea Party/Conservative support. Rand Paul handily won Kentucky and was helped by his opponent's shameful attack. Missouri was also thought to be closer, but was clearly a Republican win. The last minute drama in Florida proved to be of no consequence as Marco Rubio sailed. And on Marco Rubio, you heard it here, HE WILL BE THE KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT THE 2012 REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION IN TAMPA! The media and the Democrats misread these states.

Republicans gained in the following states that I called: Indiana, Arkansas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois (Barack Obama's former Senate Seat)

Let's take a look at the states that went the other way than I predicted.

California: I thought Carly Fiorina ran a passionate campaign. That being said, she did not follow my format for winning the state. When looking at the map, she did well in Southern California (sans Los Angeles County...and I don't yet have specific numbers) and won no counties in the San Francisco Bay area. For a Republican to win, this is imperative. She did not do it and the voters, as a result sent Barbara Boxer back for another term.

Nevada: This one was a major target for Republicans. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country and Harry Reid can shoulder a lot of the blame for that as the Senate Majority Leader. I think Sharron Angle ran an excellent campaign, fared well in her debate against Harry Reid, yet didn't come up with enough votes. It was her lack of getting votes in Clark County (Las Vegas Metro Area) that did her in. Reports of shenannigans have been running rampant the past two weeks, with big news breaking today, but the plurality is likely too great for any legal challenges to be successful.

West Virginia: This is another one that baffles me! Manchin may be popular, but he has switched positions more than John Kerry! It saddens me that West Virginians symbolically voted away their bread and butter because he took a gun to Cap and Trade. At least they get to vote on him in two years and let's see if he keeps his promises. With Harry Reid returning, something tells me he won't.

Delaware: In looking at the map, Christine O'Donnell won Kent and Sussex County, but lost New Castle County. Sadly, the New Castle County voters were blind to the leadership of Chris Coons. Despite the withering attacks, and I've covered them all here, Christine O'Donnell stood strong and still received 40% of the vote. Further analyzing, I believe she would have had a better chance at winning had the "establishment Republicans" supported her. Karl Rove's comments were the equivalent of a taking a pipe to someone's knee and I still do not understand why he did this. Considering the media going after him (unfairly) during the Bush years and coming under the gun of Patrick Fitzgerald, I do not consider Karl Rove "establishment," yet still stand by the belief that his disdain for Christine O'Donnell was personal.

As of this writing, Colorado, Washington and Alaska (which in itself has been a crazy race, but we can deduce it will either be a Republican or a sore loser Republican to win) still haven't been determined.

In closing, Republicans, while not gaining the majority, fared well in the Senate by bringing the body more parity than in the past two years. Illinois voters especially, sent the President a shockwave message by not electing the Democrat. There will be no more "ram it down your throat" legislation and there may be more gridlock as there are no more filibuster-proof majorities. Republicans must remember why they were sent to Washington and that is to stop the Obama agenda. It will be those Republicans who will face rebuke if they attempt to make deals and compromise their principles. Again, we will see how all parties involved will react as we move forward.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make Your Voices Heard, Get Out and VOTE!

Well, the day has finally arrived; Election Day, and to the Democrats, Accountability Day! It is approaching 6PM. Florida's polls close at 7, many other states 8 and 9. Go make your voices heard! I stand by yesterday's prediction, so after we've gone to the polls, we can sit back and watch the returns. The magic numbers are 39 in the House and 10 in the Senate. Check back later tonight or tomorrow for analysis!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Out on a Limb: Prediction Time!!!

The past two months, I have been closely following the campaigns around the country via the news, via Cook, Rasmussen and Real Clear Politics, and via friends around the country. Furthermore, I have closely followed and been involved with local campaigns. I have come to the conclusion that a large majority of voters are dissatisfied, angered and sickened by what has gone on in Washington. You've read it here on "The 'Right' Solutions," you will eventually read it in The Calling to Lead once it's published, as my prediction is a part of the storyline. You know where I'm going to go with this! It is this poisonous atmosphere in Washington, as the various state capitals that will bring about change. We first started to see rumblings last summer in the health care town hall meetings. It eventually made its way to the polls last November with victories in New Jersey and Virginia, then saw it continue with Scott Brown's victory in the Massachusetts special election for the seat held by Ted Kennedy.

If you want this change to continue, if you want the Federal Government to be a force that allows for success and not a force that determines success, you need to vote Republican in this election tomorrow!!!

It is now prediction time:

The House of Representatives: 65 Republican Seats. My numbers two weeks ago were about 8-10 lower, but with the consistency of the above factors, I have moved my prediction to 65. In specific states, New Jersey will gain between 1 and 3 seats, Florida will gain 4, New York will gain at least 3 and it could be more and Ohio could gain at least 3. If the big names who are running in surprisingly close elections fall (e.g. Frank, Dingel, among others), my prediction will be wrong and the number will be higher.

The Senate: 11 Republican Seats. This number is very optimistic, but I believe it can be done. Let's look at the races that I think will be Republican net gains.

Arkansas: Easy win by John Boozman who will defeat incumbent Blanche Lincoln.
North Dakota: John Hoeven will definitely win in an open seat.
Indiana: Open seat because Evan Bayh will chose not to defend his seat. Dan Coats will win and return to the Senate
Wisconsin: Ron Johnson will defeat long time incumbent Russ Feingold easily.
Colorado: Ken Buck will win this one.
Illinois: Believe it or not, this is a close one, but in the end, Mark Kirk will defeat Alexi Giannoulias. After hearing this interview and reading about his history, I am troubled that voters will overlook those items. Watch for shenanigans here.
Pennsylvania: Watch out for shenanigans here too (remember, it was Philadelphia where the Black Panther voter intimidation incident took place that I previously covered.), but I think Toomey will win.
Nevada: We've already heard about shenanigans here, but in the end, Sharron Angle defeats Harry Reid.
Washington: This will be a close one, but in the end, Dino Rossi wins it. He already had one election stolen from him and won't allow a second theft.

The deciding states: Two of these are the wildcards that could go either way. Of the two wildcards I am predicting we will get only one of the two...which ones, I cannot call it.

California: This hard fought race between 18 year incumbent Barbara Boxer, the ultimate Washington insider and Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of HP. California has trended left over the years and for Carly to maintain her numbers has been nothing short of a miracle. California voters, have been inspired by her will, her fight and her passion, coming off a year of breast cancer treatment, and know her business history which she can apply to the Senate. Barbara Boxer, while being one of the more liberal senators, comes off as elitist and condescending. Carly has effectively let the voters know about those incidences and others. A few months ago, I devised a strategy how Republicans can win California. To sum it up, the winner will be determined by who gets the most voters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Carly will win the majority of Southern California counties (maybe not Los Angeles County) and she will win in the agricultural areas. Boxer will do well in the San Francisco Bay Area, Central-Western and Northwestern California. Despite the polls, I believe this race to be very close.

West Virginia: With the passing of Senator Robert Byrd, there is a special election between current Democrat Governor Joe Manchin and Republican businessman John Raese. A popular governor, Manchin has run right of center, even taking a shot to the Cap and Trade bill in one of his ads. Raese has effectively called out Manchin on his hypocrisy and had some heavy hitters like Sarah Palin come into the Mountain State to campaign with him. Me personally, I cannot understand how a state whose livelihood is coal would support a candidate who is from the same party of a president who would negatively affect their industry and jobs. That being said, West Virginia is a Democrat State, despite their disdain for Obama, and that is the reason why I am unsure about this state.

And now, the upset special:

Delaware: You've heard it here. I believe Christine O'Donnell will win! Chris Coons has been exposed as a tax hiker, as a rubber stamp to the Obama agenda and New Castle County voters have a clear view into his effectiveness in leadership. There are also questions about whether his family will benefit from Cap and Trade. The media has taken every shot possible at Christine O'Donnell (many of which have been documented on "The 'Right' Solutions") and distorted her words, yet she keeps going and goes on the offensive; in a way taking Joe Biden's advice. Not only has she kept going, she has exceeded expectations in the face of media and liberal hostility. I have said many times that Delaware is supposed to be this safe, Democrat stronghold, yet Obama and Biden have been to Delaware twice to campaign for Coons, they have diverted resources to Delaware and they are continually attacking Christine O'Donnell. O'Donnell will do well in Kent and Sussex Counties and needs New Castle County to win. I believe she will do it!

Republicans will also do well in Governors' races across the United States.

This is a PIVOTAL election so do your civic duty and get out to vote as I'll be at 6AM. We meet at dawn!

Scared Out of Their Minds in the First State

The Democrats are running scared in Delaware! Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be back to campaign for Chris Coons. Chris Coons has cancelled his remaining debates. Even though Delaware is supposedly a strong and reliable Democrat state, the Democrats are doing a lot to run against Christine O'Donnell and not treating it like a cake walk. This should open the eyes of the voters.

After a rally in Wilmington yesterday, it was announced that O'Donnell's campaign, purchased three half hour airtime slots so that an ad by O'Donnell's campaign could run before election day. After taking the campaign's money, Delaware 28 did not run the ad, claiming they "forgot." This is very sketchy, considering Delaware 28 is public television, which means government run, and I'd have lawyers looking at this to make sure that paid time gets used in another timeslot, or get the money back if they end up not running the ad.

For now, you can see the ad here.

The outcome of this campaign could very well be the one that shocks America!

UPDATE: Joe Biden returns to Delaware for a GOTV event and ONLY ATTRACTS 200!!!