Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama Got Owned Tonight

Earlier today, President Obama stated that he planned on addressing a joint session of Congress on the jobs issue. Only two problems-first, the President has to be invited; second, the timeslot was the same as the Reagan Library's Republican Presidential Debate, where the date had been set months in advance. Republicans rightly objected the President's upstaging of the candidates and John Boehner promptly and correctly responded by inviting the President for Thursday. It looked as there was going to be a standoff, but as of 9:45 this evening, Obama agreed to that timeslot.

Let's face it-the president lost in this standoff. Obama has a problem with opposition, so he attempts to drown them out by upstaging opponents to suck the air out of the room, as he did with Cheney in his May 2009 address to the American Enterprise Institute; as he did in May of 2011 when pre-empting the last 15 minutes of The Apprentice, Donald Trump's show, who was considering a run for president at the time and pounding Obama and in turn, getting pummeled by the President and the media, especially at the White House Correspondents Dinner, to wait an hour to announce the capture and death of Usama Bin Laden by Seal Team Six. This move was no surprise and Boehner must be commended for holding his ground.

In his attempt to look like he has a lot of power and influence, it backfired and Obama came off as looking very weak, which can be quite detrimental in this election season.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene on Her Way to the Northeast

What a week for the Northeast! After a freak and surprising earthquake, we have a second natural disaster.

Earlier in the week, it looked like Florida was going to take a direct hit, but now, this storm has now made a turn to the North, and after grazing the Outer Banks, Hurricane Irene is heading right to the Northeast, with New Jersey and New York City in her sights. This means, for people in coastal areas, extreme storm surges, flooding, property damage. For others, heavy rains, wind, downed trees and downed power lines are also a possibility. Governor Christie sums it up best:

"Get the Hell off the beach!"
As usual, Christie said what needed to be said and is showing strong leadership by getting ahead of events and being proactive, as opposed to reactive. Towns like Sea Bright, Monmouth Beach and Long Branch, while beautiful summer retreats, are dangerous places in weather like this. They are located on very narrow barrier islands and peninsulas, with the ocean on one side and the river or bay on the other. Having driven along Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, prior to the beach replenishment of the late 1990s, it is a very scary site seeing the seawater splash on to the road, over the seawall.

Heed the warning and evacuate! New Jersey is expediting this with highway closings, traffic changes and the suspension of tolls. "The 'Right' Solutions" wishes everyone stays safe and hopes for minimal damage to the surrounding areas.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama Team Wants Perry

News broke today that if the Obama 2012 Campaign could have its way, they want to run against Rick Perry, or even Michele Bachmann. They feel running against a conservative candidate will clearly show the differences between the two sides and in the end Americans will re-elect Obama, as he will be viewed as the more reasonable candidate.

The folks running Obama's campaign are either severely misguided or are working on a strategy to influence the Republican field. Republicans must know (and the president's campaign team knows this), especially when examining the history of presidential elections since 1968. In each of these campaigns, every time the Republican ran as a Conservative, they won in 2000 and 2004, and in the case of 1972, 1980, 1984 and 1988, won big! When the Republican ran as a moderate, they lost, as occurred in 1976, 1992, 1996 and 2008.

If a conservative eventually wins the Republican primaries in 2012, the potential to articulate a clear difference in ideology from the president, further showing Obama's lack of a record, can more easily occur.

If Obama wants Perry or Bachmann, then Republican voters should follow suit and give them what they want! The Obama campaign will see that Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann aren't the wallflowers they are perceived to be.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Sick Fishing Expedition

Now that Rick Perry is in the race, those in the liberal media and in politics have thrown a fit about his potential. An ad has just been published, by a Ron Paul supporter, in the Austin Chronicle that is looking for any evidence of an extra-marital affair, even attempting to reinvigorate previously speculated and unproven rumors. (Matthews did that too with his "fancy" comments.)

This ad is a desperate attempt by a fringe candidate and if Ron Paul isn't careful, his attacks could have the same ramifications that Pawlenty's attacks on Bachmann had on his race.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The President Stepped in It in Iowa

Obama usually doesn't put himself in these situations, but he did today...and there was a camera nearby:

To summarize, these Americans approached the President about Biden's comments, calling the TEA Party terrorists, at the time of the debt ceiling debate, a line of thinking fist introduced by Janet Napolitano. Obama directly lied to these people and got caught...checkmate.

Not only on this issue, but it looks as if he's a tad out of touch to me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Perry Is In, The Plot Thickens...

After a few months of some Hamlet/To Be-Not to Be drama, Texas Governor Rick Perry has entered the presidential race. Having served as Governor since 2001, Perry is a strong Conservative with a distinct speaking style who has led an economic engine in the state of Texas. With TEA Party support, he may have the potential be the one Republican who can unite the factions of the party as we approach an important election in 2012.

There are also those out there who are not as confident with a Rick Perry candidacy, as they cite the issue of illegal immigration, as well as the fact that he was once a Democrat.

The Democrat issue is very easy to overcome, as he needs to, like Reagan, explain how the Democrat Party left him, as it was a different Democrat Party than it was, as opposed to today. And the candidate he supported in 1988, Al Gore, was a much different Al Gore than we see today. Texas was once a Democrat state, yet the Democrats in Texas were more conservative than modern-day Democrats; and that is why Texas is today a Republican state-the Democrat Party took a hard left turn and these conservatives came home! The Immigration issue can be more of a challenge, but in order to overcome it, he needs to openly respond to criticism, articulate clear differences between Perry's policy and Obama's policy, while focusing on his strengths.

What is striking to me is an opponent's reaction, as that can demonstrate the potential of that candidate. In the case of Perry, David Axelrod is already getting a preemptive attack going. I'm betting we're also going to see some more cheap low blows from the Obama team. The Obama team has already attacked Romney and is now after Perry, and these attacks also tell me they believe it's going to come down to these two men. With Rick Perry's entrance into the campaign, the Republican primary race has instantaneously become a lot more eye-opening.

T-Paw Out

After a third place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has decided to call it quits and end his presidential campaign. Pawlenty has suffered from the challenges of name recognition, as well as his past legislative efforts as governor, including a previous endorsement of a cap and trade system in Minnesota. It also did not help his campaign that fellow Minnesotan, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who won the Iowa Staw Poll, gained more traction than he had. As this moment approached, Pawlenty and his staff did show desperation with their attacks on Bachmann (some sexist overtones), his unwillingness to attack the record of the front-runner and his stupid promises.

Pawlenty's decision to end his campaign was wise as the field begins to be thinned out as we approach the primaries.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Obama Slaps the Gold Star Families in the Face

After hearing about using Hollywood and taking political advantage of the military to attempt to win a second term, Obama is creating a stir with the Gold Star families of the Navy SEALs who were killed in last weekend's helicopter crash in Afghanistan. The majority of the families asked that photos not be released of the receiving ceremony at Dover Air Force Base, yet pictures of the event were released, against their wishes.

The White House is claiming they didn't release pictures of the flag draped coffins, so they think the criticism in unfounded. The fact that he's even taking pictures here and likely to use them in 2012 campaign material is highly distasteful. Mourning of our brave military members should be done in private and away from the cameras, as President Bush has done many times. It's almost like he needs to run in front of a camera to prove what he's doing. It's all very shallow and quite transparent, especially to the families of those lost, who by his actions, he's hurting all over again.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Help Me, Military! Help Me, Hollywood!

Let's face it, Barack Obama has shown that he is in over his head during his presidency. With approval ratings at 40%, he's realizing there's a problem and he may be out of a job in 2012. So what is he to do? (in addition to attack Mitt Romney,)

Apparently, he's seeking the help of his Hollywood friends, as it has come to light that director Kathryn Bigelow (who directed The Hurt Locker) and screenwriter Mark Boal are planning on making a movie about Obama's decision to use Seal Team Six to assassinate Usama Bin Laden. There have been meetings, where the White House has given access to documents and intelligence so as to develop an "accurate portrayal of the events that occurred."

As the Commander in Chief, this behavior is disgusting as he is using the military, an organization that he doesn't necessarily like or understand(as evidenced by his comments), for political gain to show any dim-witted American who pays $12 to see this propaganda that he is a strong decision-maker who is all in for the military. An absolute joke, and an insult, to think Americans will forget how his policies have crippled the American economy, expanded the size and scope of the Federal Government (except the military) and stifled employment.

Let us also not forget how opponents of George W. Bush vilified him for this ad, where they accused him of using 9-11 to his political advantage because of a 4 second image of Ground Zero and a body draped in an American flag being carried out on a stretcher by the NYFD. Another major double standard.

This attempt by Barack Obama and Hollywood is transparent and desperate. I hope the FEC follows the money trail on this because all does not seem right!

Nutter Speaks Honestly...and isn't criticized

In the past few weeks, there has been a major public safety issue in Philadelphia, as marauding youths are attacking/assaulting citizens minding their own business in normally safe neighborhoods like the Theater District and in Old City. Borrowing rhetoric from the likes of Juan Williams and Bill Cosby, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter spoke from the pulpit of a Baptist Church in West Philadelphia last Sunday.

It's quite amazing to see a politician not being attacked for speaking those words, in a church, (he's a Democrat, so it's OK in the minds of the media) and I could go on and on about the double standard in the media, but I'll refrain for now and instead, commend Mayor Nutter for having the courage to stand up and say it!

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Have Their Say...and Win

Yesterday was the recall election for six Wisconsin state senators who supported Scott Walker's union reforms a few months ago. The votes have been cast and counted, and in the end, Republicans were victorious in 4 of the 6 elections! In the leadup to yesterday, unions and their allies spent upwards of $25 to $35 million dollars to defeat these Republicans and in the end, they flushed their money down the toilet (just like Obama did with the Stimulus) as the Republicans still hold the majority in the Senate. Despite the Democrats'/unions' big loss, they're still going after Walker and in tuning into MSNBC last night, it seemed like Election Night 2008 all over again with their celebration of the two Democrat wins.

As we approach November 2012, Republican voters (and candidates) should be inspired by the taxpayers' victory in Wisconsin over the attempted usurping of government by the unions and their leftist allies! Whereas in 2008, a candidate with deep pockets, some key catch phrases and the promise of a feel-good utopia won, but this defeat proves that the deep pockets and slick campaigning aren't always a given advantage. Furthermore, it proves that politicians who stand up for principle and fight for that principle with no fear, in the end, will win!

I hope you're watching, GOP 2012 Candidates!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Democrats Have Made Their Choice...Hoping the Republicans Do the "Right" Thing

The Democrats in the Senate have made their choice about who will serve on the debt deal/cost-cutting commission. These three: John Kerry, Patty Murray and Max Baucus, are strongly hard left and have consistently supported the Obama agenda.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell MUST choose consistent Conservatives to be on this committee and not RINOs who will give in to the Democrats. "The 'Right' Solutions endorses the choice of the following Republican members in Congress:


- Marco Rubio (FL)

- Jim DeMint (SC)

- John Thune (SD)


- Allen West (FL)

- Michele Bachmann (MN)

- Scott Garrett (NJ)

Sadly, I believe these picks are a fantasy, but miracles can happen...

UPDATE, 8/10/11: Boehner and McConnell have made their choices. House-Jeb Hensarling (TX), Fred Upton (MI), Dave Camp (MI); Senate-Pat Toomey (PA), John Kyl (AZ), Rob Portman (OH). I'm a little happier with the Senate picks than I am in the House...let's hope they didn't just give the farm away.

Al Gore: They're Coming to Take Me Away...

It is well documented through his comments and rhetoric that Al Gore has followed John Kerry in going off the deep end after getting beaten by George W. Bush in an election.

Since he decided to let Kerry go nuts in 2004, Al Gore has embraced the hoax behind climate change. Today, audio was released of his "coming to take me away moment"; a profanity-laden speech to the Aspen Institute where he criticized those who haven't bought the line.

I think we can all universally say Thank God that George W. Bush won in 2000 and Al Gore was not allowed to steal that election! President Al Gore, especially with a September 11, would have been a very scary prospect.

Monday, August 8, 2011


With S&P's downgrading of the United States' credit rate on Friday, the bears were running wild today on Wall Street. Fox News's Charlie Gasparino predicted a 300 point drop. Take that number and double it. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 635 points; 5.6%, which is one of the largest one-day net losses ever! This is very dangerous to this economy.

As expected, President Obama refuses to take blame for this, deciding to keep Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner in office and then blaming the TEA Party. As many of us well know, blaming the TEA Party is not only blatantly unfair, but it is a false accusation.

The false nature bridges from one key reminder some in the Republican Party forget to remember: NEVER ACCEPT THE PREMISE OF THE LEFT!

The premise Obama and the Democrats are attempting to get us to accept is that it is because of the TEA Party's "unwillingness to compromise" and "hijacking of the Republican Party" that we are in the situation we are in. To develop this premise, the president would lead one to believe that the Republicans must give in to what the president wants because the people elected him and he knows best because of his position. Furthermore, he would lead Americans to believe that it was Obama who dragged the Republicans kicking and screaming, and as a result of that kicking and screaming, he didn't get exactly what he wanted, thus, he couldn't save the day.

The truth of the matter is that it is BECAUSE of the TEA Party that deep a cut (which in reality, isn't that deep, thanks to the Democrats) was even in the cards. The Republican Party is fortunate enough to have them in their corner, as it's these folks that are brave enough to remind them that "winners state the terms and losers compromise." The Democrats in 2010, were big losers in the Midterms and the Republicans, historically, do have a habit of letting them get back into the game. Thank goodness for the TEA Party to remind the Republicans, not only about fiscal sanity, but also how to defeat the Democrats.

Looking back to the 2000s, it was the Republicans forgetting to cut spending that allowed the Democrats an in and as a result, they won Congress in 2006, and Congress again, along with the Presidency in 2008. As a result, the Democrats had almost unchecked power; something they haven't really had since the days of FDR and LBJ. Since 2008, Obama and the Democrats have continued to blame Bush, while, at the same time, pushing their agenda of an increase in Federal spending with the Stimulus program and ObamaCare; ramming it through despite protests from Americans.

The white noise in the vain of Alinsky, will be extreme from the White House and the Democrats. If the Republicans continually pound away at it, dispute it with facts and refuse to accept this faulty premise, Barack Obama's presidency, as Aaron Sorkin may say, will be "clocked with an egg timer!"

On Huckabee

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a taping of Huckabee, former Governor Mike Huckabee's program, which is aired every weekend on the Fox News Channel.

It was an absolutely wonderful experience and my first time meeting the Governor. While I may not agree with all positions he takes on the issues, he is incredibly personable and a very nice man! The stories I've heard from friends who have met him or worked for him are consistent with my experience! He spoke with every member of the audience for a significant amount of time and he posed for pictures.

One of his guests on the show was the co-founder of Learn Our History, a series of academic animated shorts about various events and eras in American History, that include perspectives textbooks do not mention (more on this later). Each audience member was given a copy of the 9-11 DVD; the one which was the cause of Governor Huckabee coming under some recent unfair criticism.

I'd be remiss if I didn't give a special shoutout and thanks to the Fox News Channel and Huckabee staff for their professionalism and accommodating nature! I hope to go back again soon and I recommend that if you find yourself in New York City, look into attending a Huckabee's more enjoyable than Conan and David Letterman were!

Friday, August 5, 2011


For the first time in American History, the United States credit rating has been downgraded to AA+ by Standard and Poors.

With the ridiculous spike in Federal Spending done by this president and the Democrat Congress between 2008 and 2010, combined with the ineffective debt compromise, this move was inevitable. Will the President take responsibility for his actions? Will he backtrack where he could on the spending? (Note: the Stimulus money is all gone!) Likely no on both. We'll just see more of the same: blame everyone else, continue to spend and push to tax Americans. Assuming the President continues down the path he's going, a landslide is likely and the only way to win in 2012 will be to cheat.

Hang on to your hats, friends, as this is going to be a rough ride on Monday when the NYSE opens.

John Kerry: Unhinged Again

We've seen this movie before...

In 2004, when Senator John Kerry...who served in Vietnam, lost to President Bush, he went off the deep end; whether making nasty comments about a sitting President (It was OK back then, according to the left), getting his buddies to brood about/attack Americans who had legitimate questions about the veracity of Kerry's statements on his military service (which he made a centerpiece of his campaign), or attacking those serving in the US Military.

Last week, this bitter, arrogant man, who continues to serve in the Senate, was shellacked by Marco Rubio when he attempted to dress down the Junior Senator from Florida and school him on liberalism.

Rubio wasn't having it and it looks like Kerry has again, gone off the deep end after being publicly shot down by someone to the right of him, who can clearly articulate conservative principles. In recent comments on MSNBC after the Senate floor debate, Kerry supported censorship in TEA Party Coverage, basically saying that they're wrong and don't deserved to even have access to the airwaves.

Clearly speaking against the tenets of the Constitution and the First Amendment, we look back and say thank goodness John Kerry was not elected as our president, as one does wonder how he would have attempted to shred the Constitution the way this president has.

The Prez Parties While Americans Can't Find Jobs

They once said Nero fiddled while Rome burned, we can now say that the American economy tanked while Obama partied.

More news today that further supports the sad state of the American economy. Despite what the media says about the new July unemployment numbers, U-3 at 9.1%, the American economy is still in dire straits! Americans cannot find work to suit their education(s) and this is with 154,000 new jobs, this fall in the U-3 is less because of these jobs, but more because of unemployment running out and Americans "giving up" on the job hunt. This economy needs at least 250,000 new jobs per month to make significant growth and with the threat of tax hikes, continued spending and the eventual establishment of ObamaCare, this economy is going nowhere but down and business owners, especially small businesses, cannot hire.

It's very sad to see the American president caring more about his 50th Birthday than the economic situation. I don't fault him for celebrating his birthday, but I do fault him for focusing on it, at the expense of the economic recovery. His belief is "government first" is part of the problem, and if tax cuts, a real debt solution cuts in regulation and an end to ObamaCare were part of the solution, the president could walk into re-election.

Those are pipe dreams with the current leaders in Washington, and Americans, sadly, must accept reality (and can make their voices heard in 2012). As long as we have this economic vision in Washington, all we can do is pray; and grab on to something to hang on to when the bottom falls out!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

They're FINALLY Talking About Cutting ObamaCare!

Unless you were living in a hole or away from any television or Internet the past week, you probably heard about the debt deal. You probably also heard that both those on the left and on the right are not too fond of it. You also probably heard about the new governmental commission to be set up.

News broke today that if an agreement in what to cut cannot be determined, portions of ObamaCare may be on the table! This is welcome news, as that law is part of the problem and the reason this government has increasing deficits and American citizens will be facing tax hikes in the coming years (the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts IS a Tax Hike...)

Republicans should not rely on the courts to void ObamaCare (that mistake was made with McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform) and need to fight against this thing every step of the way, be it through legislation, Congressional funding or in the governmental commission on debt. Make the president defend this horrible law, which will show his cutting spending rhetoric to be fraudulent! Republican voters and TEA Party members will be watching and will be willing to put others in who have the courage and resolve to do so.