Monday, August 8, 2011


With S&P's downgrading of the United States' credit rate on Friday, the bears were running wild today on Wall Street. Fox News's Charlie Gasparino predicted a 300 point drop. Take that number and double it. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 635 points; 5.6%, which is one of the largest one-day net losses ever! This is very dangerous to this economy.

As expected, President Obama refuses to take blame for this, deciding to keep Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner in office and then blaming the TEA Party. As many of us well know, blaming the TEA Party is not only blatantly unfair, but it is a false accusation.

The false nature bridges from one key reminder some in the Republican Party forget to remember: NEVER ACCEPT THE PREMISE OF THE LEFT!

The premise Obama and the Democrats are attempting to get us to accept is that it is because of the TEA Party's "unwillingness to compromise" and "hijacking of the Republican Party" that we are in the situation we are in. To develop this premise, the president would lead one to believe that the Republicans must give in to what the president wants because the people elected him and he knows best because of his position. Furthermore, he would lead Americans to believe that it was Obama who dragged the Republicans kicking and screaming, and as a result of that kicking and screaming, he didn't get exactly what he wanted, thus, he couldn't save the day.

The truth of the matter is that it is BECAUSE of the TEA Party that deep a cut (which in reality, isn't that deep, thanks to the Democrats) was even in the cards. The Republican Party is fortunate enough to have them in their corner, as it's these folks that are brave enough to remind them that "winners state the terms and losers compromise." The Democrats in 2010, were big losers in the Midterms and the Republicans, historically, do have a habit of letting them get back into the game. Thank goodness for the TEA Party to remind the Republicans, not only about fiscal sanity, but also how to defeat the Democrats.

Looking back to the 2000s, it was the Republicans forgetting to cut spending that allowed the Democrats an in and as a result, they won Congress in 2006, and Congress again, along with the Presidency in 2008. As a result, the Democrats had almost unchecked power; something they haven't really had since the days of FDR and LBJ. Since 2008, Obama and the Democrats have continued to blame Bush, while, at the same time, pushing their agenda of an increase in Federal spending with the Stimulus program and ObamaCare; ramming it through despite protests from Americans.

The white noise in the vain of Alinsky, will be extreme from the White House and the Democrats. If the Republicans continually pound away at it, dispute it with facts and refuse to accept this faulty premise, Barack Obama's presidency, as Aaron Sorkin may say, will be "clocked with an egg timer!"

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