Thursday, August 4, 2011

They're FINALLY Talking About Cutting ObamaCare!

Unless you were living in a hole or away from any television or Internet the past week, you probably heard about the debt deal. You probably also heard that both those on the left and on the right are not too fond of it. You also probably heard about the new governmental commission to be set up.

News broke today that if an agreement in what to cut cannot be determined, portions of ObamaCare may be on the table! This is welcome news, as that law is part of the problem and the reason this government has increasing deficits and American citizens will be facing tax hikes in the coming years (the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts IS a Tax Hike...)

Republicans should not rely on the courts to void ObamaCare (that mistake was made with McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform) and need to fight against this thing every step of the way, be it through legislation, Congressional funding or in the governmental commission on debt. Make the president defend this horrible law, which will show his cutting spending rhetoric to be fraudulent! Republican voters and TEA Party members will be watching and will be willing to put others in who have the courage and resolve to do so.

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