Sunday, August 14, 2011

T-Paw Out

After a third place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has decided to call it quits and end his presidential campaign. Pawlenty has suffered from the challenges of name recognition, as well as his past legislative efforts as governor, including a previous endorsement of a cap and trade system in Minnesota. It also did not help his campaign that fellow Minnesotan, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who won the Iowa Staw Poll, gained more traction than he had. As this moment approached, Pawlenty and his staff did show desperation with their attacks on Bachmann (some sexist overtones), his unwillingness to attack the record of the front-runner and his stupid promises.

Pawlenty's decision to end his campaign was wise as the field begins to be thinned out as we approach the primaries.

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