Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Have Their Say...and Win

Yesterday was the recall election for six Wisconsin state senators who supported Scott Walker's union reforms a few months ago. The votes have been cast and counted, and in the end, Republicans were victorious in 4 of the 6 elections! In the leadup to yesterday, unions and their allies spent upwards of $25 to $35 million dollars to defeat these Republicans and in the end, they flushed their money down the toilet (just like Obama did with the Stimulus) as the Republicans still hold the majority in the Senate. Despite the Democrats'/unions' big loss, they're still going after Walker and in tuning into MSNBC last night, it seemed like Election Night 2008 all over again with their celebration of the two Democrat wins.

As we approach November 2012, Republican voters (and candidates) should be inspired by the taxpayers' victory in Wisconsin over the attempted usurping of government by the unions and their leftist allies! Whereas in 2008, a candidate with deep pockets, some key catch phrases and the promise of a feel-good utopia won, but this defeat proves that the deep pockets and slick campaigning aren't always a given advantage. Furthermore, it proves that politicians who stand up for principle and fight for that principle with no fear, in the end, will win!

I hope you're watching, GOP 2012 Candidates!

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