Friday, August 5, 2011

John Kerry: Unhinged Again

We've seen this movie before...

In 2004, when Senator John Kerry...who served in Vietnam, lost to President Bush, he went off the deep end; whether making nasty comments about a sitting President (It was OK back then, according to the left), getting his buddies to brood about/attack Americans who had legitimate questions about the veracity of Kerry's statements on his military service (which he made a centerpiece of his campaign), or attacking those serving in the US Military.

Last week, this bitter, arrogant man, who continues to serve in the Senate, was shellacked by Marco Rubio when he attempted to dress down the Junior Senator from Florida and school him on liberalism.

Rubio wasn't having it and it looks like Kerry has again, gone off the deep end after being publicly shot down by someone to the right of him, who can clearly articulate conservative principles. In recent comments on MSNBC after the Senate floor debate, Kerry supported censorship in TEA Party Coverage, basically saying that they're wrong and don't deserved to even have access to the airwaves.

Clearly speaking against the tenets of the Constitution and the First Amendment, we look back and say thank goodness John Kerry was not elected as our president, as one does wonder how he would have attempted to shred the Constitution the way this president has.

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