Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Help Me, Military! Help Me, Hollywood!

Let's face it, Barack Obama has shown that he is in over his head during his presidency. With approval ratings at 40%, he's realizing there's a problem and he may be out of a job in 2012. So what is he to do? (in addition to attack Mitt Romney,)

Apparently, he's seeking the help of his Hollywood friends, as it has come to light that director Kathryn Bigelow (who directed The Hurt Locker) and screenwriter Mark Boal are planning on making a movie about Obama's decision to use Seal Team Six to assassinate Usama Bin Laden. There have been meetings, where the White House has given access to documents and intelligence so as to develop an "accurate portrayal of the events that occurred."

As the Commander in Chief, this behavior is disgusting as he is using the military, an organization that he doesn't necessarily like or understand(as evidenced by his comments), for political gain to show any dim-witted American who pays $12 to see this propaganda that he is a strong decision-maker who is all in for the military. An absolute joke, and an insult, to think Americans will forget how his policies have crippled the American economy, expanded the size and scope of the Federal Government (except the military) and stifled employment.

Let us also not forget how opponents of George W. Bush vilified him for this ad, where they accused him of using 9-11 to his political advantage because of a 4 second image of Ground Zero and a body draped in an American flag being carried out on a stretcher by the NYFD. Another major double standard.

This attempt by Barack Obama and Hollywood is transparent and desperate. I hope the FEC follows the money trail on this because all does not seem right!

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