Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama Got Owned Tonight

Earlier today, President Obama stated that he planned on addressing a joint session of Congress on the jobs issue. Only two problems-first, the President has to be invited; second, the timeslot was the same as the Reagan Library's Republican Presidential Debate, where the date had been set months in advance. Republicans rightly objected the President's upstaging of the candidates and John Boehner promptly and correctly responded by inviting the President for Thursday. It looked as there was going to be a standoff, but as of 9:45 this evening, Obama agreed to that timeslot.

Let's face it-the president lost in this standoff. Obama has a problem with opposition, so he attempts to drown them out by upstaging opponents to suck the air out of the room, as he did with Cheney in his May 2009 address to the American Enterprise Institute; as he did in May of 2011 when pre-empting the last 15 minutes of The Apprentice, Donald Trump's show, who was considering a run for president at the time and pounding Obama and in turn, getting pummeled by the President and the media, especially at the White House Correspondents Dinner, to wait an hour to announce the capture and death of Usama Bin Laden by Seal Team Six. This move was no surprise and Boehner must be commended for holding his ground.

In his attempt to look like he has a lot of power and influence, it backfired and Obama came off as looking very weak, which can be quite detrimental in this election season.

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