Friday, August 5, 2011

The Prez Parties While Americans Can't Find Jobs

They once said Nero fiddled while Rome burned, we can now say that the American economy tanked while Obama partied.

More news today that further supports the sad state of the American economy. Despite what the media says about the new July unemployment numbers, U-3 at 9.1%, the American economy is still in dire straits! Americans cannot find work to suit their education(s) and this is with 154,000 new jobs, this fall in the U-3 is less because of these jobs, but more because of unemployment running out and Americans "giving up" on the job hunt. This economy needs at least 250,000 new jobs per month to make significant growth and with the threat of tax hikes, continued spending and the eventual establishment of ObamaCare, this economy is going nowhere but down and business owners, especially small businesses, cannot hire.

It's very sad to see the American president caring more about his 50th Birthday than the economic situation. I don't fault him for celebrating his birthday, but I do fault him for focusing on it, at the expense of the economic recovery. His belief is "government first" is part of the problem, and if tax cuts, a real debt solution cuts in regulation and an end to ObamaCare were part of the solution, the president could walk into re-election.

Those are pipe dreams with the current leaders in Washington, and Americans, sadly, must accept reality (and can make their voices heard in 2012). As long as we have this economic vision in Washington, all we can do is pray; and grab on to something to hang on to when the bottom falls out!

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