Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene on Her Way to the Northeast

What a week for the Northeast! After a freak and surprising earthquake, we have a second natural disaster.

Earlier in the week, it looked like Florida was going to take a direct hit, but now, this storm has now made a turn to the North, and after grazing the Outer Banks, Hurricane Irene is heading right to the Northeast, with New Jersey and New York City in her sights. This means, for people in coastal areas, extreme storm surges, flooding, property damage. For others, heavy rains, wind, downed trees and downed power lines are also a possibility. Governor Christie sums it up best:

"Get the Hell off the beach!"
As usual, Christie said what needed to be said and is showing strong leadership by getting ahead of events and being proactive, as opposed to reactive. Towns like Sea Bright, Monmouth Beach and Long Branch, while beautiful summer retreats, are dangerous places in weather like this. They are located on very narrow barrier islands and peninsulas, with the ocean on one side and the river or bay on the other. Having driven along Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, prior to the beach replenishment of the late 1990s, it is a very scary site seeing the seawater splash on to the road, over the seawall.

Heed the warning and evacuate! New Jersey is expediting this with highway closings, traffic changes and the suspension of tolls. "The 'Right' Solutions" wishes everyone stays safe and hopes for minimal damage to the surrounding areas.

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