Sunday, July 31, 2011

Plax to the Jets

Giants fans remember that touchdown catch and remember it well. The guy had a reach above his opponents and an ability to get away from defenders to get open. Then, on that fateful night, while clubbing in New York City, (without NFL security) it all blew up.

As a Giants and Jets fan, I was following closely as to where Plaxico Burress will end up this season, in his return engagement to the NFL, after his 20 month sentence on a gun possession charge. The decision has been made and Plaxico Burress is now a Jet.

I'm still very frustrated with Plaxico's actions in blowing up the Giants 2008 season. It was unlikely the Giants were going to re-sign him, as they don't put up with malcontents. Examining this contract, it's a one year stint, so he's still on probation. Plax is on the clock and it's imperative he must avoid the drama, as the Jets are gaining the reputation of becoming an organization who gives malcontents a second chance, but will cut them loose if they don't meet their potential, as occurred with Braylon Edwards. There is the potential he will do well, as he will tandem with former Steelers teammate, Santonio Holmes, who just signed a new contract with the Jets.

The AFC East, to say the least, with the changes and additions three teams have made will be an interesting division to watch this year!

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