Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Double Standards between Conservative vs. Liberal Women

This is no surprise, but in American politics, we see a very questionable double standard in public treatment of Conservative and Liberal women in politics. Two such incidents come to mind.

"Comedian" Bill Maher, on his HBO show, let off on a scurrilous attack on Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, using some very nasty terms (things that if I said to a woman, regardless of politics, I guarantee I'd get a slap in the face, knee in the you know where, etc) that could, if a conservative man was attacking a liberal woman, could be cause for firing. Just as occurred in California back in October, there was no pushback, no comments from NOW and no calls for a retraction.

On the other side, Congresswoman/DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has picked a fight with her neighboring Congressman, Lt-Col. Allen West, calling him out on the House floor and trying to make the argument that he wants old people to die. He has been on her radar for quite some time, as this is DWS's MO; she attacks and thinks she can get away with it because she's a liberal woman and can play the victim card if someone fights back. West isn't playing her game and fired off a direct email, while respectful, (devoid of profanities) calling her out on her actions and lack of character. Women's groups and Democrat Congresswomen have come to DWS's aid and are strongly condemning West's comments, and are attempting to drum up a collective condemnation of a man who was unfairly attacked.

This incident reminds me of an experience I had in college. As College Republicans President, I was invited, by one of our professors (One who happens to be a liberal feminist, and was nearly sure I was going to ask a question), to a session with a representative from NOW. After her presentation, it came time for questions and I raised my hand. I asked her about Bill Clinton (who had just been in the midst of Monica-gate, at the time) and how women's rights groups like NOW can support him with a straight face when one takes into account his behavior toward women: cheating on his wife, sexually harassing Paula Jones, having inappropriate sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, aggressively touching Kathleen Willey and allegedly raping Juanita Broaddrick. After the gasps from the leftists in the audience subsided and the speaker stopped looking at me with evil eyes, the individual answered, "We don't care about his personal life, we care about the policies he has supported and advocated for, especially his willingness to fight for a woman's right to choose."

What we see with NOW and this experience nearly 11 years ago is that it's all about politics for those on the left who think they state the terms of how women are treated. It is clearly inconsistent and individual Americans will realize this if they study the inconsistencies and as a collective body, call these people out and give support to those who are unfairly criticized and not appropriately defended.

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  1. Nice article Chris. There's also the awful stereotype that conservative women can't be feminist or for equal rights.