Monday, July 25, 2011

No Solutions, No Leadership

This evening, President Obama addressed the nation tonight on the issue of the debt ceiling in a 15 minute prime time speech. Speech is below

From the first two minutes of the speech, Americans knew where this was going. He blamed Bush in his first breath and then talked down to Americans with his snide "I won't bore you..." Sadly, this president doesn't get it. His ridiculous, unnecessary spending is part of the problem we are in this pickle and in the end, he did not provide solutions or leadership. He dug in his heels like a petulant little child sitting in the carriage who wants mommy to buy the Lucky Charms instead of the Special K. This was nothing more than a campaign speech, where he used fear-mongering and tried to get Americans to call Congress so he can get his way.

While I believe the bully pulpit of the presidency is an effective tool, President Obama has greatly overused it, considering the fact that his poll numbers drop after every "major speech." Apparently, Americans are sick of hearing the President speak; the president who was supposed to be such an eloquent speaker.

November 2012 is not that far away!

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