Friday, July 29, 2011

The NFL Returns!!!

Cue the music...

Fear not, ladies and gentlemen, there will be a football season, as the players and owners have come to an agreement to end the lockout! This would have ended badly for everyone involved (it took years for Americans to get over the Major League Baseball Strike) and for an industry that averages $9 billion in profit, there was NO WAY they were going to cancel the season! In the early days of player transactions, we've already seen some big moves with the AFC East Teams bulking up against the Jets, as the Patriots have signed Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco, while the Miami Dolphins have traded for Reggie Bush.

In the NFC East, the big question among Giants fans is whether or not Plaxico Burress, with his reinstatement, will re-sign with them. Giants fans are divided on this one and I'd like to remind them what happened in the 2008 Season as a result of this behavior.

With so much happening this week, I'll let the late Leslie Nielsen ask the big question:

YES, I AM!!!

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