Sunday, July 3, 2011

Glenn Beck Heads into the Cable News Sunset

Last week, Glenn Beck said his good-bye at the Fox News Channel, after a nearly two year run in the 5-6PM slot. Similar to Rush, Beck had his fill with television, wishing to "leave with his soul," and is moving on to what he deems, bigger and better things, namely GBTV.

I rather enjoyed his show, finding it both ground-breaking and educational. He returned to prominence the 20 minute monologue, made effective use of animals, props and food to articulate his message, made various economists, historians and authors such as Amity Shales, David Buckner and Larry Schweikart more household names, encouraged citizen activism and clearly and factually back up his arguments with fact that had ramifications at higher levels, as we saw with Anita Dunn and Van Jones. (NOTE: I did not find the Mao doll in Epcot's China earlier this month...could Beck have had something to do with this? Hmmm...)

While I didn't agree with Beck on everything, he had a positive affect on cable news, American politics and the awareness of the American citizen.

As the sun sets on Glenn Beck's FNC show, he leaves his viewers, and enemies with the following quote:
"You will pray for the time when I was only on the air for one hour a day."

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