Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stand Strong on the Debt Ceiling

This week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell came up with a plan cave-in to the debt ceiling debate, basically, giving the president, whose conflicting statements on solutions have made this debate hard to follow for the average American, along with the fact that he destroyed this economy while in office; the power to raise the debt ceiling. It is likely that the House will not agree to this plan, but the fact that it's being proposed is rather troubling. Republicans were given a mandate with their win in November and voters expect their representatives in the House and the Senate to follow the leads of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump: hold firm and show no fear.

Instead of agreeing to this, the Republicans need to do two things:

1) Stand by principles. If they "compromise," they lose, those who voted for them become disenchanted and the President wins (which means the economy loses)
2) In their talks, they must stick to their terms and put additional items on the table. Ask for MASSIVE spending cuts, the elimination of new programs, such as ObamaCare, a Balanced Budget Amendment (which New Jersey has in their state Constitution) and hold firm on NO NEW TAXES before agreeing on anything.

Voters want their representatives to "fight the good fight" and will likely go shopping for new candidates in 2012 if they cave, which will be detrimental to Republicans in the years to come!

Remember, winners set the terms and losers compromise!

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