Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gollum is Back

After a hard turn to the right to push back JD Hayworth, Senator John "Gollum" McCain has returned with a floor speech, dripping with condescension and ire toward the TEA Party. They weren't his words, but instead he was reading a Wall Street Journal RINO Opinion Column. But the fact he read it and brought it forward was disgusting.

For those of you not familiar with the Lord of the Rings, Smeagol (who was once a of the good guys) changes his personality and loyalties in his pursuit of the One Ring. McCain has been compared to this character from time to time because of his pursuit of wanting to be liked by the media and Democrats, changing his loyalties, especially within his own party. (On an unrelated note, a psychologist could have a field day on this one!)

In his spiel, he not only attacked the TEA Party, but singled out Senate candidates Sharron Angle (he campaigned for her) and Christine O'Donnell (who, rightly so, is fighting back). This was a really classless act, considering the fact those candidates won their primaries fair and square, along with the fact the "mainstream" Republicans cut out the rug from under them by talking down their campaigns, basically taking their toys and going home. Furthermore, it's BECAUSE of the TEA Party that the Republicans won the House and made gains in the Senate last November.

Let's remember that John McCain LOST in 2008 BECAUSE of his "love me" ways: he didn't go after Obama's connections because he feared he'd be looked at as a racist, he kept Sarah Palin (who SAVED him from losing by a landslide) hidden from more Conservative media types (e.g. Rush, Sean, Mark Levin, Bill O'Reilly) for too long because he didn't want to associate with them, his people tried to throw Sarah Palin under the bus and he was indebted to TARP and the Federal Government as the problem solver of the 2008 Financial Crisis. His interview with Hannity last night and Greta tonight were quite telling to the fact that McCain is no Conservative, is out of touch with not only the movement of the Republican Party, but culturally, as the Hobbits were the good guys.

While we hope he retires from the Senate gracefully, let's hope the people of Arizona remember this action, along with his past stabs at Republicans and Conservatives, when it comes time for re-election in 2016.

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