Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Five Minutes of Common Sense

President Obama took 15 minutes to speak (short for him), Speaker John Boehner spoke for five minutes.

In those five minutes, he connected with Americans and summed up the main points clearly and articulately: if you don't have the money, don't spend it!

I may have worried about John Boehner's resolve in the past, but he is holding firm and standing strong against President Obama's unrealistic plan in dealing with the debt ceiling issue; and federal spending, in general. The president's excessive spending was appropriately cited as part of the reason the economy and job creation is where it is. Boehner knows his Speakership is at risk if he gets wobbly, and while I think he needs to go further (keep pushing for a repeal of ObamaCare) he did a good job in articulating solutions the president is not giving.

John Boehner has shown America the qualities of a good leader: stand strong against opposition, don't bend to pressure, provide solutions to problems and articulate them in such a way that supporters are gained.

Some should take notes!

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