Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rand Paul and the TSA

Earlier this week, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, was detained by the TSA at Nashville Airport after refusing a pat-down, which was demanded by the TSA, as a result of a "body scanner anomaly." Throughout this inconvenience, Senator Paul acted in a classy manner, and for that, should be commended. Last night on Hannity, he spoke of his TSA encounter:

Sometimes the TSA does their job and sometimes they do not. This inconsistency cannot stand and as I have stated on many occasions, Congress examine the safety of the equipment used and reform how they implement their screening procedures.

Until Congress attempts TSA reform, be sure to read my helpful tips if you find yourself needing to fly. Following these tips will definitely save you a headache and an inconvenience at the airport.

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