Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rich Zeoli, "Next in Line," GOP & 2012

On Thursday evening, I attended a local Young Republican function, where Sussex County GOP Chair/WPHT 1210AM Talk Radio host, Rich Zeoli, was the featured speaker. Rich gave an inspiring speech on seizing the day, moving forward and not allowing anyone else but the person running, to make a decision to run; even if it may step on someone's toes.

I wholeheartedly agree with Rich and his premise about moving forward with a campaign if you feel your ideas are superior to the "next person in line," as that time may be your time. He is an example of being successful at running when he felt it was right. He also cited an example of someone who was not successful in running when he felt it was right, but he did not give up, and come 2009, he ran for a higher office and won!

As Rich was speaking of this, I got to thinking how we see this much too frequently in the Republican Party, especially at the national level. Since 1968, the person who ran in the last presidential cycle and either lost in the primary or in the general, has been the party's candidate in the following cycle. The only exception to this rule was 2000, when George W. Bush ran. Sometimes the "next in line" rule worked, but when it worked, it had nothing to do with the candidate having campaign experience, it was because they ran as a Conservative. Those who ran as Moderates lost in the general and their previous campaign experience was moot.

I am very happy, in 2012, we are seeing other candidates run, as in this cycle, we are seeing their passion personify the reasons they are running, they are articulating Conservatism in a fashion others in the race may not be and they are strengthening each other through participation in the state primary campaigns, along with the many debates. The "next in line" candidate may or may not win the primary, the "line jumper" (who I am supporting) may survive the friendly fire, but after the primary period ends, everyone must bury the hatchet and come together for the most important task at hand: replacing the current occupant of the Oval Office, as they ALL have the potential to be far superior to this president in every facet of the job!

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