Saturday, December 3, 2011

And Then There Were Seven...

What had been expected earlier this week when Herman Cain explained he was "re-assessing" his campaign, in a publicized affair and rally at what was thought to be the opening of his new Atlanta Headquarters, Herman Cain "suspended his campaign." In a fiery speech, appearing with his wife Gloria, where he, rightly so, lambasted the media for their conduct, he stated that he may not be running for president anymore, but he's not going away.

One of the first to get in this race, Cain caught fire after P-5 in Orlando, rising to the top of the pack. As spectacular was his rise, so was his fall from grace, even though the contributing factors were nothing more than suppositions, innuendos and assumptions.

Herman Cain's impact will continue to be felt in this campaign, as he was the first candidate who eschewed "conventional" fixes to solve problems with bold and what may seem as "unconventional" solutions. Agree or disagree with 9-9-9, it would have radically changed the tax structure in the United States. His demise was unfortunate, as the allegations were not proven true, and it still begs to answer the question how Americans will deal with the double standard held by those with the microphone.

Having met Herman Cain and attended one of his rallies, I believe this is not the last we have heard of him and I hope he will implore his supporters to join the surviving candidates and unite in making sure this president does not serve a second term.

The candidate that may very well reap the benefits of Cain dropping out is Newt Gingrich, who could, very well, receive Cain's endorsement.

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