Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Economic Recovery???

We've read the articles and we watched the reports that things are looking good economically this holiday season, due to a strong Black Friday, but as we pull the veneer back and actually go to the mall, 12 days before Christmas, we observe and learn the truth.

This evening, I did a little shopping at one of my favorite malls in the area, as well as one of New Jersey's largest (2nd largest, actually). We here in New Jersey love our malls and the fact that we can complete "one-stop shopping" there. Yet 12 days before Christmas, on a weekday evening, when in the past, I've had to compete for breathing room, the above picture was what I saw at the mall tonight. That picture is in a high traffic area, the main promenade just off center court (where Santa is) and right next to one of the busiest stores at the mall, the Apple Store. (located on the lower level, on the left side of that picture)

People in this country are economically hurting and I predict we will see the truth in both the December 2011 retail sales reports, as well as the January 2012 employment figures, when the temporary holiday jobs end and more unemployment benefits expire, and when that happens, leaders in Washington should be scared, considering the 2012 election cycle is about to begin.

My advice to American voters is to not just read the headlines, read the actual articles, read into everything the media and the government place before you, as well as experience it for yourself. Once that is done, Americans will come to terms that this period being advertised as a economic recovery is nothing but a fraud!

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