Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Disney Centennial: 100 Years of Magic

It should be noted that this week celebrates the 100th birthday (had he lived) of Walt Disney. As you, the reader, well knows, I am a Disney FANATIC, therefore, "The 'Right' Solutions" would like to honor the spirit of Disney on this day by thanking him for his creativity, his ingenuity, his positive impact on American culture and the many smiles his work has not only brought me, but the billions who have watched a Disney film (Lion King and Snow White being my favorites) or set foot in a Disney theme park! Having been to Disney World and Disneyland many, many times and being an Annual Passholder to Walt Disney World, I know firsthand of the magic of these places that bring happiness and allow for an escape from the everyday issues that I write about on "The 'Right' Solutions."

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