Monday, November 7, 2011

Continued Innuendos and Assumptions on a Fishing Expedition

The craziness continues to surround Herman Cain in the past week, as he has faced numerous stories without concrete evidence, of past incidents of sexual harassment. Today, a "victim" came out, represented by attorney ambulance chaser extraordinaire, Gloria Allred.

When we look closely at this whole affair, we have 138 stories in 7 days on nothing but assumptions and innuendos. Members of the media are acting like high schoolers who are fanning flames to baseless rumors about one of their peers. Today brings about the first face of harassment, yet I don't buy it, just like I didn't buy it with Anita Hill. If Ms. Bialek were so aggrieved, why did she wait 15 years to speak of it? Why did she not file a complaint or lawsuit 15 years earlier? Anita Hill did the same thing; and also continued to work with Justice Thomas after her alleged incidents took place. They're not producing any credible evidence, therefore they should do it or stand down.

We all don't want to talk about race here, but let's face it-race is a factor here, just like it was with Clarence Thomas. Liberals can't have a successful African-American Conservative because they feel it will hurt their "phony monopoly" on the black vote. As observed by Cain's approval rating and fundraising figures, Americans are not buying into the fishing expedition.

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