Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gollum is at it Again

It looks like Senator John "Gollum" McCain is at it again, speaking his mind about the issues of the day, while throwing his own party under the bus.

While I do agree with McCain in that Americans are fed up and there is potential for the rise of a 3rd Party, I vehemently disagree with his claims that Republicans are partially to blame. It's the Republicans who have been the adults at the table, trying to control this president's out of control spending, while also coming up with solutions for an economic rebound. McCain shows his "Gollum" when he fails to recognize this, and also, fails to recognize the power and influence of TEA Party on the Republican Party and politics in general. To me, it sounds like a veiled "get the hell out" to these TEA Party members, who brought the party back to prominence in 2010 and can do so again in 2012. If McCain gets his wish and a TEA Party split occurs before 2012, (Note to Mitt Romney if you are the GOP Candidate: DO NOT DIVIDE THIS PARTY!) Barack Obama has ensured his second term, the American people have ensured a continuation of this horrible economy and the RINOs will have put the Republican Party on the ash heap of American History.

It was those TEA Party Members, and your former running mate, Senator McCain, who stuck their heads out for you in 2010 to beat back a challenge from JD Hayworth, so how about a little gratitude!

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