Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Lows for Jimmy Fallon

Since taking over from Conan O'Brien, SNL Alum Jimmy Fallon has had some funny points with his celebrity beer pong segments, but last night he hit a pretty low point, giving away he and his bosses' political persuasion when they introduced Michele Bachmann on his show. On these variety shows, the house band usually plays a "theme song" for the guest, in other words, a song that relates to the guest. The Roots, Fallon's house band, on this evening chose a 1985 Fishbone song, for the purpose of this blog entry, I will rename "fibbing donkey, female dog."

Ever since Bill Clinton played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall during his 1992 campaign, many candidates make a beeline for the late night variety talk shows. While the free media time is always helpful, these shows are a crapshoot because many times, they can turn into an attack-fest and while some like Jay Leno may do a good job at interviewing candidates, most don't. In fact, they get very peronal and the host's bias may come out. It is for this reason, I would advise any Republican from going on these shows, and if they do, make sure their campaign states the rules before they appear.

While I wait for NBC to apologize to Bachmann (it'll be a long wait), I will wonder if The Roots will ever align these songs with the following politicians:

- Barack Obama

- Harry Reid

- Joe Biden

- Nancy Pelosi

- Bill Clinton

- Hillary Clinton

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