Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ramifications of the Second Half Collapse

After tonight's defeat, it's clear the New York Giants are tanking, and tanking fast! To be honest, I did not expect them to be as far as they are. At the beginning of this truncated off-season due to the lockout, GM Jerry Reese made some bold dumb roster changes on the offense with the release of Wide Receiver Steve Smith, Tight End Kevin Boss, Center Shaun O'Hara, passing on Plax (not that bad of an idea, in my opinion, but there are many who would have wanted him back) and not drafting Mark Ingraham. With these changes, there were no big time free agent signings, which led me to believe that he was putting it on the coaching staff to make the youngsters ready for prime time. For a while, it was working, but they are all still quite young and this inexperience, combined with injuries, are catching up with their grueling second half schedule. This is not a good situation and fans should take note.

Most importantly, this slump is NOT TOM COUGHLIN'S FAULT! He is a stellar coach, led his players to a Super Bowl victory and has done his best under very troubled circumstances. Knowing Coughlin is in the last year of his contract, the personnel moves made by Reese, the fact that he did not hire Coughlin, and the availability of Bill Cowher, it troubles me that Reese is setting up Coughlin and will not face action for his roster decisions. I continue to stand by Tom Coughlin, as I did last season. What needs to be done is for the Maras and the Tischs to FIRE JERRY REESE. And with these bonehead personnel moves, I'm not the only one who thinks the heat in the kitchen may be increasing.

The Giants have some very tough remaining games, but if they can perform well against their NFC East Rivals, (two games remain against the Cowboys and one against the Redskins) they could still be in the fight. These youngsters must, when not on the practice field, spend time in the film room or in the weight room to stave off any more injuries. And if they miss the playoffs, Giants fans can hope Jerry Reese will be set free to destroy the roster of another NFL team.

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