Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mitt, Bret and Heat in the Kitchen

Brett Baier, the host of Special Report, knows how to loosen his tie a bit, but he also knows how to conduct a thorough interview and keep his subject on topic. On his show this evening, Baier's interview with Mitt Romney aired. At times, the interview seemed rather contentious, especially when the issue of health care came up. It was observed in Romney's body language and tone of voice. At the conclusion of the interview, Romney called Baier out, alluding that he was "overly aggressive."

My message to Mitt Romney: get over it! This interview was nothing to what Barack Obama and his potential $1 billion will do to slice and dice your record and reputation if you're the candidate; whether true or not. Fox News are the only ones in the media who will treat you fairly! You're a Republican, Mitt, going against Obama, which means you're enemy #1 to many news outlets, including MSNBC, even if you're not on their radar now!

We're already starting to see evidence of Obama and the Dems coming after Romney, so I'm very surprised he would attack Baier for doing his job. Health care is a viable and valid issue in this campaign, due to the background and record of both the president and the former Governor of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney would be wise to answer every question, and if he can't stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen!

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