Saturday, March 12, 2011

Problems with the Body Scanners

The introduction of the airport body scanners, as well as the "enhanced pat-downs" were heavily covered back in November and also covered here. News came out today that every body scanner in use within America's airports will be re-tested, as a result of the fact that maintenance records show these machines are emitting higher than expected levels of radiation. This news does not assuage the fears of travelers who are hesitant to expose themselves to radiation and they will continue to opt out of these machines. It gives me further incentive to opt out on my next flights.

It's too bad Janet Napolitano could not have been on Huckabee this weekend when the story broke, as in her appearance last weekend, she dogmatically held firm on the current security procedures used at America's airports as being correct and appropriate.

Until they get rid of these dangerous machines, it's best to opt-out in favor of the "enhanced pat-down," done in public. (And if for children, make sure a female member of the TSA conducts the search.) I don't argue that it is an uncomfortable invasion of personal space and privacy, but it is better than increasing one's chance of being diagnosed with cancer due to unneeded and excessive exposure to radiation.

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