Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stepping Away

What had seemed inevitable, Sarah Palin decided against a run in 2012. This broke during Mark Levin's radio show on October 5. She was effective at jazzing the media, forcing them into a "will she or won't she" game, but in the end, Palin felt she could be most effective on the sidelines, as opposed to in an office. While I understand her reasoning, I am very disappointed that she stepped out, as unlike many in my party, I believe she would have been a formidable candidate as she is the most consistent Conservative out there and looking at recent history, not only do Conservatives win, but they win by a couple of touchdowns. Her endorsement will matter to Republicans and members of the TEA Party.

Being pushed by the majority of GOP donors, Chris Christie has once and for all, decided that he will not run in 2012. This was also predictable, as for a while, he had been against running and only re-examined the choice at the behest of these donors. Truth be told, he may not have won the primary, but in the end, he will politically benefit, as this further ensures his re-election as New Jersey Governor in 2013, something that may not have been cemented, had he run and been defeated.

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