Friday, October 21, 2011

Harry Reid: Private Sector is Fine

Harry Reid made comments today where many Americans think the Senate Majority Leader is off his rocker: The private sector is doing fine-it's the Federal Government that needs help

Let's give the Senator some figures to show he's not really working with a full deck:

- Americans have a lower standard of living

- 26% of Americans are underemployed

- The current U-3 rate is at 9.1%

- U-6 is at 16.5%

These numbers are dangerous, but there is something quite sinister about Reid's comments. Most public sector jobs are unionized. With new hires to the public sector, there are new union memberships, which in turn will bring about more union dues, with those dues going back to the Democrat Party. Very sad to see that unemployed Americans are being used as pawns in the Democrats' plan to win elections and stay in power. Hopefully, Americans will grow wise to these transparent comments and make their voices heard at the ballot box in November of 2012.

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