Thursday, April 18, 2013

Premature Blame for Boston

As the Boston Marathon Bombing is being investigated, many people are looking to assess blame before we know the identity of the perpetrator(s).

Let me be the one to express that we must be patient and let the investigation work its way through before we prematurely blame anyone. Sadly, there are some on the left, and in the media, not willing to follow this, hoping for and placing blame on domestic, right wing sources; making connections to tax day (the day the bombing took place) the bombing of the Murra Building in Oklahoma City, which occurred on April 19, 1995, as well as the TEA Party, which has consistently been a source of ridicule and false accusations among those in the Obama Administration. Sadly, this act of attempting to assess blame goes all the way to the top and is clearly nothing more than the Rahm Emanuel, Saul Alinsky way of diverting the discussion and taking political advantage of the situation. People died in the Back Bay section of Boston that day and to take political advantage of those dead and those wounded is a travesty!

As I previously said, we must assume the worst before we can hope for the best in order to protect against future attacks. But in the meantime, we must be patient, let the investigation take its course, analyze every bit of evidence from this case (and there already seems to be a lot) and be vigilant of those trying to hide information or take political advantage of the situation. It is the honorable thing to do not only for Americans so they can get answers, but for those who were killed or wounded on Monday.

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